Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi
Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi

Community Development Minister Emerine Kabanshi says the Patriotic Front Government remains committed to empowering vulnerable groups with the means to conquer poverty by increasing the number of people benefiting from the social transfer initiative.

Ms. Kabanshi says Government has devised robust alleviating initiatives targeting vulnerable groups who include older persons, persons with disability, female headed households and the chronically ill.

She was speaking in Choma last night at the provincial administration grounds when she handed over a brand-new land cruiser, 93 bicycles and office equipment to the department of social welfare in the district for the enhancement of social cash transfer activities.

Ms. Kabanshi said government is committed to redoubling social protection efforts by expanding the social transfer coverage, scope and budgetary allocation.

She disclosed that in Choma alone, the programme has reached out to 5,636 households enabling government to effectively impact 33,816 people in the district.

The minister commended the community in Choma for exhibiting commitment to her ministry’s empowerment programmes by braving the evening cold in the open grounds to await her arrival last night to handover the motor vehicle, bicycles and office equipment.

She handed over the items around 20.00 hours.

Ms Kabanshi also distributed blankets to the vulnerable people to cushion them against the cold season.

Speaking earlier, southern province assistant secretary Abraham Kondomone said the social cash transfer programme has positively impacted on poverty alleviation among vulnerable households in the province.

District Commissioner Sheena Muleya also praised government for scaling up the programme to cover more households that are in need of social protection.

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  1. Emerine Kabanshi, just go back to Livestock services. You were more useful there than you are to the political scene. You contribute nothing useful.


  2. Ka Kabanshi, give the figure of your DAILY salary and benefits to the public and tell what a peasant farmer makes in a Year.

    If your DAILY salary is less than ANNUAL income of a peasant farmer, you indeed are pro-poor.

    Zambia is a Christian Nation, inhabited by Un-christians.


    • What about her Master’s hourly wage compared to a Miner’s Monthly wage?


  3. My best friend Kabanshi is very right. PF government has taken governance back to people where they come from.
    It has invested so much in roads, clinics, schools and all human endeavors.
    A Big Thumps Up for Hon. Emerine Kabanshi for bold truth.



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