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NDC To Support Upnd in Chilanga


The National Democratic Congress NDC will support the opposition Upnd in the Chilanga race.

The Chilanga constituency parliamentary by election takes place on June 5 next month.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has since urged all party members in lusaka province to go flat out and campaign for the upnd candidate Charmaine Musonda.

Mr. Musenge has however clarified that the party has not gotten into an alliance with the upnd.

He added that since the NDC is not jostling for the Chilanga seat, the only credible party to support in the race was the upnd.

UPND candidate Charmaine Musonda.
UPND candidate Charmaine Musonda.

Mr. Musenge has further disclosed that senior NDC members will soon join the upnd campaign team as they race to manda hill.

Mr. Musenge is confident that the upnd candidate for Chilanga will emerge victorious come polling day.

The NDC Secretary General has further restated the party’s quest to participate in all future parliamentary and local Government by elections country wide.

Last week, the NDC candidate for Chilanga failed to file in his nomination bid.

This was after the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ disqualified Edward Simfukwe on allegations that he had arrived late to file in his nomination papers.

This is according to a statement issued by NDC National Chairperson Media and Member of the Central Committee Misheck Moyo.


    • All the tuntemba partys can band together with UPND but they cant defeat PF…at any level…too much kuwayawaya

    • These are elegiac moments in our nation’s moral fiber … however, the comfort remains in the fact that the smart people of Chilanga know what’s best for the entire Zambian Enterprise.

      You can always count on their moral conscience because this breed of Africans called Zambians is simply the best at reading between the lines.

      Astute, they are; and they always seem know which side of their bread is buttered as power belongs to them; they have never counted wrong!!!

      The Fornicator will lose and decency will prevail … May God have mercy on her soul and may Heaven help us all!!!

    • I still can’t figure out if Charmaine is beautiful or not because she changes her figure and face like underwear,
      So different but same size.

    • B R Mumba, underling, show me one Zambian who follows Bible and Jesus the Christ.

      Let the people vote for the best candidate and all those who resort to Holier than thou thuggery lose their face.

      Abash pseudo Christians.

    • Jealousy down. Charmen Mushuma but yee!! No wonder all men are rushing to her. Now the problem is that we do not know what is inside her. “Chikomekome Cha Mkuyu Mukati muli Nyerere”


    • Bo Mutale asked in Lozi (sorry English) for me to show him/her one Zambian who follows the Bible and Jesus the Christ.

      My answer is B R Mumba, Sr follows the Bible and Jesus the Christ since I gave my life to him on April 20, 1982. Baptized in water on May 9, 1983 and received the Holy Ghost on September 6, 1985.

      Am I perfect? Heck No!!! But it’s my personal desire every day to please my Creator and do good to all mankind.

      I am perfect for the purposes for which I was created and don’t need another man’s wife. And by the way, my wife is 12 times more beautiful inside/out than the Fornicator.

      Have you ever seen Liato’s wife? She 10 times more beautiful than the harlot too. We have more beautiful women than this Jezebel in Zambia and they are mostly decent.

    • Did HH ditch you? Why are you obsessed with him? Can’t your reasoning ability by discussing issues, not individuals? You are really pathetic without reasoning capacity.

    • Home Columns
      Saboi Imboela responds to UPND’s Larry L Mweetwa on why she defected to NDC
      December 18, 20177711,114 views

      Saboi Imboela during her UPND days

      By Saboi Imboela

      I have seen a post by Larry L Mweetwa and let me say that I have been principled enough to have never said anything bad about UPND- and I don’t intend to.

      UPND has/had been the only party I had ever known and loved and even when I started to have more enemies inside than outside I still held on.

      People will love you until they begin to see you as a competitor then you begin to have enemies that you don’t even know about… Let me mention to Larry that I have resisted to say anything bad about UPND because all parties have problems and better to sort out things internally than air out…

    • Not until you are inside upnd that’s when you will see real tribal genes in their veins eish…..NDC should have tried their popularity rather than supporting window level HH

    • You are just jealous of this presentable woman……..unlike you PF women of who look like horses or look like you are haveing an orgasam….

    • Jealous after killing someone and shunting another on a death waiting line. Ba under5 you can do better than this.

