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Incarcerated Keith has endorsed the PF candidate for Chilanga, says wife


Chilanga Constituency PF Aspiring Candidate Mrs Maria Langa- Phiri with Hon Jean Kapata MP, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources who is the PF Campaign Manager for the Chilanga by election  paid a courtesy call on Mrs Maricoh Mukata, wife to the former Chilanga Member of Parliament Hon Keith Mukata.
Chilanga Constituency PF Aspiring Candidate Mrs Maria Langa- Phiri with Hon Jean Kapata MP, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources who is the PF Campaign Manager for the Chilanga by election paid a courtesy call on Mrs Maricoh Mukata, wife to the former Chilanga Member of Parliament Hon Keith Mukata.

Maricoh Mukata, spouse to incarcerated former member of parliament Keith Mukata, has said that her husband supports the candidature of Maria Langa as a suitable person to replace him.

Speaking when PF’s Chilanga Constituency Aspiring Candidate Mrs Maria Langa- Phiri with Jean Kapata MP, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources who is the PF Campaign Manager for the Chilanga by election paid a courtesy call on her in Namalombwe Ward, Mrs Mukata called on the people of Chilanga to vote for Maria Langa.

“We have three children together. My husband and I have endorsed the PF candidate Mrs. Maria Langa-Phiri for Chilanga.”

“UPND has not offered us any support after the husband was incarcerated but has only been supported by the PF and Keith’s friends from the legal fraternity. I should emphasize that Keith and I are still married and have never divorced at any time”.

The media briefing was attended by Patriotic Front MCC and Chairperson of Elections, Hon Jean Kapata and Chilanga PF Aspiring Candidate Maria Langa- Phiri.

The by election will be held on June 5 2018.


  1. “Wina anamwarira, wina ali mujere, ine ndiri free! Ndiri innocent! Even the courts can attest to that! Now I am ready to get that seat! I did nothing wrong!”

    • His wife is better looking that that whole

      What was he thinking?

      Men depress me, keep it in your pants!



    • The wife and girlfriend look alike, this Keith Mukata is a sociopath and murderer. HH is gloating over the murder’s girlfriend, you could see the adoration in the pictures. This is a scandal!

    • I feel sorry for Mukata wife, now is being treated like a widow. She reminds me of Kaseba.
      If PF aquits Keith, will he ever sleep with Charmaine?

    • Sorry but I can’t make out who is who in that picture because as usual the caption is pathetic

    • . . . . . . . . ” I should emphasize that Keith and I are still married and have never divorced at any time”. This statement clearly underscores the fact that Charmaine Musonda is a home-breaker who has no morals or decency. UPND are openly supporting immorality by adopting her. The woman has proudly been daring a married man. Kudos to PF for exposing the rot. Charmaine has absolutely no moral standards

  2. May the Lord comfort you Mrs. Mukata! Sometimes we may not understand fully what befalls good people! The devil is a liar mum. May the God of our Lord Jesus be with you in this difficult time. Very beautiful woman she is and I can’t understand how the man strayed leaving the family in pain! Satan is a bad devil.

  3. Where was this woman when Keith was flirting with his concubine? Your marriage with that kaili is water under the bridge maayo. Just move on. I can give you my number if you don’t mind becoming my second wife

  4. The lazy bum polygamist father of a chief hooligan and bully of a tribal party had a son who suffers from insecurities and lack of love because of his background and projects it on the innocent. Please leave the lady alone and don’t add your curse to her.

  5. So Mel Musonda lied when she said that she met Keith Mukata after he divorced the wife?here is Mrs Mukata.what will Mel Musonda say now?hey that concubine is a liar!!any Chilanga residents will teach the upnd candidate a big lesson on 5th June,2018 by voting for Mama ni mama-Mrs Langa!!!
    PF must continue supporting Mrs Mukata and the family of that man who was killed.

    • This woman was not living with Mukata because they were on separation. Why are people missing the point of Mukatas murder and talking about his prostitution? Mukata killed a person and is a murder convict. He has supported PF and became a PF hero. Musonda is vindicated. She was not Mukatas right hand women and that’s why she was aquited. UPND have a clean candidate.

  6. People dream on Chilanga is a Bantu Botatwe stronghold- Tongas, Ilas. Solis, Lenjes etc etc and you think PF will win ha!

    Even if a dog was standing on UPND it would win so believe you me whether this Chairman chap be her a ule or not that doesn’t matter just because she is on HH’s ticket she is winning!

    I bet any dull cretin UPND is winning!

    • 2020vision, your point is excellent. A surprise can happen in Chilanga. Indeed, this by-election is all about the integrity of the people of Chilanga. Surely, if people of chilanga have anything in their morals, then let them tell UPND that much as they adore them, they did not dump their integrity at anyone time just because they support UPND. Yes they can support UPND and they have a right if the wish to do that, but let them remind the UPND leadership that they never sold their face by giving them a protest vote. The issue of Keith and Musonda may be trivialised for political expedience, but surely it has an important picture on Chilanga people. Wait a minute, imagine it were you in the shoes of Mrs Mukata and the family o the late, will you be happy?

  7. Is this some sick joke or desperation from PF! Convicts are endorsing people now! Get a life you hoodlums please!

    • Kikikiki…PF are a bunch of jokes. PF started by scandalising Musonda that she was associated with a murderer yet the murderer has actually been on their side all along. PF are part to Mukatas crime. That’s why they are supporting his “widow” now.

  8. You come across as a nice person who loves your husband mama Mukata, no doubt about it, it showed in the pain that I saw in your face on TV this evening.

