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Given Lubinda rebuffs roadside meeting with HH and GBM


Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Hakainde Hichilema along with his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba today meeting with Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has denied reaching consensus on the proposed dialogue meeting by the UPND when he met its leader Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba on Monday.

Reacting to a statement posted by Mr Hichilema on his official Facebook page alleging that the trio reached consensus on the dialogue process that it should be led by the Church, Mr Lubinda said the statement was a total fabrication and a misrepresentation of facts.

Mr Lubinda has since asked Mr Hichilema to correct the record with the same zeal and speed used when posting it on social media.

The Justice Minister also challenged Mr Hichilema to release the entire video footage of the road side meeting since the UPND media crew was recording the conversation.


  1. Both parties should understand that this country is bigger than both of them.

    Every party should put the interest of the country first. We are tired of these squabbles between the ruling party and the biggest opposition party. Both should show maturity and give us a signal that they mean well for this country.

    • The scary thing about us humans is that we forget that in life there is a time to be born and die. We become very selfish eager to destroy other humans for a selfish self. People before we die let us leave this nation better for the next person. Jesus asked us to love one another regardless. I urge you people running the affairs of this nation to do what is best for people. Can you imagine we had people like Ronald Penza, FTJ Chiluba? I for one was young at the time and thought these people were untouchable but were are they? Please let us do best.

    • When we say hh is an under5 this is exactly what we mean. He forgot that there was a recording and went ahead to publish lies.

    • Za-Yellow is a well known treacherous, JUD.AS !SCAR1OT of Zambian politics.

      Sata hated him for selling confidential information to opposition parties. That’s the reason he’s rebuffing the meeting coz he’s scared those accusations will come back.

      Also UPND hate him for ditching their party in exchange for a ministerial job. If Sata was alive, Lubinda’s political career would have been finished. After 2021, I don’t see the likes of this man in Govt or parliament.

      Residents of Kabwata despise him for selling Basketball court land to Chinese. Ask St.Miko.

      Za-Yellow, just eat, it’s your time to eat as Mumbi Phiri said. There’s a season for everything, just like there’s a season for every politician. Only monarchs & a few African dict.ators rule for life.

    • Soap opera continues.

      Meanwhile I am
      Heading to london to witness Meghan marry prince harry.

      Meghan will be Queen by 2030 I would think.

      Excited as she is mixed race like my children will be.

      London, I’m
      Coming on Friday !



    • Now we know where the problem is, these guys meant well when they met at the roadside. Guess, mr evil prevailed as usual. Keep on trying, one day the truth will prevail.

    • Bo Lubinda has always been a coward but what can you do if you are a member of a criminal group and you are accidently photographed talking to a Police chief who happens to be a former class mate at filling station…we told you that this will not go down with the empty tins who profit from volience…like SG Mwila, Stephen K, Bowman, Kapata, KZ etc

    • Who is advising Hakalusa Hagain?? Fake bank statement without verifying, rushes to Social Media.

      Fake News, without verifying he comments on it. And many other gaffs unbecoming of a future aspirant President.

      Now this twist … that’s why I didn’t and never comment his statements without secondary source verification.

      The first lesson you learn in executive leadership is that whatever you say as a leader becomes the rule or modus operandi so you watch what you say.

      Not so here … Heaven help us all

    • @Maloza
      I agree 100% with you on Lubinda’s treacherous character. When late Michael Sata fell ill in some Asian country where he had travelled with Lubinda as Foreign Affairs Minister, Lubinda was overhead by Zambian embassy staff talking on phone informing UPND to prepare for a presidential bye-election. Unfortunately, Lubinda did not know that and the late president was informed about his behaviour. That is how late Sata distrusted him. He is a double-tobela guy.

  2. I saw ur coming. Lubinda u intelligent but not wise. HH want to destroy your political career. He is doing this purposely so as to cause problems between u and the government as well as PF as your party.

    U were supposed to avoid even shaking your hands with that man HH for the sake of the integrity of the office u have. I saw it coming.

  3. How can you reach a consensus just by the road side? This HH is not good. Organizations have tried and failed so how can a mere casual meeting convince the things in Upnd especially HH? I fear for 2021 these guys will cause untold misery.

    • You have not met the Zambian defense forces then. It will be the end of UPND if the try to bring anarchy in Zambia.

  4. Kainde, how low can you go?? Deception will not get you the presidency, no. This is a cheap shot, it seems upnd have not prepared for these talks, just like they walked out when the NHI bill came up in parliament. Kainde feels he can do anything and it is acceptable to Zambians, what with endorsing immorality by hand picking that Charmaine concubine to represent upnd???

