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UPND statement on the theft of US$1 million lifesaving drugs

General News UPND statement on the theft of US$1 million lifesaving drugs

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma


Within three a few years of Patriotic Front (PF) rule, Zambians have witnessed corruption and theft of public resources in ways that are simply unbelievable.

The nation has witnessed blatant theft of forty two million dollars through the purchase of substandard fire tenders. The 40 ill-feted fire tenders were purchased at US$1m each but were each insured locally at a value of US$250,000, thereby exposing the theft.

A minister was reported to have received three high value vehicles in what is clearly appreciation for facilitating the theft. No action has been taken against the minister. Instead Zambians have been told to bring evidence; to get evidence from those who stole and present it to them.

Again, the nation experienced theft of public resources through purchase of ambulances by the Ministry of Health at ridiculously high prices of US$280,000 per unit. Those responsible tried to give a very childish explanation that the base (chassis) is Mercedes Benz while the body is that of Toyota Land Cruiser. Well, God is very gracious to Zambians, it did not take long before the Swedish government donated similar ambulances at almost three times less than the cost of the ones the corrupt PF government purchased. Again no one was punished. Why? Because it’s field day for them to steal. They are clearly like monkeys in a banana field.

Millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money have been stolen through road construction. The Lusaka- Ndola dual-carriageway project is ridiculously priced, the airports being constructed are also overpriced because of corruption. 

Now as if that is not enough, again, under this very regime millions of dollars worth of HIV equipment and drugs donated by the Global Fund and other donors have been stolen. To be precise about US$1m has been stolen.

A Global Fund forensic audit covering the period from 2014 to 2017 uncovered losses that include: 5,790 HIV test kits valued at US$416,379 (7.5 per cent of total Global Fund-financed kits delivered between 2014 and 2016) and 67,967 bottles of antiretrovirals (ARVs) valued at US$423,209 (2.6 per cent of total Global Fund-financed ARVs delivered between 2014 and 2016); 11,442 artemisinin-based combination therapy packs (ACTs) valued at US$214,486 (2.4% of total Global Fund-financed ACTs delivered between 2014 and 2016); 2,521 malaria rapid diagnostic test kits (MRDTs) valued at US$10,714 (1.7% of total Global Fund-financed kits delivered between 2014 and 2016).

Now this is evil. It is clear now that these guys are for stealing, killing and destroying. They will stop at nothing to steal. If it means killing they will kill. It is as though stealing is their lifeblood. Clearly millions of our lovely people who depend on the life-serving drugs are at grave risk. Should donors withdraw their support, the poor Zambian will be at the receiving end.

The thieves have stolen enough to take them to the best of medical facilities, and at taxpayers’ cost, for attention.

This government has tried to explain away the theft at Medical Stores Ltd. Like all explanations they have given to previous thefts, we will not accept this one. We are told that seven people, some of them workers at Medical Stores Limited and two Congolese have been arrested and are appearing in court. But where are the master minds of the theft?

Whatever action they are claiming to have taken, including their appearance in court, was hidden, which is characteristic of shady characters like these PF thieves . Why were they hiding such grave thefts if they themselves were not involved in one way or the other? All measures they are talking about will amount to nothing as long as this stealing gang remains in charge.

And it is annoying to be told with a straight face that Zambia will pay back the US$1m to the Global Fund as if it will be forked out of their pockets. Zambians, in short, will pay back. No no no, spare Zambians, they have suffered enough at the hands of this regime. Zambians cannot be made to fund their lavish lifestyles plus their corruption.

All of us can help ensure taxpayers’ money is safeguarded. 

If the leaders are not involved, then there is serious dereliction of duty, the watchman is sleeping on duty and needs no other chance.

These leaders must be held to account for their sins of omissions and commissions against Zambians.

In government, the UPND will pursue the thieves and recover what they have stolen. There will be serious accounting of their wealth and any failure to account will result in repossessions and forfeiture of properties to the State to save as a warning.

