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Chief Justice Mambilima should go, she has failed the Judiciary-Changala

General News Chief Justice Mambilima should go, she has failed the Judiciary-Changala

Activist Brebner Changala (L)
Activist Brebner Changala (L)

Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala has charged that Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima should resign her position as she has allegedly failed to run the Judiciary.

Mr Changala said Mrs Mambilima has lamentably failed to manage the Judiciary and inspire the bench later on the nation at large.

He has since described Justice Mambilima as a disaster to Zambia’s young democracy.

“When she came to the Judiciary from ECZ,the was so much hope that the judicial integrity was going to be on the upswing and the value of the kwacha picked up on the international market, alas, this has not happened and judiciary standard have lamentably plummeted despite the judges being well remunerated, having research officials, the quality of judges and judgements is a tragedy and their seem to be no recourse to the common man to remedy the injustice which has become the order of the day and pervasive,” Mr Changala Saidi

He added, “In light of the serious public concern about the perceived waning judicial independence or state capture of the judiciary at a critical time of constitutional adjudication, there has been no response or refutation of the public perception from the judiciary.”

“As Hitler’s Minister of propaganda once said; when a statement is consistently said, it becomes the truth.”

Mr Changala said the judiciary should be sensitive to the people’s concerns as the people are the institution unto themselves.

“In short,the current Chief Justice, Justice Irene Mambilima has lamentably failed to manage and inspire the bench later on the nation at large.
Mambilima must take leave and go. She is a disaster to our young democracy and it’s people.”

He said, “Where as the law protects her security of tenure as a Judge, she has failed to protect the judiciary from scavenging executive(PF Government). She is an accomplice in PF unconstitutional conduct and state capture.”

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  1. The worst part is lungu is supposed to be a lawyer…..this is like having a doctor as president then the health sector collapses …..this shows how hopeless and corrupt lungu is…

    • I used to respect this lady. But now, her entire good career will be remembered for her being used as a tissue paper for Lungu’s dictatorship.

      Currently the corrupt judiciary has imprisoned Fresher Siwale after they told him to bring 2 SENIOR CIVIL SERVANTS as sureties for his bail. Tell me which Civil Servant can risk being fired just for Siwale.

    • It’s a cheap shot against the Chief Justice because it doesn’t say where she is failing. Mrs Mambilima is a public officer because what she holds is public office. Brebner Changala has the right to petition her if he has strong views backed by solid evidence. He also has optio to petition the Judicial Complaints Commission. He has done neither so he is talking nonsense. I expect LAZ to do their duty here and that is to defend Mrs Mambilima against malicious unsubstantiated attacks.

    • From “Iron lady” to “Jelley lady”. I lost all respect for this lady when she allowed Lungu to ignore the consitution. Her legacy and name is far damaged for not standing up to the truth.

  2. Politically minded “Human Rights Activist” Brebner Changala has also lamentably failed to manage and stand for the human rights of many poor Zambians by purely focusing on political cases. It is such attacks on the Judiciary without substantial evidence that undermine the confidence of the public in both the judiciary and the so called Human Rights Activists. Stop speaking like a cadre Brebner if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. Come now Mr Changala, be fair.

    Considering that Zambia is a nation under turmoil caused by wooly haired, grass skirted ‘Mad to be President’ citizens; whose most favoured preoccupation is to cause petty political party violence, the fact that the Judiciary has remained calm and not thrown the lot in jail is sign of a patient Judiciary indulging its primitive citizens.

    There have been few arrests and few successful cases where obvious criminals ( mostly Opposition Party Presidents and Cadres); have been prosecuted successfully. The fact that Judges are reluctant to wade in and throw the whole misbehaving population (Politicians and Citizens); is a sign of good democratic and Human Rights adherence and Governance. A country only gets a Judiciary it deserves. Well Done Super…

    • That’s Well Done Super Mambilima. In most cases around the World, Citizens should witness a Judiciary that is not only seen but also heard. Unfortunately in Zambia, the Judiciary are better playing referee and allow their primitive citizens a playground to enact superficial Democracy( a system that is failing even in the West)!