    • Now serious data is coming out on how deep tribalist upnd is eish… nowonder window level will never rule and sell the nation to imperialists hihihihihihi

    • Yes, they will lose because PF is loaded with stolen money, spineless Election Commission, sold-out judges and hungry bootlickers and above all Enemies of Zambia who are bent upon using and dumping easy-to-buy-politicians.

      come 2021, PF shall lose and all those who stole from the poor and deprived sick, elderly, children, pensioners, mothers, peasant farmers, miners decent living while these PF thugs are busy stealing the little they are entitled to, mortgaging nation to the Indians, Chinese, Europeans, South Africans, Ugandans, Turks and Arabs.

    • @ Mutale

  1. No comments from me this time round especially on this subject matter where, amasushi cannot tell the difference from utufi. I may also look as if am a chindere chamwana…

  2. Adults stop thinking because of hatred! Is it normal for any one to dream that Ms C. Musonda will win Chilanga bye election! In Zambian tradition prosyitution has no place! Even in the bible, anybody who fornicates commits adultery! So NDC supports prostitution and marriage breakersbreakers! Adulterers! Goshhhhhh! Being selfish and dull is a sin!

    • Okay,explain ECL’s children from Tasila to the others.Why is Easter living at State house while the husband is living at State lodge?
      The problem with PF zealots is that they think we are all dull like them.Unfortunately the rest of us think straight.

  3. PF has been hammered already,upnd has has won this seat already,you can see how pf cadres are already crying by insulting credible parties like masushi yabantu

  4. In Zambia most voters make up their minds long before campaigns begin. Majority of the people of Chilanga decided who to vote for the moment Parties announced their candidates and won’t be swayed by who visits them to solicit for votes. So I wish you good luck

  5. Bad move. a loss to PF will mean PF would have beaten two parties combined. NDC should only have pulled such a move with a winnable candidate.

  6. Nonsense. That is supporting because you want to oppose. No principles or morals. Useless Fat Albert

    • Yeah. Pocket money from children is left at the till for charity when they want to contribute to paying Mamas shopping.

      Manyengwe. No effect at all

  7. If that woman has no blood of the man died in her presence, she will definitely win. However, if she was there and watching the death of that security guard and she decided to keep quiet, The blood of that man will never allow her to win.

    If she wants to win, she must confess during her campaign that Mr killed the security guard and tell people why did he kill him.

    If she wants to lose, she must keep quiet and allow the blood of the security guard speak to voters. The choice is hers to make!

  8. Innocent blood on her and her lovers hands. Because of her silence nobody really knows what happened yet the family of the security guard still grieves. The thunder that will strike you is doing pressups…. Wait.

    • What do you mean nobody really knows what happened? Mukanta shot that guard dead. What is so difficult to understand here? Why do people like to play dumb or are they this dumb in Zambia nowadays?

  9. I have no doubt that NRC will reduce the votes for upnd. if I owned upnd I would have rejected the offer

    • This is how: Some UPND voters will reserve or withhold their vote because they don’t like NDC because of Kambwili and his utterances while in PF.

  10. I wish we could flip the narrative, this woman became the PF candidate then I would see what the demons would be saying!

    • She can afford to smile as if nothing happened, as if Keith is somewhere in the USA visiting. It’s all in a day’s work. Life is normal.

  11. “Mr. Musenge has however clarified that the party has not gotten into an alliance with the upnd.”
    He is right afela nkhope uyu. He thinks she can award him like she had awarded that convict mulderer. Or it could be tribal manje niwamwine ka.

  12. I am not sure about politics but in regression analysis we do not just add anything to our equation because some additions negatively affect the result. Mwenya Musenge should know the problem of a wrong candidate better having lost his seat to a jerabo.

  13. This Chamene Musonda tale sounds like a gandster story, mafioso type. So many questions remain unanswered even if Keith Mukata was convicted of murder.
    When did their relationship start, is it after Mukata refused to boycott parliament? Was she planted on him? What secrets does she know about Mukata? Is it some kind of blackmail plot? If she met him after he was divorced what were they hiding as man and woman free to conduct their relationship? Was there a bed in that office? Was he somehow coaxed to be in that location at that late hour? What was the motive for the murder of a poor guard? Did he come across something someone did not want him to know about? Why were they carrying a gun? Was there a third party who pulled the trigger? Why is Chamene so unconcerned about such a grave…

    • Very dull cadre. Case of the shooting is over. The guilty person is behind bars. No amount of conspiracy theories will change the facts. Leave Charmane alone. She also has a life to live and children to feed. Her boyfriend is on death roll and you want to crucify her also! What a bunch of savages!