    • HH seems not to know how Govt protocols work. How can you say we concluded a national matter on a roadside meeting where both of you just met by chance? This is ridiculous especially that it is the two big wigs of UPND who were in attendance at the service station. I urge Lungu not to discipline Lubinda because as a public figure he did what was expected of him to engage them in the discussion but Hakainde wants Lungu to see Lubinda in bad light. No wonder people say you are a sadist. You enjoy in other people’s misfortune. If you want to earn the respect of the people, retract your statement. It is called statemanship.

  5. Dear Honourable Given Lubinda, I am with you . You don’t have to worry about that dishonourable attention and publicity seeking tweet (:-). It was good that you acted civil when you met for how else should normal human beings be? Our President HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated that he is civilised and would have behaved the same way as you did. But on the other hand mr h.h is continually seeking destruction not consensus, true to his spirits. If he was not evil how on earth would he bump into you and rush to issue a statement like that? If he wants to present his views on politics there us an on going forum by ZCID.
    Anyway, don’t worry Hon Lubibda, as I assure you that no civilised Zambian believes h.h anyway. He is the lowest of all human beings if he believes tgat you…

    • How can you call yourself upnd cadre and castigate your own President, you are the number one LIAR and useless PF cadre.

  6. …….
    Anyway, don’t worry Hon Lubibda, as I assure you that no civilised Zambian believes h.h anyway. He is the lowest of all human beings if he believes that you reached consensus against your party position which is that PF and HE are open for dialogue with anyone at any time anywhere for the good of the Zambia which h.h desires to set on fire but has so far failed to do so. Shame under five, please remind your mother to take you for your vaccinations.

    LT robot, what is your take in this?

  7. This under five tweet also, you reach “private” “consensus” with one man at a filling station, and not at Mulungushi where ZCID is organising national consensus publicly? Uli mbuli? Walele ku manda na ngula ukwakabilila ku chilanga?

    • They have boycotted that Indaba. You wonder whether this HH is for real or he delusional or is just a ghost.

    • If he’s not sending his red shirts cause political violence, it’s his red mouth telling lies.

  8. If that is what HH wrote; he should not have written it; HH needs wisdom regarding what to write and what not to write; whether that is what they agreed or not;

    • With our party vice president Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, we held a roadside meeting with Hon. Given Lubinda, the Minister of Justice.

      We stressed the need for dialogue and that we remain committed to the process and agreed that it is led by the Church and not those with partisan interests.

      In that short meeting, we told our colleague that violence was relentlessly visited upon innocent victims but as leaders we can stop this if only we can commit to reforms.

      This country does not belong to Hakainde, GBM or indeed anyone abusing State powers and as such it is vital that we come together and talk but under the umbrella of the Church.

      The Church has a long history of resolving conflicts, therefore, to resolve the impasse of
      other parties not interested in the Commonwealth-led…

  9. Thats why I never trust politicians in general, these guys dine and wine together but they pretend to the public like they are at loggerheads. Then blind followers take too personal in the name of support to the extent of injuring and killing each other while these guys laugh at them in the back ground and distance themselves from any bad publicity.

  10. #10 KK Airport cabinet, wise? h.h and wisdom are mutually exclusive, every sensible Zambian and now even foreigners too knows that.

  11. Thats why I never trust politicians in general, these guys dine and wine together but they pretend to the public like they are at loggerheads. Then blind followers take it too personal in the name of support to the extent of injuring and killing each other while these guys laugh at them in the back ground and distance themselves from any bad publicity.

  12. When Mr Sata said that HH is an under five politician, he saw a lot of ineptness and the long journey for him to begin to understand the game of politics. Well those with brains say birds of the same feather flock together. The people that surround you add to or subtract from your level of understand things. HH claims to be educated and he is deputised by a kaponya, it means HH is also a kaponya in doing and thinking. You meet a minister byb the road side and you claim you reached consensus, are you sure? Since when this procedure was adopted. DR Nevers Mumba was fired by Levy for what he did, UPND called Mukata names for remaining in the parliament when Nkombo and rest walked our. What make you think meeting GL all was done?

  13. Normal and wise men reach consensus and show it publicly by signing on a piece of paper publicly and with witnesses, preferably at Mulungyshi conferemce centre under ZCID. If a road side polite greeting by Hon Lubinda is h.h’s understanding of consensus, kaya ngati ali bwino ku bongo.

    • Picking from the writing, HH wrote the facts which were put forward to Given Lubinda. The only part Given is not comfortable with is where he wrote that we agreed…but ignoring where He wrote that we told our colleague…Inchito shimo, awe te sana!

