Saturday, June 22, 2024

El Mukuka releases “All i need” music video



Zambian house music pioneer El Mukuka releases “All I Need” music video. The song features long time collaborator and friend Alan Thompson. Mukuka’s signature melodic house sound with Thompson’s velvety-smooth vocals makes this song a “must-have” for your love song playlist.




  1. who’s your target audience?
    the video features Asians. there’s no African
    I don’t know most Zambian singers but is el mukuka Asian? the whole video didn’t show the singer just what seems like two Asians, man and woman in separate scenes

  2. mike you totally missed my point.
    by your comment above, you’re in fact implying that modernity and Zambia are mutually exclusive? according to your thought process for something is to be considered modern, it shouldn’t feature Zambians, it should instead feature other cultures/races, as the case is in this video.
    that’s a wrong mentality my brother.

  3. Am not sure about this statement u have posted bcase nothing I seen, but El mukuka is doing fine comparing 2others..

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