  14. A murderer cant be a representative of the people and more so people of Chilanga and Zambia for that matter. By the way, the adoption of a person linked to cold blood murder to stand on your (UPND) ticket in preference to other innocent and clean aspirants is a big insult to the faithful supporters and a confirmation that HH is a dictator and no one can challenge him in UPND! Sad to say the least.

    • Let the people decide badala …..why do you want to decide for them ?

      That is PF , if they do not use violence and intimidation to make people’s minds up they don’t want people to have free and fair choices of their own…..

  15. How can a president of a large opposition like upnd campaign in wards of Chilanga ,hh and upnd grow up even the last elections yaba kasela hh and gbm busy mu ward ku kopala na ku luapula awe mwandi I was amazed people change look at changwa just press buttons while in office and filechichika wait Chilanga will show true meaning of politics

  16. Surely upnd and its leaders must have respect for the spirit of that poor Lozi guard, no matter what hatred or disagreements there were in their internal politics. This will haunt them forever.

  17. …..Contd from #22…
    Was there a third party who pulled the trigger? Why is Chamene so unconcerned about such a grave crime even if she was acquitted? And to the extent that she can even smile happily like that with her handlers?
    More will definitely come to light about this matter, watch this space? In Petauke, they woukd say mizimu ya uja guard mu Lozi ikalibe kugona.

    • Be cader your lungu is a fraud convict….supporting someone as president who has a fraud conviction ?

      Don’t try to show holier then Thau when you are theives…….lead by a theif….

    • What question are you trying to ask my dear Sharon? Perhaps you should at times try to read what other people write not always rushing to write something yourself. Most of your postings reveal very low level thought process.

    • Sharon is a sexual deviant obsseset with Tonga bulls…

      Fanika tonga bu inamu chita manigi nkote muzimai uyou…

  18. In the 1980s we had a song “Waikaila ikala peniza, peniza Wemwanakashi wamupamba.” That was before you were born little boy! (You can find it on you tube). It is also known as “Mukamfwila.”

    • Sharon did you know that the song was used to decampaign a PF candidate against a MMD candidate. The PF candidate lost horribly and even appealed to the High Court where her loss was confirmed. Still not happy, she finally went to the then highest court in the land where her case was unceremoniously thrown out!

  19. The facts which many UPND cadres celebrating here do not know is that Chilanga has 10 wards(10 councillors).6 wards belong to UPND while PF won 4.from the 6 wards,2 UPND councillors rejected Ms.Musonda openly saying that residents in their 2 wards do not want this husband snatchar which UPND adopted.So now PF has control in 6 wards,leaving UPND with 4 the ward with highest registered voters (Chilanga town itself with about 11,800 voters) is under PF councillor.Moreover,before 2016 elections,this seat was under its very tight here and only a candidate with good image may win it.Look,it will be like in Chongwe where Mwakalombe defeat UPND’s Silviour Masebo with few votes in 2016!!!ON THE GROUND PF’S MAMA NI MAMA WHO LOST WITH FEW VOTES IN 2016 IS DOING VERY…

    • That is more of the truth with some sober explaining ….not the other PF rats who are hurling insults and defermations anyhow…

  20. Continue…
    Mama ni mama is doing very fine on the ground and that is why HH is almost everyday in Chilanga because he is panicking.ECL hasnt even gone to Chilanga yet.The defeats Kainde suffered at the hands of Mighty PF 3 weeks ago have sent shivers in the UPND camp.Apart from chilanga,there will be 6 by elections on the same day,all wards are in PF strongholds.Expect UPND and NDC to get 1 ward or 0!!!

  21. Ba Spaka lilo, surely even you have a conscience if you are truly a human being, unless you are a robot. Your argument that upnd must do wrong because PF has done wrong is foolish to the extent that h.h and upnd promised to be a party that would bring sanity to Zambian politics and to the Zambian economy. What are we to think as Zambians and as voters if you, h.h and other upnd cronies will give us the same corruption, fraud, immorality, fornication, and all the vices that you condemn your opponents for? If you ate nit a good alternative then just shut your oarty, we can continue as befire. Spaka lilo, I know that you are incapable of thinking, but I thought that at least someone in upnd can think for you.

