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President Lungu’s private home construction is a private matter, says Swazi Spokesperson

Headlines President Lungu's private home construction is a private matter, says Swazi Spokesperson

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) welcomes King Mswati of Swaziland at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Friday, October 23,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015
FILE: President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) welcomes King Mswati of Swaziland at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Friday, October 23,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2015

The Royal Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) says the issue involving President Edgar Lungu’s plans to build a mansion at Nkonyeni is a private matter.

Government Spokesman Percy Simelane was quoted by Times of Swaziland newspaper reluctantly saying that the purchase of land to build a family house for President Lungu is a private issue.

Mr Simelane recalled that he once read about a citizen of eSwatini who he said had a family ranch in one of the First World countries. “That country’s government had nothing to do with it. It was as private as the alleged construction of the Zambian President’s house,” Mr Simelane had said at first.

However, the Reporter brought it to his attention that the Zambian government through its Spokesperson Dora Siliya had alleged that President Lungu’s land was a gift from the country’s authorities.

To this, he responded by saying that government was not privy to any paper work with what he termed alleged acquisition of the land in question.

“We want to believe that if indeed it is happening, it is a private matter towards the construction of a private home,” Mr Simelane said.

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  1. When a guy starts getting ready to go into exile then you know the rot is unimaginably huge and stinky!!!!

    • Funny thing is that Esther Lungu was not made aware of this mansion being built and just like you and I, she has heard it from media. Power of social media. Last time ECL was given a woman during the lead dance in Eswati. This woman has brought issues with mama Esther. Chickens are roosting.

    • This is disgusting to say the least, anyway he told us he had no vision and that ubomba mwibala, alila mwibala. What do you expect from such a guy?

    • Then people are right, he is probably not a Zambian? How can a statesman invest in a foreign country, what is he scared of back home?

    • Here you have it on the silver platter, where are those commentators who yesterday were yapping and defending this case, apparently they totally believed and were satisfied with Dora ` explanation.
      People what is there that you don’t understand, I mean, immediately there was a mention of AMOS, this must have been clear to everyone that something is wrong here. How can a sitting President get a gift of a Land in a different country, and you all think that was okay, honestly?
      Thre is a breach of national security here, to say the least. If even to today, you still don’t get it, then its so serious that your brainwashed heard is so broken we cant save you. That House was in preparation in case of exile. The Question is why thinking of Exile?

    • – TALU Mall in Kampala, Uganda
      – Mansion in Dubai
      – Mansion in Swaziland for the small Swazi girl that has been visiting State Lodge behind Esther’s back.

      HH built his mansion in Zambia, invested in Zambia, Sun Hotels, Ranches in Zambia etc. which have created thousands of jobs to locals.

      A thief will always be hideous about his ill-gotten wealth.
      It’s clear that Lungu has other stolen wealth that we don’t know & we’ll never know about. Ka $3.5million is pocket change to Lungu. He’s even laughing at us.

      During run up to 2016 elections, over $2 Billion was borrowed but never declared to treasury. It was externalized to Dubai & Mauritius.

    • That is an open and tangible crime, visible to the whole world. Many of his other crimes are hidden. Zambians are risking too much to have another thief as its CEO.

      If he is using his own money, I put it to you that there is absolutely nothing wrong.
      If siliya is trying so hard to push the story that that land was given by the King of SWAZI, there are repercussions. The Swazis will surely put their King in check i.e. if they can.
      For us though, is a question whether public funds are part of this ordeal, if there is misappropriation of public funds, charge and prosecute, simple. Otherwise, leave the president alone. If we have worked out goons making a lot of noise, the whole point will be…

    • Secondly, how the president suddenly gets rich is a matter for investigators. If he is smart and clean, intelligent individuals of the land have the capability to find out. These outcries and allegations gets me vindicated on the point that Zambians talk a lot and act less. By this I mean putting Institutions to work. Investigate and prosecute. Thats how smart people operate.

