Friday, February 23, 2024

Kaladoshas unveils Wikaleka Nkebe music video


Kaladoshas released the video for the song Wikaleka Nkebe off his upcoming album ,Kissing The Music. The song features Kekero.

Video shot by DJ Lo and audio produced by Kekero & Shinko Beats.



  1. …any Zambian music that wants to imitate Nigerian tunes is a put off to me. Why cant Zambian musicians just play their own tunes!!!??? WHY???? Kmillian did it well and so did Danny Kaya. Jk started so well until he too lost his Zambian pride and started imitating Nigerian tunes and vocals. So Pathetic!

  2. Luapula bize, You are right I get upset everytime I listen to Zambian Music becuase it is a copy cut of Nigerian Music.

  3. I’m not a fan of auto-tuned vocals, but this is one of the better examples I have come across. Also a great video.

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