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UNZA warns ‘half-naked’ female students from visiting the library


UNZA Notice
UNZA Notice

The University of Zambia has taken unusual step of asking female students to stop visiting the library “half-naked” because it distracts male students.
UNZA management put up a notices around its library telling the female students to dress more modestly.

“It has come to our attention that some female students dress half-naked as they use the library, a situation which is disturbing the male students,” the notice in the library reads.

“We therefore advise the female students to dress modestly as you use university facilities. Modest is the way to go!”

Management said it has observed that male students were failing to study because of indecent dressing among female students.

Some female students have since disagreed with the directive saying it is draconian.

“If your mission of going to the library is to study, why should you start looking at other things like a female’s legs? Just concentrate on your books, that’s all,” second year student Lucy Bwalya said.

Other male students like Paul Chileshe said management has done well to write the memo.

“Issuance of this notice by management is a sign that the alleged indecent (half naked) dressing by some female students has gone out if hand. Perhaps management should also prescribe the dress code for all library users like formal dressing although this may not be welcomed by students as others prefer casual wear. Female students should also take it upon themselves to dress appropriately. It’s a library and not a club, they say an occasion determines ones dress code it’s as easy as that,” Chileshe said.


  1. May be they’re just imitating the Ngoni ,Zulu or Swazi dancers which is a culturally accepted practice.

    • In my uni days a female friends told us she purposely showed a lot of cleavage because she got a kick at the attention she got from the male students at the library

    • What do you want them to dress as? We love them that way and only the monks do not. Anyway, school life is like that!

    • Apologizing for asking students to maintain conducive learning environment on campus is an institutional failure. Higher educational institutes are expected to uphold the prime purpose of education, teach discipline among students, and maintain conducive learning environments. University of Zambia was somehow incorrect in the language its management used in its inquiry, but the inquiry itself was an institutional responsibility aligned with educational objectives. Apologizing for it has removed the university’s academic authority and demeaned the value of discipline, ethical values, and social responsibility. (PhD(c) Educational Leadership)

  2. Ba monk of nowadays are hopeless. Is that an issue really? Let them wear ututambo only if they so wish. Who cares?

  3. Moral decay, that is what it is called. Even many bloggers here sometimes show how rotten our heads are fast becoming. Many of our youth can no longer behave in a responsible way and you expect our highest institutions of learning to produce responsible and productive citizenry, it is a joke!

    • @Kabu – clarification of what a blogger is – a person who regularly writes material for a blog.
      “‘food bloggers post a recipe on a particular theme”. So Kantu is a blogger. People on this forum are not. They just post comments. You cannot even call them commentators.
      So to comment on your comment – what moral decay?!? We used to wear loincloths – the girls are wearing modernized ones. Keeping up with the times! Get a life!

    • indeed some dressing is out of this world, when they come to uni in the first year they come dressed in their seventh day gear with bushy kinky mapatizya hair. in the second year after some mumbwamumbwa monks lie to them that their kind is the most educated, they throw away all their zim skirts and dresses and rush to the nearest chinese shops to buy those night club gear.

    • @ Muli kwi, thanks for the correction about bloggers. However, on moral decay I take it you are one of those who take pleasure in looking at mini skirts. Times have changed, if in the old days people were wearing animal skins their minds were adjusted to that situation and there was nothing wrong with that, we live in a different world now and have been brought up differently. Try to walk in the street with only your underwear and see if you’re comfortable with it yourself. Then you can come and lecture to me about getting a life!

  4. Utter nonsense! This is the kind of attitude that places the blame on the victim of rape instead of the rapist. Do you want Zambian women to wear burqas as worn in Afghanistan?



  6. Yes dress for the occasion. You find party clothes being worn to class. Night club outfits being worn to the library. Even beach clothes! Have some self respect. Don’t display all your wares for everybody to gawk at. Leave something to the imagination. Come on girls!

  7. Zodwa Wa Bantu might have come and gone. But her spirits remained. She should not have been allowed to disembark from the plane. Her spirits are n Zambia. We need another ceremony to deport Zodwa’s spirits.

  8. A library is a public place and how you dress is of public interest. Men’s interest must also be considered. There’s nothing like being weak but more to do with the way men are wired, their organs are outside and are quick to respond to what they see. Covering nakedness promotes self esteem for women and increases chances of marrying a man of high moral standard in society. Kudos to the university management to regulate the women’s dressing before men are embarassed.

  9. Let the men also not dress in spandex. Looks like people are not going to acquire knowledge at Universities these days but just walk naked and have lecturers drool over them and then award them high grades. (Cause and Effect) This is why our country is dying slowly , the educated elites are not doing anything to change things for the better but sit back and complain.

  10. “If your mission of going to the library is to study, why should you start looking at other things like a female’s legs? Just concentrate on your books, that’s all,” second year student Lucy Bwalya said.

    Well, Lucy, if your mission as a female student of going to the library, why should you dress seductively? Just think about going to study and not to seduce male students with your skimpy dressing.

  11. Just chinda them nyele imagwila by sitting on a chair for a long time thus why chindology is good , if i was in management ninga tuchindechinde too much

  12. A University being run by a bunch with such low IQ that they have run out of ideas to raise money and other resources for the institution, always blaming the government. But something about controlling women comes up, they suddenly have solutions. You mean you Zambian men cannot control yourselves you always think about bonking women every time you see a woman…what if it is your mother? This is worse than human beings who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. That is why there is no development, always thinking about s.&.x…every day every minute. Shocking. By the way these characteristics correlate with very low IQ population. Ngouletalika kabelenge…you Zambians don’t even read.

    • They will soon turn into those randy Indian men who jump on women like a pack of stray dogs…the University should not be putting up such notices as if its a secondary school….those people are at University and stay in their own accommodation as they are adults.

  13. kikikkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikikikikkkikkiiiiiiii…………………………………..

    girls that’s when you know the difference between your mojo boyfriend and a monk…. you cant always be on a real man’s head.

  14. The problem with as Zambians we have allowed demons and support them because we are possesed ,after hearing Sara longwes sentiment I have come to a conclusion that’s why this so called ngo support some opposition party thinks one the right to marr

  15. Continue :they want to champion semi sex the people needs to .
    Be checked otherwise Sara eats blood money

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