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FTJ Jr sentenced to 8 months in jail for stealing mobile phone

General News FTJ Jr sentenced to 8 months in jail for stealing mobile phone

Former First Lady Vera Chiluba with her son Frederick Chiluba junior after a pass-out parade at Zambia Air Force base in Livingstone in 2014
Former First Lady Vera Chiluba with her son Frederick Chiluba junior after a pass-out parade at Zambia Air Force base in Livingstone in 2014

The Lusaka Magistrate Court on Wednesday sentenced the son of second republic President Frederick Chiluba to eight months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a mobile phone.

Frederick Chiluba Jr, a retired ZAF officer who graduated in 2014 was convicted of stealing a Samsung S7 edge, valued at K8, 500.

Fredrick Chiluba junior, 34, was facing one count of theft for allegedly stealing Brenda Chisha’s phone in September this year.

The court heard that Chiluba Jr stole the device from Chisha, on 2 September 2017 and traded it for drugs in Chibolya.

In her testimony, Chisha told magistrate Chabala that she met Chiluba in Woodlands around 18:00 hours on September 2, 2017 and he asked to use her phone.

“I have known him for years and it was an S7 so I gave him and he used it for two minutes then gave it back to me. About 10 minutes later, he came and asked to use the phone again and I gave him but he started moving further and further away from where we were. I then asked Isaac, who will be a witness to get my phone from him and that was the last time I saw the phone,” Chisha had testified.

“On Sunday he was caught and taken to Kabwata Police. When I asked him where the phone was, he said he had forgotten it somewhere. That same day, the uncle came and assured me that they would buy me another phone.”

Chisha suggested that she wanted to withdraw the case as they were family friends but magistrate Chabala ordered that she would proceed to hear the witnesses.

In his defence, Chiluba denied stealing the phone and insisted that he returned it to the complainant.

He recounted that on the material day, he was having drinks with Chisha at Mommas Pub in Woodlands when he asked to use her phone to call his uncle because his phone had gone off.

Frederick Chiluba junior after a pass-out parade at Zambia Air Force base in Livingstone in 2014
Frederick Chiluba junior after a pass-out parade at Zambia Air Force base in Livingstone in 2014

The court heard that with Chisha’s permission, Chiluba called his uncle who told him to call back after a few minutes as he was driving.

Chiluba said after few minutes, he walked to Chisha’s table who had left to join her friends and again asked to use the phone again.

He told the court that he managed to call his uncle who said they meet him at the entrance of the pub.

Chiluba said he then went and put the phone on the table where Chisha was seated and thanked her.

He said when his uncle arrived, he got into his vehicle but that before they could leave, Chisha’s friends followed him and asked where he had taken the phone but he told them that he left it on the table.

Chiluba said he then left for another club in Northmead with his uncle, and that whilst there, he received a call and was asked where he had taken Chisha’s phone and he told the caller that he had left it on the table.

He said the following day whilst in Kabwata, he met Chisha’s boyfriend who picked up police to arrest him even after he told them that he did not steal the phone.

Chiluba said he was later taken to Kabwata Police Station where he was arrested for theft of the same phone.

Delivering judgement on Wednesday, Lusaka Magistrate Nthandose Chabala said she handed Chiluba Jr a custodial sentence as a deterrence to him and other would-be offenders.

She said she was satisfied that there was enough evidence connecting him to the theft of the phone, and the prosecution had proved its case beyond all reasonable doubt.

Frederick Chiluba Jr
Frederick Chiluba Jr


  1. To bad. The court just wanted to discredit the name of the late father. It plintiff wanted to withdraw the case but the court insisted.

    • A criminal case cant be withdrawn. The plaintif should have just turned up and acted as a hostile witness

  2. How is he a retired officer? Op public interest, medical or what? If he trained under army am sure he was going to be reformed unlike ZAF whose training is very light and weak like that of security guards….

    • ZAF of nowadays is more suitable as a civilian outfit. In KK’s days when we flew MIG fighter air crafts, we had something you could call an air force. Not now! They are just a drain on national treasury as they’re not even productive in any other domain. They should by now have become hubs of hi-tech research/projects contributing to national development and innovation, instead they’re more like tools of oppression.

  3. This is what happens when power is no longer in the hands of abusers. People don’t want to learn valuable lessons.Imagine, a so to a former corrupt thief who amassed of lot wealth at the expense of the impoverished masses, stealing a cell phone? How can he be retired when he only graduated four years ago? He must have been a nuisance and was got rid off. Amos, tasila and others, learn whilst you still can. Some of you think that you are small gods who will hide your mischief and wanton corruption just because you are close to the powers that be. A time of reckoning is surely but coming.