    • What is most disgusting about President Lungu getting land in Eswatini to build a private home is that when you compare the size of Swaziland to the Size of Zambia, one would think Lungu would have thought more about the many Swazi’s he is depriving of land and the ease with which he can find land here at home. But it is because greed blinds leaders like him to fail to see how unjust his actions are to the many Swazi’s. It is also because Lungu has to prepare himself to go into exile in the event of a change of government. Which says a lot about the fears he has arising from the manner he has been (mis)managing our beloved land for his own benefit and the benefit of his cronies, tribesmen and friends.

    • Ati Abena Zambia Mwali Wama, Nomba Pantu Mukoncluda…

      Ask the questions yes, but don’t be too haste in concluding…

      Even Zambian leaders have given away land to foreign dignitaries and I mean huge pieces of land, e.g. Mumbwa

      And who says if you’re given a gift as a result of your position then it’s for your employer?

      You talk like that coz you’ve never experienced high level privileges. All that Chiluba stuff was just jealous and childish vendetta. Why was he acquitted in the end?

      It is however true that gifts are not given for nothing, and privileged people need to excercise judgement when and if they accept high value gifts. E.g. a requirement to disclose the gift taken or even given.

      Remember, the Bulls that were given to the same King?

      What we need to do…

    • Cont’d

      What we need to do is establish a leadership code of conduct as was the case in KK’s time. In the absence of that, anyone can claim that in their judgement there was nothing wrong, and NO law will prosecute them.

    • @Y2K.
      What did HH steal? I know you’ll say he stole from privatization of copper mines? If you are too young to know Valentine Chitalu, Francis Kaunda, Syamukayumbu Siamujaye, then I understand how you can believe that propaganda.

      Even if he stole, at least he invests in the country, unlike a F00L who invests in Swaziland, Dubai & Uganda forgetting the PF00ls who worship him. The people who bought the copper mines evade taxes by externalizing profits under the nose of your lazy president. Go to youtu.be & search “Stealing Africa”.

    • Let’s continue where we left off….here the Swazi Kingdom has probably been briefed by Lusaka to keep mute as this PF tactic sweep everything under the carpet create an accident elsewhere like burn a market to distract the docile masses. …move on…its too late for that and there are no trips for Lazy Lungu to jump on and go to KKIA for issuing a one-sided silly statement….in front of jobless dancing PF cadres.

    • The first Zambian president to build a house in a foreign country. Why? Where did he get the money? Isn’t the ACC supposed to be checking if this is within the capacity of his earnings like in Kambwili’s case?

    • @THORN IN THE FLESH, are you illiterate or on some illicit substance. The President of Zambia can not be charged and appear in court for a criminal offence. He can not be charged and prosecuted. Other remedies require the compliance of PF MPs and they are all his puppets.

    • Uyu muntu ngatwamulekela alaonaula icalo and he will be gone. Let us stop sabotage now otherwise it will be us to cry. And please fellow Africans do not let your countries to be hiding places for such people. It’s our countries at stake

      @ 1.19 fyatile fyakuti you are dull. Charge and Prosecute for the president is not as easy as your lazy brain thinks.
      The constitution does not allow you to watch the president abuse authority or public funds. We have institutions and constitutional clauses that can halt an erring leader. Use parley to charge, lift immunity and prosecute in courts. You are dull. When we say charge and prosecute, we mean gather evidence, use institutions and do the needful. Better that crying foul and lamenting aimlessly. It goes lengths to show that the president is innocent. All allegations leveled on him are cooked up. You shall not destruct. He is moving on.

    • “It’s a private matter” may mean the king had nothing to do with it. Which would mean Lungu purchased the land himself and it wasn’t a gift as Dora Siliya claimed. And that raises a lot of questions. Why would they be claiming that the land was a gift when it was not? Are they trying to hide something? “It’s a private matter” may also mean the king is affirming that he indeed gave Lungu land as a gift, and that it’s none of the Zambians’ business. The only problem is that a sitting president has no room for “private dealings” as he is a public servant. His dealings while in office is every citizen’s business. We have to make sure our country’s leader is not engaging in dealings that may be compromising the office he’s occupying. So yes it is our business to know what he’s…

    • (Continued)… up to, and we want to make sure there’s no conflict of interest in his dealings. So the relevant Zambian authorities and the investigative journalists will need to look deeper into this issue, till we come to the bottom of it. Zambians no longer want to entertain corruption. It’s high time Africans seriously began to hold their presidents accountable for their actions while in office. So ACC, please look into this issue and let the nation know the truth.