  4. Nonsense all the times. You’re just failing to say that you wanted Chitombwa to be president. Just say it.

  5. Speaking like a cadre when you are supposed to be speaking for rights of the ordinary citizens with facts and references! He has not referred to any single incompetency act the CJ has allegedly committed or permitted simply ‘making’ noise! Nowonder they do not take you seriously because you speak like a cadre from City market!
    Alot of issues yes, are there in the judiciary chief among them, is the turn around time in disposing off cases. adjournments is the order of the day in our courts. You find suspects in remand for years with bailable offences languishing in prison etc…. These are issues worthy calling the CJ’s attention upon.

  6. Comment:To some, justice is when the President is ruled against… Changala, Justice is when the courts rule and you respect it’s verdict. Insulting the Chief Justice is a mark of your mediocrity… I rest my case.

  7. This guy is just barking without pin pointing any wrong doing committed by CJ. How on earth a man of his calibre can just wake up, stand on mountain top, and allege unsubstantiated generalities against a person who can’t respond.
    This man can be sued for blowing hot air!

  8. And you charlatan Changala what did you say about the previous Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda. For you, everyone in that position wil be no good, eh?

  9. That woman is too comfortable to resign …this is why Lazy Edgar moved her from ECZ to silence her

  10. I wonder what goes on currently in Ireen’s head because she has tried to be above board especially by refusing to swear in Edgar, but after that she has been standing on quick sand in terms of national standing, we dont know how far she will accept to drown with the PF, she can still rescue herself from the mess before it is too late. her name is currently being tarnished by the I don’t care PF who have nothing to loose, but she has her reputation to protect. posterity will judge and it normally does that without favor.

  11. Judicial Complaints Authority can assist aggrieved parties. That is why it was established in the first place. Constitutional office holders can not please each and every individual, organization, let alone government representative. It is unrealistic to expect too much from a constitutional office holder. It is better to identify specific issues that are begging answers. It is all about the separation of powers within a democratic government. Or are you suggesting that judicial officers are asking you to air their grievances? That is most unlikely. Writing in Harvard Law Review, Professor Easterbrook stated that “the perfect is the enemy of The Good, and excessive concern with utopian criticisms of the Court may divert us from useful ones”.

  12. Ba Changala, with due respect to you, sir, I don’t think you are saying anything sensible here. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet than expose your partisan stance on issues. Don’t behave like criminals who only see justice when they are acquitted and accuse the court of being corrupt when they are convicted.

    From your comments, it is clear that you are a UPND cadre. If the court rules in favour of the opposition, you celebrate and hail the judge as a champion of the independence of the judiciary but should the same judge rule against the opposition, he immediately becomes corrupt!

    What kind of thinking is that?

  13. “As Hitler’s Minister of propaganda once said; when a statement is consistently said, it becomes the truth.”

    You think so Brebner? You rhink there was sense in what Hitler’s munister said? Kanshi uli cipuba, admiring Hitler!! Well, where is Hitlernow? Did he succeed? No, just like h.h will not succeed, the boy is on a downward spiral. There are things that just do not succeed or are not sustainable, h.h’s project is one of them.

  14. Mr. Changala. If you are aggrieved, just gather your evidence, approach the relevant bodies like you did in The Nchito tribunal. Otherwise, we will reclassify you from ‘activist’ to ‘alarmist’.

  15. Irene has just been caught up in a storm and she doesn’t know where she stands, she’s a victim of circumstances. With the creation of the ConCourt which she doesn’t head she’s been relegated to adjudication of murder and aggravated robbery cases. Brebner, suppose you were in her position, what would have you done? It reminds me of the time FTJ introduced District Administrators and gave them their own line to his office. Their salaries were higher than those of ministers. What did we witness? Joshua Mutisa beat Suresh Desai despite the latter being a Cabinet Minister. That’s where Irene Mambilima is

  16. Inexperienced young judges at the ConCourt are passing judgments that are sometimes inconsistent and are getting away with it while Irene watches helplessly. We need experienced senior judges to deal with Constitutional matters. No wonder Judge Chikopa ran away

  17. No evidence she has failed. Provide statistics against another period and use judicial facts not economic ones and off the cuff information

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