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Lusaka Mayor continued discharging his duties despite being unwell for sometime

Headlines Lusaka Mayor continued discharging his duties despite being unwell for sometime

Minister of Local Government Hon Vincent Mwale
Minister of Local Government Hon Vincent Mwale

Minister of Local Government, Vincent Mwale has said that the late Lusaka Mayor, Wilson Kalumba had continued discharging his duties despite being unwell and on medication for sometime.

In a statement released to the media confirming the death of the Mayor, the Minister said that the Mayor, who was 54, died around 11:40 hours this morning.

“It is with a heavy heart that I wish to announce the passing on of the Mayor of Lusaka Mr Wilson Kalumba who passed on around 11:40 hours this morning here at the UTH. He was brought in around 06:00 hours,” the Minister said.

“We will continue to inform the nation from time to time about the arrangements for the funeral. We wish his family, friends and the Lusaka City Council sincere condolences,” Mr. Mwale said.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has expressed sadness over the death of Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, Mr Hichilema said the death of Mr Kalumba has saddened the party.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Lusaka Mayor, His Worship, Wilson Kalumba. His untimely death has saddened us and we wish the family God’s strength in this trying moment,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “We also send our sincere condolences to our colleagues in the PF party and citizens in the entire great City of Lusaka on this untimely loss. In times like this, we must all look to God for his Grace and mercies.”


  1. Mayor Wilson should never have been working in the first place…that man should have been relieved a longtime ago, surely what duties was he discharging? What’s wrong with these incompetent people in this govt with the Head of State…do the live in Lusaka? Myopia is the order of the day with Lazy Lungu and PF….when we say these are wasted years this is what we mean they knew he was sick yet they let him continue at taxpayers expanse and Lusaka residents.

    • Vincent…. makes it sound as if it was the right thing for the late mayor to do to continue working even when he wasn’t well. It may actually mean there are some serious issues in the municipality that he could not delegate to anyone or as illness is could have compromised his ability to make sensible judgement. MHSRIP

    • Shameless – this is the mediocrity of Zambian politics today…they think they are in office to do us a favour not knowing the next man can do a better job. This is why you see them clinging on to power or talking about 2021 when they have nothing to show but property in Swaziland….where have you seen a President building a mansion abroad when his people are starving.

    • Sad that he has died before completing his term. However, Mr Minister, has the Zambia daily Mail of today quoted you correctly in their report of the award of a K30 million contract to Tomorrow Investments Ltd to grade, I repeat, grade a road 17.5 KM long in Chipangali constituency? Is this a fair deal for the people of Zambia?

    • @Jay Jay, Mayor Kalumba was elected by the Citizens of Lusaka. His was NOT an appointment position. So who was suppose to remove him from a position he was elected to by the people of Lusaka other than through another election, IMPEACHMENT, death (as fate has done), or resignation? Which Constitution do you read?

      Anyway, condolences to the Kalumba family and may God give you all strength to cope.

    • @1.3 Nubian, Zambian men have a macho attitude whether consciously or subconsciously. They think they are invincible. They don’t want to take care of their health. You hear them say things like ‘ ine nshinwa umuti’ ‘ ine nshiya kuli doctor’ ( I don’t take medication, I don’t see doctors). Meanwhile they have poor lifestyle habits: eating poorly and drinking a lot. Because of this a lot of Zambian men die. Check death records if you’re doubting. This mayor could have gone on medical leave to give his health a chance to recover. Now his wife has lost a husband, children a father. Sad.

  2. Explains why he was seen “sleeping” on duty.
    God have mercy on us for wrong judgement on His Worship the Mayor, and may his soul rest in peace.

      You are missing the point.Letting the Mayor to continue in office when they knew he was sick maybe what killed him.At the least he should have been on sick leave to allow him to recover.It is like they thought they were doing him a favour when they should have known better.
      It is like what we are seeing today where people are left to loot,this not helping them in anyway.There are probably people who if properly managed can be succesfull businessmen out there who have now abandoned doing legit business and the powers that be look elsewhere,you are only escorting them to prison,if you love them do the right thing for there own good.You should have done the right thing for our Mayor.

    • @Zonzo, who are “THEY” that you keep referring to that allowed the Mayor to continue discharging his duties? The Mayor was an elected official and his term of office had not ended yet….so who should have forced him just because he got sick? Is that how things work?

      Look, it was entirely up to the Mayor himself to decide whether to continue doing his job or step aside to concentrate on his illness/health. There is no “THEY” (whoever these people are) who could have Constitutionally made that decision for him. He was NOT appointed to that position such that the APPOINTING AUTHORITY could remove him. If he didn’t want to resign voluntarily, no one could have done anything about it…. that’s what ELECTIONS are for…he was employed by the residents of the City of Lusaka….not by…

    • Continue…

      the Minister, PF, or President.


    • @2.2 Nostradamus. You’re wrong. This is the same macho attitude I just talked about. Real men take care of themselves because they know that people depend on them. In this case even a city depended on this man. He could have done a lot if only he had allowed himself some sick leave. There’s no shame in that.