  14. But then who can claim that his party agreed with one minister on the road side? Who is this dialog between? So who should agree on the way forward? True, akalema is junior league

  15. with this kind of behavior it will be very hard for HH to be president, how on earth do u have rush to social media like a school boy, some thing u discussed with ur brother in confidence u make it public, i mean wats the excitement all abt? In a hurry to impress bloggers on social media! u are not smart Sir, no-wander the likes of Davies mwila think they are intelligent! u have an inside man in pf and u xpose within few seconds???????

  16. Clearly it wasn’t even a real meeting – for what were these three doing at a FILING STATION!??? Cizungu cinatuomana!!!

  17. Dear All Zambians,

    Please do not be under wrong impression.
    All Conditional permits for expatriates are getting renewed easily with in first meeting no appeal needed.
    for example one got approved on 15/05/2018 file no C-0092/14.
    be united to go to office of
    The Director General of Immigration
    Immigration Headquarters
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    Haile Selassie Road
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  18. I think the honourable minister reacted childishly here. What he should have done is to spell out his perception of the meeting. It all depends on which side you are looking at and this is what makes it a dialogue.

    • you guys aka kakana chabe infact he followed me to my home my wife even cooked porridge for him said he had no food at home. tHEN HE TOLD ME THAT HE WANTS TO COME BACK TO UPND SO THAT HE COULD REPLACE GBM AS VEEP ITS TRUE

  19. That is their style of doing things. Always twisting facts to suit their agenda. All along then representative of UPND in Chilanga was on their side all along and when he took a U turn to endoze the PF candidate, he was said to have been working with the PF. No, this is not true. He was merely working for the people who gave him the mandate. Mind you that as of now,there is only one GRZ under the leadership of HE. the President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu and only when you work with them can you express those difficulties you experience and push for their execution by the same government. Let’s learn to take matters as they come and not be tilted for ever. When its good we should clap and refuse to clap when not.

  20. But what was the meeting all about? The story might not even be true and you are busy insulting HH. Social media is not your friend

  21. It is sad that a meeting that many right thinking Zambians held as a mark of political tolerance has turned out this way.I am not judge but if indeed HH twisted the facts of what was discussed then its really unfortunate. I hope that this will not poison the already tense political situation between PF and UPND.

  22. Now we know where the problem is, these guys meant well when they met at the roadside. Guess, mr evil prevailed as usual. Keep on trying, one day the truth will prevail.

  23. Zambian politics is so primitive….just because one belongs to PF means one can not talk to any one other than PF…i myself was ostracized once by MMD just because I refused to not talk to my friends who were PF…..and some jealous PF rats accused me of being an MMD spy….

  24. HH’s post is clear and easy to understand. The problem people now can not think clearly on political issues without protecting either their job or the party.

    Questions to Mr Lubinda.
    Did HH say the meeting was official or said held a meeting at the roadside?
    Did you have the roadside un official meeting?
    Did HH say you reached on a consensus or he said the UPND is committed to dialogue?
    What do you understand by meeting Please see meaning (a situation when two or more people meet, by chance or arrangement).

    The problem comes if HH sent letter to the secretary General to inform him of the meeting which was not official as you put it. But if he just posted it on social media informing his followers that he met you and informed you of his commitment to dialogue, then i don’t…

  25. HH is such liar that even if he tells me that “I am just from the toilet taking a huge dump” will still not believe him even if he did not flush and I went to check.

  26. Men don,t meet at the roadside to reach consensus, men meet at the roadside to drink beer talk football and pick amaule. whats wrong with you chaps? held a political meeting or indaba to brain storm and reach a consensus and leave real men meet at the roadside to do their business.

  27. On this one, you PF cadres better just chill and give us a break. I urge you to go back to Lubinda’s letter and focus particularly on the bold-face font and determine if there is any salacious or defamatory material in it. Then you will realize you are letting your emotions run faster than your brains. Lubinda is trying too hard to pretend that they never met with HH and GBM to palliate his gods. Have we Zambians been so misled by these misLEADERS that even “meeting” at roadside has become a crime? If that’s the case, I would rather go back to the days of Kenneth Kaunda. We never hated and despised each other they way we do today!

  28. @Maloza well said! Uyo muntu ati za-yello ali tumpa sana, ala landa nomba tapali achita pali fya ama cases mu court ama sentences na nomba bale beka abantu mu jeli nga mwapanga efimilandu utwa tumpa, nga mwaiba mu shoprite tu ma biskiti kuya 5 years bane! Ati minister of Justice fusek malabbishi!!!!!!!

    This pompous za-yello is a turn coat and has dissapointed everyone with his fake promises!

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