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PS Mulenga urges Zambians in Diaspora to partner with Govt to attain 7NDP goals

Economy PS Mulenga urges Zambians in Diaspora to partner with Govt to attain...

Minister of National Development Planning Alexander Chiteme handing over the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) to Voice of America (VOA) veteran broadcast and host of Straight Talk Africa Shaka Ssali and Nightline Africa host Peter Clottey in Washington DC, USA, on Saturday 21 April 2018. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | MNDP
Minister of National Development Planning Alexander Chiteme handing over the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) to Voice of America (VOA) veteran broadcast and host of Straight Talk Africa Shaka Ssali and Nightline Africa host Peter Clottey in Washington DC, USA, on Saturday 21 April 2018. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | MNDP

The Ministry of National Development Planning has urged Zambians in diaspora to partner with the Government in implementing the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) to achieve the set goals.

Ministry of National Development Planning Permanent Secretary (Monitoring and Evaluation) Mushuma Mulenga said this on Saturday when he met and exchanged views with Zambian professionals working for various multilateral organisations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Permanent Secretary is in Addis Ababa participating in the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA) committee of experts meeting, which is preparatory to the 51st Session of the Commission and conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Mr. Mulenga said the Ministry of National Development Planning had an open-door policy to Zambian citizens regardless of where they are based and is receptive to innovative ideas that will contribute to national development and prosperity for all Zambians.

“I would like to urge all of you, as experts in various fields, to read and appreciate the content of the Seventh National Development Plan and volume two of the same document, which is the Implementation Plan,” Mr. Mulenga said. “We want you to partner with the Government in the implementation process of this all-encompassing plan for our country to achieve the desired development that will benefit all of us and future generations.”

Mr. Mulenga said Minister of National Development Planning Honourable Alexander Chiteme will participate in the Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, which will focus on the African Continental Free Trade Area and creating fiscal space for jobs and economic diversification.

“The Government of Zambia is committed to create jobs and grow the economy; the Government is working hard to diversify the economy from overdependence on mining,” Mr. Mulenga said. “Therefore, I am sure you agree with me that this meeting is very important for Zambia.”

President of the Association of Zambians Living in Ethiopia (AZE) Jack Zulu pledged his members’ willingness and commitment to work with the Government to attain national development.

“This group here has a lot of expertise in various fields and we are readily available to give guidance to the Government,” Mr. Zulu said. “On the Seventh National Development Plan, we stand ready to support the Government in implementing this Plan.”

Mr. Zulu said Zambians at home and abroad must work together to ensure that there should be no cholera outbreaks in future.

Several Zambians called for innovative waste management system and recommended recycling of plastics. They also recommended the division of Lusaka City Council to serve various residential areas to ensure effectiveness, considering that the population of the city had grown beyond the capacity of the local authority.

The Permanent Secretary assured the Zambians that he would take the recommendations for consideration by relevant authorities. The Permanent Secretary commended Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) Her Excellency Susan Sikaneta and her diplomatic staff for regularly engaging and unifying Zambians resident in their countries of accreditation.

Ambassador Sikaneta said the Ministry of National Development Planning was doing a commendable job in planning Zambia’s developmen


  1. Partner with thieves.
    A government who is even robbing its own medical warehouse and resell medicine to NGOs. Medical stuff got stolen, and no cabinet meeting help. Nothing.
    Scandals every Wednesday,

    • Partnership with Zambians in the Diaspora…I think the Zambian gov feels more comfortable working with the Chinese…just look at how they’re getting land…and for a Diasporan Zambian to get land…awe sure katwishi

    • Too late G.R.Z, have already partnered with myself and family. You’ve always been untrustworthy and unstructured for long term development. Just hit the road.

    • Zambians in diaspora are mainly seen as a threat to most politicians back home. Few if any see Zambians in diaspora as partners. And this in spite of the fact that diasporans contribute to the Zambian economy, potentially millions of Kwachas annually through remittances. Diasporans for instance find it next to impossible to acquire land in their own country, not even a small piece of land to build a house on. If you’re serious about partnering with Zambians in diaspora, here are some things you can do: 1. Create a website where you can interact with Zambians in diaspora. The website can be used by diasporans to submit developmental ideas and suggestions to government officials. 2. The website can also be used by diasporans to submit grievances, frustrations, complaints concerning…

    • (Continue).. what’s happening in Zambia. 3. The website can also be used to submit earnest requests directly to Zambian government officials. Sometimes Zambian Embassies, which are supposed to be helping the Zambians with certain urgent issues, prove to be ineffective, or virtually useless. Submitting a case directly to a Zambian official would be very helpful, if the embassy is not helping. 4.Explain on the website how Zambians can acquire land to build a personal house back home. 5 Explain on the website the latest developmental projects happening in the country, and how diasporans can contribute to them financially (donations). 6. Encourage Zambians to start businesses back home, and simplify the process for them. So, Zambian politicians—please stop treating us like enemies or a…

    • (Continued)… threat to your careers. We’re your partners. Let’s join hands and work together to build our great country. Peace.

  2. How to work with the Diaspora crew has completely eluded GRZ. It could make a huge difference.

    @1.1 Anonymous. You omitted the words ‘Association of’ just before ‘Zambians’. Nice try!

  3. How many Zambians in the diaspora received the documents he was handing non Zambians? Zero Zambians even know there’s the 7NDP.

  4. Unless you say BR Mumba Snr, HH Oval, Sharon, minds that can reason and are objective otherwise Jay Jay, Spaka, Harold Muna etc fi wele wele with nothing to offer this country except hate, bitterness, insults na ma sushi. The former will criticise any govt. regardless of party and compliment when due, the latter only criticise PF and Lungu and see no problem with kainde and upnd.


    • You don’t have to take an investor, you can come and set up a factory and you will be the investor!!!

  6. Zambian Citizen, how when everything is being given to the Chinese. PF is also bad for business when other countries are reducing taxes and promoting local business, we are increasing taxes, fees and promoting infestors than our own people. Check for yourself who gets all the government contracts – the Chinese and others who can afford to bribe our leaders.

    • It all comes down to capacity. A Chinese investor will get a financing deal from Bank of China or from his Government at between zero and 2% interest rate. A Zambian investor has no access to such money, so he goes to a commercial bank to borrow at between 25% and 45% interest. Do you think a Zambian can make it? This talk about Zambians getting involved in project implementation cannot work in such an unfair investment climate.

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