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Unite and establish a diaspora bond


Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde has called on the Zambian Business Community in the diaspora to Unite and establish a Diaspora Bond to raise capital for investment projects back home.

Speaking when he officiated at a Corporate Business Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel-Paddington that brought Zambians in UK and other Business Executives interested to do Business in Zambia together, High Commissioner Chikonde said Zambians in the diaspora needed to deal with the issues that prevented them from working and supporting each other.

High Commissioner Chikonde urged the diaspora to use their network of contacts here in the UK, which is a fiscal financial hub, and Europe to access capital and technology that they can use in doing business.

“We are here to begin the conversation on renewing this commitment of working together with a common purpose of contributing to national development from the diaspora perspective. The High Commission is passionate to work hand in glove with all of you without leaving anyone behind. The mission exists because of you. We believe in transformational and servant leadership and we are at your service,” he said.

Zambians in the UK and other Business Executives interested to do Business in Zambia at a Corporate Business Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel-Paddington.

The High Commissioner said Diasporas are rich in knowledge and experience and have access to capital that could give them an edge. He said that the entrepreneurial spirit in Zambia is high however, the lack of Capital and Technology to support business initiatives is a major hinderance to growing the private sector and yet these ingredients are available here and very few in the diaspora are taking advantage of this to invest in the country.

Mr. Chikonde suggested that Zambians in the UK and Ireland should establish an umbrella body or organization which will help create a formal structure for engagement with Government.

He furthermore, proposed that Zambians living in the United Kingdom should explore how they can establish a diaspora bond that can help to raise capital for investment projects back home.

“No one will develop Zambia but ourselves. We should not just think of doing business with government but explore the immense opportunities in agriculture and tourism as well as the financial services space” he said.

The High Commissioner said the government has introduced a Diaspora policy to promote the participation of the Diaspora in the development of the country and by working together Zambians can make a difference in their own country.

Mr. Chikonde said President Edgar Chagwa Lungu continues to re-affirm Government’s resolve to diversify the economy from the dependency of Copper and boost Agriculture and industrialization to stimulate job and wealth creation adding that Government has put in place investor friendly economic policies to allow both local and foreign investors to take advantage of the many opportunities that Zambia offers.

The High Commissioner also invited other UK based companies to come and explore investment opportunities in Zambia

Invited guests including some from Belgium and Luxemburg made use of the opportunity to engage with the High Commissioner and Diplomats who accompanied him to the function, on various topics of their concerns related to doing business in Zambia.

Issued by: Abigail Chaponda (Mrs.)
First Secretary | Press and Public Relations
Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom.


  1. Nonsense to know some Zambians, they just bring you down

    I dont want Zambians to share or live the life I lead




    • Zambians never support each other because they always want to be on top others. They would rather partner with a foreigner.

    • I have been involved with the Zambian community in the UK for decades there are some id!ots but the majority are good people!
      Zambians like any other african nationality in the diaspora have levels crooks, illigal immigrants, professionals and the high end business people. It all depends where you fit.
      The high commission in London has been exceptional in accommodating all Zambians.
      To say Zambians are not united is a silly statement.
      If you knew the Asian community and other African communities you will be shocked to learn how the grass isn’t all that green on the other side!

    • @ James buga, the very fact that you can insult, speaks volumes about your very own character. Those are the type of “monkey fights’ I am referring to. If Zambians in the United Kingdom are united, well and good. That is something to celebrate about, but not something to insult someone else over. Why? Well, because elsewhere around the world, unity among Zambians is a fairy tale. The statement: ” Zambians are not united..” is a general statement. As is always the case, for every general statement one makes, there is an exception. In this particular case, the UK Zambians are an exception. Please don’t insult. That gives me the impression that you are just as Zambian as the rest of us – insults. Let’s learn to use decent language. That is the un-Zambian way to conduct business, the…

    • James buga @1.5: You allude to: ” the Asian community…that the grass isn’t all that green on the other side!” Fair enough. I reckon this must be in reference to what may be referred to as an exception among them, albeit a generality among us. Why do I so surmise? Here is why: even with all those differences and imperfections that one sees among the Asians, they have been able to create billionaires as to stand at a point of comparability with the Americans. And that is not to say that China, to pick on one of the Asian countries, was created a billion years before Africa. No. We were all created at about the same time. And yet, see how they have progressed? See how we have stagnated? Let’s at least be humble enough to admit such a reality.