  3. Admirable that he did so. It is, however, not advisable to do so at the expense of one’s health. MHSRIP.

  4. He shoulda taken some time off even president Buhari of Nigeria took 3 months off to attend to his failing health.

  5. May his soul rest in peace…
    We mourn him as a nation.
    May God strengthen the family in this trying moment…

  6. Zambians vote wisely, next time ask them what they intend to do…when you vote on party lines and elect empty suits in office this is what you get nothing but costs for doing absolutely NOTHING….the man was sick and this boy Vincent sees nothing wrong continuing to let him work at your expense!!

    • I agree with you. You cannot finish work. It will always be there. Now he has left children without a father. The wife is grown and probably on someone’s checkout list. Very Sad.

  7. Prayers for his family. The deputy mayor should have been given the gavel and that chain they wear. Zambians need to learn to share duties when needed.

  8. He arrived at the hospital at 06:00 and at 11:40, was certified dead, poisoning, what else kills like that. More explanations needed. MHSRP

  9. Hello there, please dont celebrate the demise of your fellow being because we all shall die for no one knows the day nor the time. MHSRIP.

  10. Animo kingdom is amazing! May the Lord comfort the mayor’s family. The tribal grouping is politicking and was the one which was even leaking and taking photos when the mayor was napping unknown to the kingdom that the man was sick! Hazaluza Hagain!

  11. Vincent Mwale is a good friend of the Minister of Health. Chitalu killed PS John MOYO to conceal his corrupt practices. He further created Cholera. His friend Mwale has just killed OUR Highness the Mayor of Lusaka to hide his corrupt deals including the 42 fire tender. President Lungu is good man but he is sourounded by murders

  12. Ati ‘In a message posted on his Facebook page, Mr Hichilema said the death of Mr Kalumba has saddened the party. “We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Lusaka Mayor, His Worship, Wilson Kalumba. His untimely death has saddened us and we wish the family God’s strength in this trying moment,” Mr Hichilema said.’ Crocs tears meanwhile celebrating ati time for gauging dwindlling support has come. What does the law say? How l wish it says there will be elections so that we know the position of Lusakans like the Chilangans. Time to tell these good for nothing compound millionaires that modern politics is not about hallucinating but using brains for good of all.

  13. HH’s statement is mature, civilized and calls for reciprocity from Lungu. This is what real human beings do. Sadly you will never hear that from Lungu. He, in fact, wants to go and stone or kill more people at the funerals. Do you recall the Leopards Hill saga? He sent his PF Homosepians to attack people at a funeral. That is your Lungu. What a shame and a difference in civility! I feel like puking having mentioned the name LUNGU! bbblllaaarrrggghhh!!!

  14. Mhsrip but let the dead rest in peace and may the family of the his worship the mayor find strength in this trying moment.Mind you dont say ill about the dead cause tomorrow its you.

  15. His death is very sad; condolences to his family; the death of this young man is a loss to Lusaka and to Zambia;He should have been put on sick leave at least for 3 months paid leave; as for UTH; it is a death trap for many Zambians;the work culture there need changing;

  16. Jay Jay man,typical of Dundumwenzi,tribal even when there is death unlike real Zambians ,to celebrate even when one dies like HH your Tonga President.All meaningful Zambians knows how hard hearted you people from this side of our Country are.Shame on you.

  17. It’s this kind of Hatred which Zambians avoid to put you people in power. We do not celebrate when one dies as real Z ambians and as a Christian Nation for that matter,just because the one who has died is a Bemba and you are aTonga.

  18. @Mwansambulakulima: You are evil: Repent and ask God to forgive you. Even if you are a PF the way I am, I cannot castigate my enemy sending condolences to a family that has lost a beloved one. why do you hate HH?
    What has he done to you in particular. Bushe na kuma Church mulaya imwebene. Finsi bamufunda kuma churches yene ayo?

  19. Its a pity we politicise even a funeral,may God have mercy.what has voting got to do with ones death.at the end we all will die anyway ,unless others are angels here on earth.what a heartless way of looking at things .cheap politicians .MHSRIEP

  20. Jay Jay if you don’t have things to say go quiet it’s people like you that makes this country go forward, even when these a funeral we have people like you condemning. R I p

  21. Don’t say that UTH is a death trap. That man has been sick for sometime as was said by the Minister of Local Government. Even the late Sata continued discharging his duties despite being visibly sick. I wonder what is wrong with these senior government officials. Why continue working when you know that you are ill?

  22. Foolish discharging his duties by short changing people. Zambians need to stop voting till they learn the purpose of voting, it seems every time they keep missing the mark. When given the opportunity to choose between a healthy person or capable person they choose the opposite. Just like jay says now they have put a lazy thief in power threatening our resources and existence

  23. The man should have been retired or given a break to fix his health issues than pretend to be healthy. People get sick and we understand, there is no need to continue hiding sickness bane, Sata died the same way trying to hide sickness. It’s not like his job was all that complicated some else could have done his job like the way ECL lets others work while he dances around

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