  22. Ba Spaka lilo, surely even you have a conscience if you are truly a human being, unless you are a robot. Your argument that upnd must do wrong because PF has done wrong is fo.olish to the extent that h.h and upnd promised to be a party that would bring sanity to Zambian politics and to the Zambian economy. What are we to think as Zambians and as voters if you, h.h and other upnd cronies will give us the same corruption, fraud, immorality, fornic.ation, and all the vices that you condemn your opponents for? If you are not a good alternative then just shut your party, we can continue as before. Spaka lilo, I know that you are incapable of thinking, but I thought that at least someone in upnd can think for you.

    • That woman was not conviicted of anything , by all accounts she did not even hold any gun , don’t you trust the police and judiciary ?
      Why should her life come to an end ? Maybe she has more to offer her community after what she has gone through..

      not that conspiracy matuvi you are trying to peddle….

    • That woman was not conviicted of anything , by all accounts she did not even hold any gun , don’t you trust the police and judiciary ?
      Why should her life come to an end ? Maybe she has more to offer her community after what she has gone through..

      not that conspiracy mat.uvi you are trying to peddle….

  23. #33.1 Spaka lilo, lame duck, I thought that it is you, h.h and his stooges who have stated that you don’t trust the police and the judiciary? Need I remind you that you have been saying that everyday since you lost the 2016 election so miserably? Add the ECZ for good measure! So you are confirming my statement that you are incapable of thinking just like a robot ? Kikikikikikiki …

    • The Zambian police and judiciary did not convict her of anything, you and your fellow rats are convicting her , maybe now you do not trust your PF police ?

    • It is said that you don’t argue with a f00l because no one will tell the difference. Putrid brains, I rest my case.

  24. UPND and its cadres claim to advocate for ‘corruption free’ and an upright society. Charmaine was present when an elderly guard was violently gunned and killed in the small hours of the morning at her boyfriend’s business premises. She witnessed this murder of an innocent man, but opted to remain silent in court while her boy friend is now a convicted murderer. These events should have prevented her from standing as a member of parliament but Zambia’s main stream opposition media i.e. the Mast newspapers etc have failed to scrutinise her candidature. UPND please don’t lecture people on any issue touching morality, you are an evil party. I wish you lose the by election.

    • So lungu should not hold office because of his fraud conviction ? And it is the pf theives trying to preach morality when thry are a rotten party with corruption starting from state house….

      If someone has been convicted and found guilty of an jailable offence , they should not attempt to stand for any parliamentary seat…..

    • Look at the big picture for a change. What does Zambia need at the moment? Let us not be blinded by political party affiliations. We need more unity of purpose. This is why the Chinese and other foreigners are taking everything while you keep on fighting among yourselves like mad people. Fighting for the thieves to keep on stealing what belongs to us? Where is your pride as a people?

  25. We know Chilanga area has a sizeable population of people from Southern Province but this time round they must vote with conscience. Our brothers and sisters from Southern Province in Chilanga must not fall in the same appeasement mentality where they would rather support for HH even when he is wrong. If they choose to ignore this simple advice, people will question their judgement. He (HH) has presided over a process that has adopted a candidate with links to a violent murder.

  26. Let pf concetrate on maeketing their candidate as oposed to be biizy decampaining sm musonda as if that is their campain message

  27. She looks glamorous and classy in this photo.

    As for the rhetoric on this page, I said some time back that UPND have taken a massive gamble in adopting her… the gamble will either payoff or backfire spectacularly.

    As for PF, it’s cheap for them to focus their attention on the circumstances surrounding the death of the guard. They need to bring out the issues that their candidate will deliver.

    For all I know PF politicians lack morals and integrity… there are so many deaths they have caused by being corrupt.

  28. The blood of that innocent guard is on Ms C. Musonda because she was there and therefore an eyewitness when that man was shot in cold blood by Mukata. She is actually an accomplice in that murder. UPND is a disgraceful party to say the least. You can’t reasonably choose Ms. Musonda to stand for a parliamentary seat when the issue of the murdered guard is still even in the courts of law. This UPND candidate and her party lacks morals. People of Chilanga vote wisely to shame the devil in UPND.

  29. My advise to NDC and Kambwili “Lunshi wa chimpwena ashikilwa kumo ne chitumbi” You are taking a very silly political blunder.You’ve overrated yourself without anything to show for it.Your performance in the last by-elections shows extreme poor performance.

    • @ topgun! “Lunshi wa chimpwena ashikilwa kumo ne chitumbi” hillarious indeed. You have made my day!!

  30. One thing is clear from the start. Chilanga voters are confused already as to what to vote for. If it’s a beauty contest, then the beautiful light skinned one whose charm has smitten all the men in both PF and UPND will carry the day as they would want to continue casting their lustful eyes upon her!
    As for Maria, she says she is a successful business woman. Zambians don’t like those stories – they are allergic to success in a fellow Zambian.