  9. Now listen to the comment today by upnd Stephen Katuka, completely devoid of human emotion: “We knew that Keith was working with PF, even when he did not boycott President Lungu in parliament”.

    Wind back to h.h when that first boycott happened: “He betrayed us, and we will take action on him at an appropriate time”.

    Wind forward and Mukata is with Chamene at his office at midnight. Does the office have a bed? Wasn’t there a better place? Was he set up to be in that place at that time? Was the guard set up to act like an intruder? Bane, this is mafia proper, just wait as the drama unfolds.
    Meantime IG Kanganja, please provide security to this family, I don’t trust this blood thirsty red opposition, the stakes are too high for them!!! But watch the space!!!!

    • Don’t mislead yourself. Mukata and no one else shot that gun and it was proved beyond any doubt in court. Mukata is still alive today to refute he didn’t shoot the gun. So what you are saying is trap.

    • Good thought, upnd care!!!!! it means UPND MP have their brains in the their pants. Being UPND MP you are different form a chema in Namwala kraals. How I wish Eddie can pardon Mukata this October to show these goons that he has powers to disappoint them with their schemes because it is true some thing is fish here.


  11. Advice to Hon Stephen Katuka my dear friend, you have been in upnd a long time and you know your colleagues very well as you have said several times before, comparing Andy Mazoka and his successors. Don’t comment carelessly on sensitive matters like these, you could end up implicating yourself over matters you know nothing about. Take it from me, I smell a fish, a not so fresh fish!!!

  12. #12 ANYOKO, hehehehe……a nsenga name from Monze!!!! What has happened, have you now given up the nationality from Malawi of a nsenga? You guys are not serious!!!

    You will notice that our LT robot is abnormally quite thus evening? I mean Spaka, o

  13. This woman is evil. There is more than what meets the naked eye. However this will haughty her whether she makes to Parliament or not.

  14. As some one said above of these shameless kaponya rats…..they were condemning UPND for endorsing someone who was a suspect but aquited in the murder , but to day they are celebrating being endorsed by the murder suspect himself ???

    Hehehehe ……grouping of bandits for sure lead by theives ….

  15. @Pungwaa fuseki you inconsiderate and incopassionate son of the devil. No wonder you are dying so young mwana wa galu wewo.

  16. UPND could have avoided all this ‘negative’ publicity by simply adopting a different candidate. It was that simple. All this negative publicity for what? Whether or not Charm wins, this whole episode is a BIG minus to UPND. If she wins, UPND opponents will continue using her as an example of how UPND conducts business.
    ……Next, PF will visit the late Mwenda’s family.

  17. Zambian politics have really been cheapened!
    What can these two ladies standing on PF & UPND deliver for Chilanga sure?
    Aren’t they going there just to enrich themselves?

  18. The only thing I can at this point is: Stop stealing medicines guys. Look at this beautiful lady. Are you not ashamed you are killing her?

  19. Isn’t Mukata’s wife just a hypocrite? When her hubby was sentenced to death she had the strength to walk to her car by herself and drive off without even shedding crocodile tears but today she is saying that she is missing him! I don’t buy this story! All of us saw this on TV.UPND did well not to support him. Support a killer! No ways! But all in all am against the UPND for choosing Charmaine as their candidate.

    • This woman IS NOT Mukata’s wife. She is lying. Mukata’s wife is a Lozi woman with whom he has two children. This woman also has two children with Keith. She is the one who broke Mukata’s marriage with Getrude. When she left Mukata, he then got Charmaine. So papa, ni nsange mkaladi na mukaladi. Her endorsement is of no bearing to what is happening.

  20. We have just been told that woman with kapata and langa isn’t the wife. She is just one of the girlfriends, just like Charmaine was. Charmaine was just clever not to have Children with Keith. The real wife died of depression a few 18 months ago.
    We are also informed that the support for PF is a way of buying/influencing the President to pardon Keith. But a murderer is a murderer.
    But the question is does PF need the support of a murderer to win?.

  21. the only problem with a lot of us is that we see sexual immorality to be more sinful than corruption, theft and murder combined?? today mukata, a man condemned by law endorsing someone is headline news on znbc, so desperate for support!! mukata does not chose who shud succeed him, let the people of chilanga do that, wat all u ladies shud be doing now is trying to convince them that u are best people to take development to that place! let me end by saying they are more sinful bloggers here who busy pretending to morally upright

  22. Mukata has got no right to support or influence anyone at this point. He belongs to prison.

  23. Jonathan is building a mansion in Swaziland & all you can do is argue & insult each other on social media, the man knows very well that he is dealing with *****s who doesn’t consider what it takes to have a credible candidate for presidency. You were warned but you wouldn’t listen. A thief will always be a thief no Matter what colour you may want to paint the thief. He will still remain a thief. The innocent questions that people must ask is why did Mukata leave his wife for Charmaine? Is it anything to do with bedroom issues? Was she hostile to Mukata’s relatives? Was she worth to be a wife? Why is Jonathan having an affair with a Swaziland woman?

  24. im 100% with Charmaine…reason is clear bitch nigga keith refused to follow rules by not walking out of parliament then expected upnd to support him karma is a bitch

  25. This endorsement was planned because where were PF party officials before Chilanga campaign period, that they did not pay a visit to Madam Mukata? Is she promised something to endorse this candidate?

  26. This was expected becoz the only hope that Keith has now is a presidential pardon like masumba so he needs to forgo all his values and keep on singing praises of the PF & ECL in order for him to be freed either through a pardon or the invisible hand on the judiciary during appeal.

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