  4. But where was the mother? Honestly, this family can sink so miserable, that they can even fail to bail out there child??? Am so shocked and disappointed. Ba Vera is still influential, is it that all doors have closed on this family?? Something is not adding up here. I agree with Kopa.

    • Why has it drained your brains to think so low that you thought the court act because of a family name,a crime is a crime it doesn’t matter whose relative.Call a spade a spade,the father taught them.The criminal tree.

  5. vera chiluba
    hellen chiluba
    hulda chiluba
    hortensia chiluba
    Friends of FTJ like former spy boss Xaxier Chungu

    Come on guys was ZMK 9000.00 to much to bail young FTJ out of the predicament he found himself.Isnt this family getting anything from government for the service their father rendered to nation?

    By the time that boy will be out of prison he will be a moving coffin TB things inside prison.His father would not have loved that to happen to him.

    • @Bo Munyenge Munyenge I agree so many people benefited from the father’s position, surely they can come back and help the young man. It just shows friends will dissert you when you are in touble.

    • The bottom-line is that he commited a criminal act. There’s nothing like “family”.

      Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

  6. But surely the Judge should have exercised leniency after the girl offered to drop the charge. There was an offer to replace the stolen phone. What kind of justice is this? Due regard should have been made of ex officer and ex gentleman status in mitigation of sentence. Almost as if effort is being made to make him serve his father’s sentence.

    What a sham and a shame.

    • i agree with you,the judgement seems to aim at something or some one else…i also think his lawyers didn’t do enough…

    • The chap showed no remorse. At least it is not shown anywhere in the LT text.

      Show remorse and forgiveness will be the deserving justice you get.

  7. September This Year? Please whilst you are still in the future, could you please check for me winning Lottery numbers in December

  8. Next target late Michael Sata’s children who rampantly went about beating up innocent journalists and any one who differed with their father. Bembas say “Pafwa abantu pashala abantu”.

    • Michael Sata’s children were not pompous they have had money all their lives. In fact they should be given an allowance for life.

  9. Talk to me when General Peter Zuze was in command, talk of discipline smart boy oh! boy that is reason why i love my job here at Oxford University

  10. Every dog has its day!!!! well done madam Magistrate, hope you extend your learned experience to ensure that all the current bunch of thieves feasting on govnt coffers be put where they belong in jail!!!!

  11. “No one knows what the future holds hence the need to respect the present!”.Now did FTJ ever think his kid would end up in the cells over such a silly matter? Did Kaunda ever think he would spend time in the Kamwala cells when he was a semi god? Did Rupiah ever think he would be facing court cases where he too would’ve ended up in the cells had the late great MCS not died? Let’s respect the present! Let’s improve prison conditions, let’s change the legal system so that minor misdemeanours do not result in custodial sentences where people will just come out with diseases- let’s have a heart for the people! Kampyongo and Lubinda you too may one day also face the justice you are denying people by failing to change the system. As for judges who have no heart God will judge you harshly…

  12. Ctn… As for judges who have no heart God will judge you harshly as well, the boy is most likely a drug addict what help will putting him in cells do? Better you put him on a drug rehabilitation program. I myself will always hate FTJ’s corrupt rule but it is not right to punish the child for the sins of the father! Lsk Times he passed out in 2014 and is retired now how? Military service is 11 years as an officer unless it has changed or was he discharged for indiscipline and his drug addiction???

  13. The boy is probably a petty theif menece and will only serve a month in jail to try and show him the way…….all his relatives and friends have probably have had enough of his stealing and most likely begged the judge to lock him up his or his own good….

  14. Sad episode for Chilu. Jr. ZAF discharged him ‘dishonorably’. Defense wings don’t tolerate indiscipline.
    @Ba Folosho and Co. There’s a stage beyond which a case may not be withdrawn from the courts of law. The magistrate was more than fair.

    • “The People vs. Chibomfuma”
      When these words appear on a piece of paper, the State takes over. It’s no longer between the plaintiff and Chibomfuma.

  15. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Swaziland Land Corruption

    Is it still common to steal a mobile phone in Zambia… shouldn’t telcos be able to trace the 15-digit IMEI code?

    Sounds like the judge really wanted to cage him no matter what.