    Anyway, may the best candidate carry the day and help the people of Chilanga Mulilo!

  31. #36.2 Daissy, so your solution is to replace those “thieves” with another more vicious tribal bunch of thieves from upnd?
    Look here, upnd has nothing to offer Zambia, have you heard anything tangible from h.h and his upnd cronies which can give us confidence that we can trust the destiny of this country in h.h? The tw.its have lost it, othey do not even talk of “economic manager” any more because they know that it was empty talk.

  32. Spaka I admire your courage and loyalty though completely misplaced. You have single handedly answered every posting unfortunately not convincing but blindly.

    • Blindly where ? The woman was found not guilty … some one above said , pf bring issues of how you will create more jobs , not trying to find the woman guilty.

      As for conviction , it is the fact that PF have the largest elephants in the room that they try to ignore and hope everyone else will not notice that gives some of us bloggers insatiable confidence….and that PF elephant is lungus fraud conviction and him not denying that he is a corrupt theif…..that is one massive confidence boost right there and none of you dare attempt to explain.
      Just that alone is serious fire for anyone media savy who wants to counter PF….


    • Keith has appealed and knowing how cases work she could be called back in the dock. You never know how things may turn out. On the other hand if the woman was PF what would your reaction be. …give an honest answer.

    • Ndanji if she was PF , honestly, as long as she has been cleared…i would have noproblem ….look , that woman was just with her boyfriend who had a gun, and who pulled the trigger …she was only guilty for being there at a moment of madness..

  33. I only hear c Musonda names over and over again who is the candidate for pf kanshi imwe? PF is busy slandering this woman so people don’t vote for her instead of telling people why they should vote for pf candidate

  34. Unless PF media strategists come up with a counter for lungus fraud conviction and his accepting , by his silence, allegations that he is a corrupt theif , PF online zealots have very little weight…..

    • Online you have no wieght because of the same but on the ground you will have to win through violence and intimidation and rigging…..all this just adds to your problems … see after spending $17 billion pf and lungu should not even be having critics but should riding the waves of development……that just there shows there is a big fundamental problem.

  35. Since the formation of UPND in 1998 by Anderson Mazoka, the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province have always voted for a Tonga candidate.

    The first time Mazoka vied for presidency in 2001, all Tongas lumped their votes on him because he was their tribesman.

    When Mazoka was leading Levy Mwanawasa of the MMD in 2001, Tongas took to the streets and celebrated his (Mazoka) imaginary victory.

    Some Tongas went to an extent of closing down public offices and illegally taking over offices. They shared positions and plotted to deal with non – Tongas who were occupying such offices.

    The entire city of Lusaka was characterised with deafening Tonga noises as Mazoka came close to winning. On public buses, Tonga passengers made their presence felt by speaking in deep Tonga voices…

  36. Kambwili’s NDC supporting a political party that is tribal and using other tribes to ascend to power=shame!

    Lungu is playing monkey trick mismanaging the country’s economy= Shame!

    Every day, small political parties are being formed by selfish individuals with ill intentions=Shame!

    Foreigners are being treated like kings and queens whilst Zambians are being mistreated and suffering= Shame!

    Zambia despite being rich in mineral resources but civil servants continues being taxed and receiving peanuts as salaries=Shame! Retiree are dying before receiving their terminal benefits. due to irresponsible governance.

    If Mr Koswe Mumpoto want to win the 2021 general elections, he should first of all show Love to Zambians and not bu chakolwa!

    Thank you!

  37. NDC is just the same like the under 5 boys who running out of ideas.
    If someone can manage to insult you, what stops him to do it for the second time. Come on you boys you better think twice before accepting the punch for punch.

  38. It is politics of vengeance. This is what this is all about. NDC have made a wrong move and it’s checkmate.

  39. UPND trusts the police and judiciary when it comes to their thing in favour and despises the same when it is against them! Childish!

  40. The timing was just wrong, I am a keen supporter of women empowerment, however Charmaine should have waited even a year for the dust to settle. Unfortunately this was too much of a complicated issues,(Married man, murder it is all too much for people to digest, and barely 6 months after you decide to stand)I know that the Bible says let he that has no sin speak and we are not the judges but the life of an innocent man was lost and you choose to keep quite, I only wish you waited for a year or so .

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