The UPND will uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in administration of State affairs.

Issued by:
Charles Kakoma,
UPND Spokesperson


  1. Those who stole the drugs were workers from MMD and its not PF who employed them. It is just prudent that the scam have been reviewed. If it was in other governments no one would have known. HhhhH stole from Zambians and it was reviewed after many years.

    • Who stole the drugs? Haven’t they been caught and waiting court cases? Learn to tell the truth. It wasn’t the Government that stole those drugs and the bloody thieves have already been caught

  2. When UPND forms government will make sure will pursue that money HH has in offshore accounts and investigate his involvement in privatisation of state assets

  3. Politicians are one and the same. They only complain and raise peoples hopes by promising heaven on earth when in opposition…..but once there, same hyenas…! I would rather stick to the enemy i already know than listening to fake promises from an unknown friend. People who sold our mines at a give away price are now saying they are better economy managers…kkkkkkk..!

  4. Tongas are dreamers! UPND will never form government! Surely how does one entrusted dull people with ruling a country, Zambia, who promote married men having girl frends! In short prostitution! It shows top in leadership in UPND have very low morals, if any! HH stole privatisation money because hes a crook! GBM became rich through deals with the army during MMD rule! Theft at medical stores can not be blamed to PF as ruling party! Its like the garden boy and maid stealing in Mr. Kakoma’s home! Can we say Mr. Kakoma and his wife stole! No its the employees who must be dealt with!

    • I detaste your statement that TONGS ARE DREAMERS.For the record, Iam not Tonga but I get offended when some people generalise the mediocrity being exhibited by the UPND on all Tonga speaking people. It is true that the majority of UPND are Tongas but it is not every Tonga speaking who is UPND. We have Tongas who are very objective and immaculate in their analysis of National issues. Kindly remove the tribal undertone and just mention UPND. The PF govt is responsible for stealing of alot of govt resources and the majority of them are Bemba speaking. So could it be fair if we started saying that Bembas are thieves and yet it is not everybody who is involved? Mind your language or I can call fire which Elijah called from heaven.

  5. I fail to understand why so comments refer to tribe? What has tribe got to do with the issue at hand… public resources be stollen! I am now convinced that alot of people are prepared to accept good as long as they continue to refer bsck to tribe.

    It should no matter what tribe a leader is part of if you really care about Zambia and not your own selfish intrest.

    Put Zambia first as UPND, MMD, PF all filled with Zambians.

    Please no more talk of tribe, it borring!

  6. Kakoma & Co. you are late, very late because you have been busy defending Charm’s nomination for Chilanga instead of providing checks and balances to the PF-government. Watch out, you are slowing sliding into political irrelevance!

  7. Well articulated Mr. Kakoma. This non Zambian Edgar Chagwa Lungu has come to us only to steal, kill and destroy! Too many foreigners in public offices pretending to be Zambians just because they have fake NRCs and can speak fluent Nyanja or fluent Bemba is what has killed us Zambians.
    Foreigners are controlling the way us Zambians react to all this plunder and mess. Foreigners make the loudest noise to protect their fellow foreigners who are plundering our resources.
    In Zambia now there is no accountability by politicians and in civil services.

  8. This is shallow and primitive way of thinking by UPND. A thief can belong to any party. You may be even surprised that the thieves involved are UPND cadres. Belonging to a particular organization does not change your genetic make up. These violent thugs we are seeing in UPND and PF were born like that and its not these parties they belong to which have made them that. Its not government that store the HIV test kit and few bottles of ARVs. UPND leadership should learn to be objective and issue based criticism in order to convince educated minds. We are not kids.

  9. Ati bakolwe ba sekene ifipato. It is easier tom talk about the money we are not too sure than to make a condemn what your small god did by grabbing land from poor villagers. What about what he did when he presided over the sale of peoples’ assets which involve billions of dollars. Mwefipuba mwe. Remember as long as our relatives are no more partly because of what your ka small god did, God is for all!.

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