    Also they followed him and asked him on the spot, so when did he actually take it and sold it? He may as well have left it on the table and someone else stole it. How was this proved beyond reasonable doubt? Was there any evidence to prove he actually stole and sold it? It really sounds like ‘she said, he said’ type of a case.

  16. @Alternative facts…..
    For those who followed the case, all your concerns were ably taken care of. It is simply another case of insufficient reporting by LT. It was proved beyond reasonable doubt that Jr. stole and sold phone ‘cheaply’. The phone was eventually located in some unmentionable compound of Lusaka . This is very embarrassing. Friends, lawyers and family should have prevented this from going to court. But we don’t know why it went this far.

  17. Retired ZAF officer at the age of 34!! Did I read this right? It is unbelievable how life can get so miserable and tough! These children used to “swim” in money.

  18. I knew him in kabwe. He used to steal from his friends even whilst on work assignments. He was warned on several occasions, ZAF then decided to retire him in national interest.

    • Wilabepa ubufi. You really have no shame. Only someone who has been next to the corridors of power can understand how much hate and malicious stories are fabricated, just to tarnish your name.
      Don’t sink so low as to add salt to this wound, please..p

  19. …the mother couldn’t afford a K10,000???…..his fon had btry drained..but on whose fon dd he receive a call while at the other club he had go to wth his uncle…??

  20. The family needs deliverance . What’s happening to the former first family is not normal.

  21. Atase, some of you people have no shame. This boy is just being targeted by shallow minded Zambians. How come they went to the car to call him back and when he explained where he had put the phone, it took a whole day to call him? LETS NOT FORGET THE CONTRIBUTION OF HIS EXCELLENCY, PRESIDENT CHILUBA.
    Some of you can have the audacity to call j im names and you forget that some children of leaders after him have amassed more wealth than you ever will even in 200 years? Who is better? Someone whos only crime was to ask to use a phone, and someone else who is building Villas, buying shares in telecoms companies… Zamtel scandals Tec
    Ala fwebena Zambia twaba nomulomo

  22. Frederick Chiluba Jnr was sent to an exclusive school in Switzerland College du Lemain at taxpayer expense. The same education was available at private schools in Zambia at less cost. But due to Chiluba’s ignorance and superstition the man did not see that there was no difference. Zambia owes the Chiluba family nothing anymore. Their father served and was paid for it. The magistrate who jailed him did a good job. The ZAF spared him jail by dismissing him otherwise they would have court-martialled him and sent him to jail also for his crimes while in uniform.

  23. Example given to those who think attachment to big names can guarantee you freedom to do anything .
    Tasila learn from Chiluba jnr.

    Meanwhile Zambia police well done for cleaning the city of Kitwe
    The arrest of Tokota and 100s groups is another good example for unlawful groups

  24. Alfred Kawama: I feel sorry for your views on Kitwe youths because they are short-term. The supply of youths without a future is unlimited in Kitwe. Even if they arrest them, another gang will emerge from school-leavers and school drop-outs from current crop of pupils. I have seen the poverty in Kitwe. It’s something those who grew up in the town have not known. Dununa matako can’t provide answers because it’s not a serious bunch.

    • Chachima gansterism emerges from time to time. Can you tell me a 13 year old school going boy has joined the Tokota gang because he’s got no job? Yes poverty has been rising but it’s not the only cause of this scurge. One of these boys parents own businesses but instead of helping out all he does is steal their money to spend on drugs and after that he goes out to harass people at night.

  25. A career in the military is special and criminally-minded chaps should be kept out. The military is the ultimate defender of Zambia. In USA, it was the first institution to be racially-integrated while the rest of society was still racially-divided. For states and nations created out of conflict, the military was the first department of government to be established. That is how important the military is in creation of modern states. Here recruitment procedures have been watered down to allow chaps like Frederick Chiluba to go to military school. If someone can be dismissed after only four years of service, it means the vetting process failed to keep the chap out. I hope ZAF has learned its lesson from this.

  26. @Pubi, he graduated in 2014 and retired sometime in 2017. I’m taken aback. Why don’t we just say he was dismissed for stealing.

    • Ndanje Khakis: I hear you above. Having good schools that drill pupils properly might help in Kitwe. But drop-outs will still be there so creating lots of low-skill jobs should be part of the policy response to the problem. As for Vera and her son, the mother must have done her best to help by having him enlisted by ZAF. But the military is no place for chaps nobody wants. The career is demanding.

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