    • @ Imute wa Kalilo stop being unreasonable l didn’t insult anyone all I referred to was a statement that Zambians are not united as being silly not the person saying it there is a big difference here and I hope you understand that difference!
      However l make no apologies for referring to a few zambians who have damaged the good reputation of many as id!ots.
      Now I don’t see how these two statements affect or refer to personally.

    • I’m not sure I understand what High Commissioner Chikonde is saying. A bond is issued by the borrower and is an appeal to investors/lenders to subscribe or release money to the issuer/borrower on terms and conditions specified in the bond. First of all the diaspora are not one community. They just happen to be Zambians living outside Zambia in many different parts of the world and have only loose ties with one another. No respected money manager would release money to such a group. Show me one and I will show you a crook.

  2. Charity begins at home. We are not, and never united back here at home. How can we ever be united wherever we go around the world?

  3. Lacking unity in business is an African problem, far worse among Zambians. As it related to Zambia, tribalism is partly to blame. However, we are far worse than what transpired at the tower of Babel. We prefer to go it alone.

  4. Yes, lets put our money together to invest in Hammer mill back home…I have heard that before. Chikonde please let’s be serious this is not 1970….

  5. On August 31, 1831, while giving a Commencement Address at Harvard, Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke of an ancient fable that was meant to convey what he referred to as; “unlooked-for” wisdom. He said, the gods in the beginning divided Man into men, that he might be more helpful to himself; just as the hand was divided into fingers, the better to answer its end.” The Scriptures put it rather more aptly: “Two are better than one.”

    • Perfecting the wisdom revealed in this ancient fable, my own people say: “Munwana u limungw’i ha utubi nda.”

  6. Whatever the arguement, the truth is, what the High Commissioner said made a lot of sense. Transformational agenda is what is needed in economic sphere. The diasporians must know one day they sahll come back to Zambia. They must form business synergies in Zambia as way of participating in economic agenda of their country. “No place like home.”

    • If you grew up in a village like I did, you should be able know about traps to catch animals, birds or fish. You are always assured of having something for your supper. Chikonde here is doing just that, setting up a trap. If Euro bond, fire tender worked, why not Diaspora bond.

  7. The only problem with the diaspora bond in my opinion is that with what is going on in our country anything with a symbol or logo ‘PF’ (Chikonde’s party) stinks with corruption. Your party is so divisive that now brother hates sister and vice versa. Depositing my hard earned Sterling in the diaspora bond for the purpose of enriching someone somewhere, excuse me.

    • It had to come down to that: blame others for your inabilites, everything wrong equates to PF?? Last month I visited a packaging plant in Lusaka owned by Indians, has what you have put up as the problem affected their operations?? Not one bit, they are even expanding. Truth is you have nothing to offer this country except excuses, we will learn from these Asians.

  8. Your reservations are well understood but diplomat Chikonde is saying that it is time we became patriots and did something for mother Zambia. You are where you are because there is something good about this country and we can build on it. Don’t be afraid to confront the animal called corruption. It can be termed when decent players start entering the market. When you enter the market, you can start influencing policy direction to protect your investment. So don’t shoot the idea out rightly but see what you can do about it. Who knows,you might just be the next Dangote.

  9. Beware! Soon the diaspora will be taxed for being Zedian. These guys are fast running out of options. It’s time for the robbers to put back the stolen loot and not go start creating unnecessary schemes. Yea I said it!!

  10. All these pipo invited are just there for food and drinks. Which person in his right mind can risk to invest back home with this economy where we don’t even know the true figure of our external debt and unstable exchange rate with unstable policies.That is why they are in the diaspora in the first place.

  11. ….kwekwekwekweeee…diaspora!!! Look at the comments above??? Really laughable. While the High Commissioner has a strong point, the diasporans are busy looking for excuses to justify their ineffectiveness. Sad, meanwhile, Indians, Chinese, Lebanese are setting up factories left right and centre. Are you aware the Lebanese led Fairy Bottling (Aquasavanna) recently bought Super Maheu from Zambian Breweries ( taken over by ABInbev)??? That’s inspiring, not the circus of comments above!!

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