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President Lungu calls for issue-based politics in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election

Headlines President Lungu calls for issue-based politics in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has challenged political parties participating in the Chilanga parliamentary by-election to engage in issue-based politics as opposed to engaging in violence.

The Head of State says the people of Chilanga are interested in development and not violence.

He says politicians should not promote hate speech and urged the people of Chilanga to reject those propagating violence.

And President Lungu says government and the church will continue working together to better the lives of Zambians.

The President says his government values the contribution of the church to national building, unity and development.

He has called on the church to rise to the occasion and condemn acts that have the potential to divide the nation and hamper development.

President Lungu said this in a speech read on his behalf by Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili during the fundraising service for the construction of the Chilanga UCZ congregation.

Speaking during his homily, Reverend in charge of Bethel congregation Lordwell Siame called on congregants to cultivate the culture of hard work if the country is to see development.

Reverend Siame said the church will continue encouraging good morals and unity amongst citizens to have a peaceful country.

And UCZ Lusaka south consistory Chairperson Christopher Njovu thanked President Lungu for creating an enabling environment for churches to operate freely.

Reverend Njovu said Zambia is a shining example of democracy in the African continent because of the good leadership of the government and the fear of the lord by the Head of State.

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    • Yes home breakers murder accomplices and fornicators are also serious issues to consider in chilanga campaigns. Morality versus immorality.

    • Only issue in every election is corruption, corruption and corruption.
      How much more will PF thugs steal before they are kicked out and put behind bars.

    • Lelo balanda? I wish he can respond to all the stealing allegations.
      Judge Chulu you have sold us. Anyway, one day you will have to answer

  1. People stop this characture assasination on opposition parties look at some of the ministers in the ruling party, we have women without morals men that were crooks on the street etc. if your excellency sir want a violent free by election in Chilanga deploy the army to keep the peace. The police are not counted by your party cadres and cadres wear the ZP uniform and no PF cadre is ever made to answer to the law. All this talk of peaceful elections come by because the UPND have stated that they will retaliate this time. No the country should not be governed by violence and intimidation.

    • The army can never be compromised all they know is force and pulling the trigger. You’ll be the first to complain to southafrica that the army are abusing human rights. Just keep quiet if you don’t understand issues.

  2. The PF candidate should not create the impression that the only strength she/PF has got is Charmaine’s weakness. I think everyone understands that Charmaine’s moral standing is lame but that should not be the only reason why people should be seeking an alterative.

    Lady Maria please go out there and campaign without mentioning Charmaine. Show people that even if you were facing any other candidate you would be the preferred one based on a, b, c etc. Charmaine’s story is like killing a dead animal. Simungapaye chakufa kudala.

  3. Great news, who is going to bring the issue of corruption, biased and intellectually impaired justices, privatization of ZPS, money laundering………..?

  4. Lungu; I would have been respecting you if you started condemning violence from the start; Mapezi is dead and your message is no comfort to her parents; still; finish your term on a good note; stop corruption; and being corrupt; stop violence; and keep the message of Keep Zambia clean; for churches; it is shameful that they have become beggers of handouts from Lungu;

  5. There are times when autocracy works better than democracy. When such a situation is called for, the President is informed and makes the decision. In our country I have come to notice that people take the democracy for granted and do all sorts of rubbish in the name of this democracy, including insulting and promising violence. In the case of violence the designers wont even be seen near the scene and later refuse to have anything to do with it. Is that the love that churches preach in those that the same leaders belong to?

  6. The electoral commission of Zambia must come in here, this is corruption building a chur during campaigns.

  7. No, Mr or is it Ms Haanjanika.. The building fundraising was scheduled well before the conviction of Mukata, and has nothing to do with elections.. On this one, I beat you 1-0..


  8. Who doesn’t know the corruption in the churches with begging plates during elections from politicians and some calling themselves Christians for Lungu?

  9. Lungu quiet when his people are intimidating others because it benefits him, now he wants to advice others for things he himself does nothing about. He only said this because he was in church let him go out there on the campaign trail, the same mouth will be insulting and threatening others. You just won the recent elections with violence and intimidation, now others vow to retaliate then you start talking about violence. Stop your cadres from violent behavior first

  10. The president has spoken misbehave and face the law,it’s shameless to see the intire upnd machinaly camping in Chilanga let’s hope it’s not about vigololo otherwise takwaba na hh there that’s why u loose

  11. The main topic of discussion in the Chilanga debate is Charmaine Mel Musonda, after that there’s nothing much to say. Just ensure that the UPND behaves

  12. Lazy bum polygamist father produced a hooligan and a bully full of profanity to the elders and has no remorse at all. Remember Chanda Chimba little tribalist!

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