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Kabwe council declares interference in its operations by Kabwe MP Tutwa Ngulube

Feature Politics Kabwe council declares interference in its operations by Kabwe MP Tutwa Ngulube

Kabwe Mayor

From (right) Central province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Kabwe DC Dominic Mulenga and Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe flagging of this year's independence celebrations in Kabwe
From (right) Central province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Kabwe DC Dominic Mulenga and Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe flagging of this year’s independence celebrations in Kabwe

has declared Kabwe Municipal Council as the most interfered with in the Country limiting its service provision to the people.

Speaking during a press briefing in Kabwe at the civic center Mr. Chileshe alleged that the interference in council operations from the Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has made the council to lose out on investment opportunities.

‘We have to wake up Zambians, this is not time for you and me to waste time on people regardless of their status and education background to sway our focus on national development programmes, as long as they do not have a plan and cannot speak and act in the best interest of the people of Zambia, such individuals must be excused and not listened to, if we are to allow our leaders to effectively carry out their mandate towards the sustainable delivery of services to better the lives of our people.

“We want the people of Kabwe to know that our silence must not be taken advantage of, because we don’t want to join a band wagon of small brains who are concentrated on personalities and never concerned about the larger picture of the economic development of our Country, which demands that we engage more frequently to find solutions to the challenges facing our people. As Mayor of Kabwe, I want to encourage the people of Kabwe to rise and defend their development, because they know that it’s the Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Honourable Tutwa Ngulube who is at the helm of the confusion that has chased several investors depriving Kabwe residents of the needed revenue and employment opportunities.”

The hostile environment we have created for ourselves, if left unchecked, we shall rob ourselves of the many investment opportunities some of whom we have already missed because of the continued disunity and the love for ourselves.

Zambians must wake up from their slumber and hold their leaders accountable to their acts.

“In our quest to develop our country Zambians must not only be seen to be holding public officers and elected officers accountable on issues relating to financial mismanagement but must take a much proactive step towards holding leaders accountable for derailing and frustrating developmental programmes. It is important that citizens know that we have leaders who have dedicated there time to fighting government projects because of their selfishness and no plan to serve the people who elected them into office.”

We shall not be swayed into this destructive path of politicking at the expense of creating investment opportunities and attracting investors to come and invest in our Municipality.

Kabwe Town needs leaders who are committed to serving the people by providing guidance on the various aspects of service delivery as driven by our vision in our strategic plan which calls for vibrancy, inclusive, safety and well-connected city where communities are provided with opportunities for development.

“Comrades let us have a conscience that speaks of our commitment to be of service to the people as that is why we were elected to serve in these offices. Maturity calls for us leaders to be able to engage each other and resolve to agree on principle in the best interest of the people as opposed to rushing to the media now and then even on half-baked information all because you want to discredit your fellow leaders and as the father of Kabwe Town together with my team we want to set a precedent to all our children at ward and constituency level that leadership must be of mature and sober character”.

Kabwe Municipal Council believes in team work and concerted efforts and that is our agenda going forward. Zambians must reject leaders who have clouded with unfounded allegations bent on diverting the leadership’s attention to their petty issues that have no value to the nation’s economic development.

Zambians must hold leaders accountable of the time they have misused to use their energies and even mislead citizens into diverting their energies on issues of less importance because their leaders invested their resources in misleading the citizens from the bigger national development picture.

Further, I want to challenge honourable Tutwa Ngulube to substantiate his media out bursts that I, Prince Chileshe has acquired four brand new Marcopolo busses, 16 tipper trucks and building the most expensive hotel in Choma to share the facts and adduce that evidence and I will step down within the next 48 hours and if he is a true leader may he resign if he will not prove his allegations as he has misled the nation and the people of Zambia especially Kabwe residents.

Issued by

Mr. Prince Chileshe
Mayor of Kabwe


  1. Tutwa must recognise authority and accord them due respect. A member of parliament does not work in isolation of the civic leaders in developing the area.

    • This Tuta guy the he intimidated the officer thinks he is on top of the world.He is even boasting being a lawyer which can be done on distance @ Zambia Open fimo-fimo…Has he ever heard of medicine or engineering studies being done under distance learning.

  2. IN the current constitution the mayor is more senior than all leaders in the district so tutwa must shut up and respect chileshe…

  3. Ba mayor is conveniently failing to address the financial mismanagement allegations by Hon. Ngulube! Mr. Mayor, sir, please address this issue and that of residential plots, otherwise just shut up!

  4. They are alive to the fact lungu does not deny that he is a corrupt theif…….monkey see monkey do….the whole GRZ is alive to this fact…….corruption levels under lungu are unpresidented ….

  5. Both tutwa and the council are wrong. Tutwa should not oppose the building of a bus station just because he knows that once built there will be no business for him at his bus station and he has a personal interest in this matter which he should have declared. The council on the other hand were wrong to appoint that private company as a debt collector on behalf of the council without following tender procedure. Now that company is just making free money by hiking any rates by 10%as their fees even when they haven’t actually done anything but just sits in one of the council offices to collect their share.

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