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Adapt to climate change through crop diversification -Veep


Western Province Minister Richard Kapita(L) introducing Security Chiefs to Vice President Inonge Wina (C) upon arrival at Mongu Airport today to Commission Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Disaster Early Warning Systems in Sioma District Western Province

Government has released money for Aqua Culture activities in Western Province.

Republican Vice President Inonge Wina disclosed this when she addressed a rally in Lealui Royal Village in Mongu district.

Mrs. Wina has urged the Provincial Administration to ensure that the money given yields positive results on the lives of people through fish farming.

The Vice President also lamented that people who planted maize early had their crops destroyed due to the long dry spells hence, government’s need to distribute relief maize to the affected households.

Mrs. Wina urged the people to adapt to the changes brought about by climate change through venturing into crop diversification of planting different crops so as to do away with the tendency of only growing maize.

She said it will be of great benefit if the Department of Agriculture conducts a research to ascertain the type of crops that are suitable in areas that are prone to floods and droughts caused by climate change.

And the Vice President has also disclosed that government will construct a clinic in Lealui Ward to enable people access closer health facilities.

Mrs. Wina has also thanked the people of Lealui for voting for the Patriotic Front Councilor Uyoya Uyoya in the just ended by-elections and further urged them to work with him in order to develop the area.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has welcomed UPND’s Sikombe Ward Councilor for Kaoma district David Kalenga who has defected to the ruling party.

The former Councilor said he has joined the ruling party in order to contribute to the development of the country.

And Mrs. Wina has also handed over two Banana Boats to Malabo and Lealui Women Cooperative groups to assist them with transport as they execute their activities in the plains.


  1. am one of those that doubted the two leaders in 2015. by 2016 I was convinced they meant good and am now convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they are performing way above most people’s expectation. we are moving amidst world challenges.

    • I doubt it if there is such a thing as adapting to climate change. As a species, humans have probably caused too much damage to the balance of living organisms on this planet. I think we should prepare for extinction as a species. Take mining for example. It’s so damaging to the environment and yet some argue that minerals are God-given for humans to exploit. Lead is a poisonous mineral and surely it takes incredible naivety to accept that it is God-given for humans to mine. If God cared shouldn’t there have been a manual to mine lead safely from God?

  2. You my friend is the reason why we so poor even after more than 50 years of independence. You cannot tell good leaders from bad ones. I thought being in diaspora would expose you to quality leadership but no, you Have even become more dull and dum. Zambians need to stop voting and rediscover themselves because it’s not working. The people always chose the worst from the best. You cannot have leadership that spends more time traveling here and there. Let them get tourism jobs

  3. Inonge Wina should be President and ECL. ECL should be retired in national interest. We like him as a person he is a genuinly nice man but he is not fit for the office of the President, his level is more of that of a Director in the Ministry of Justice.

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