  2. Dora Siliya has been found out .We now know she is a liar who is paid bus loads of tax payers money to tell lies to defend Lungu . Now Dora tell about Chanda and what you went to do in Dubai ?The whole Dubai trip did stink a dead rat . Zambians are sure there are a number of hands in PF that have been soiled by that trip.

  3. Private matter for who? It can only be private if he did not hold the office of presidency. As a public officer for Zambians he must disclose every thing he is doing. Its a must not a choice so Zambians know he is clean. Its also a matter of integrity.

    • @ ba True Zambian
      What do you know if i may ask? Focus on improving the lives of your family instead of wasting energies on things you least understand.

    • @True Zambian, it is a ‘private matter’ from the Swaziland government point of view. They are basically saying their government has nothing to do with it as Dora ‘bed wetter, bokoshi’ Silaya was lying about the other day. They are saying Lungu acquired the land from private ventures and he is building the house as a foreign individual, nothing to do with the government of eSwatini.

      We always knew that and because they were caught unaware Lungu and his minions didn’t have time to choreograph their response with that govt to help them lie on their behalf.

      It’s daylight corruption and it stinks really badly. If this doesn’t bring down these kawalala masholi thiefs, then I don’t know what.

    • I’ve kamalinso the president was on official business, so the gifts are not a private matter. This iswatini spokes person is just another bum.

    • Iwe Malinso iwe. True Zambian is right. What are you talking about? Or are you one of Lungu’s corrupt buddies, huh? Take your ignorance somewhere else.

  4. This is how we people lose it really. Because we think we are immortal for some deep clouded reason and so we decide to build a house outside Zambia from stolen money. When you die how is your family going to claim ownership? Mr Chiluba I have no doubt has many houses in many countries which his family don’t even know of. or they have no ownership. Better steal and invest in Zambia for the benefit of Zambia.

    • Yes Chiluba acquired so many properties but in the end he remained with literally nothing. As I type this comment Chiluba’s son is in jail for stealing a mobile phone. If not careful someone’s children will also find themselves in the same situation. If the President is building that mansion in Swaziland using his own money we have no problem with that. But is it strongly suspected that those are proceeds of corruption

    • Better still, NOT TO STEAL, BUT develop your nation, & you will not need to waste money buying votes, as you good deeds, development will be your free campaign!!

    • Look at Chiluba’s children left empty handed reduced to stealing mere phones as their father leave a shady life….didn’t leave anything legitimately acquired.

  5. How can we have a government lying like this without shame! Lies all the time and you expect an upright person like me to give you any respect!!? Forget it bwana! You don’t deserve it.

      Dora should resign like British former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who quit after claiming she “inadvertently misled” government over targets for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

  6. Here is what former Mayor Bloomberg said in his commencement speech at Rice: “When elected officials speak as though they are above the truth, they [will] act as though they are above the law”. I rest my case.

  7. Mswati spokes person has no right to comment on Zambian issues. In fact that plot should be a property of Zambian government and not Lungu.

    Zambian judiciary is rotten and Laz is also corrupt in the sense that they have failed to give guidance to people. Opposition is basically very dull and full of old people.

    Living in Zambia is hell on earth.

    • LAZ is not mandated to give guidance on everything 24/7…how it corrupt? Are you a member of LAZ and do you pay a subscription for you do be entitled to free guidance on the tap…..why you never say the same about EIZ.

  8. Lungu is just a corrupt theif…his conviction for fraud is no coincidence…

    He has not bothered to deny the allegations that he is at the centre of corruption.

    Every one knows lungu is a corrupt theif.
    Him and kabila are the only leaders who do not deny that they are corrupt theives….

  9. This clearly is not a gift as alleged by Zondwa Dora slit. There is no smoke without fire. Trying to justify the unjustifiable is a fallacy in fantasy land. The facts are all there, Lungu simply was bribed together with his mouth piece Amos by Inyasti. The story says so as the contract was done by the same company. You can fool people some times but you can not fool them all the times. Even PF goons, lampens have run out of stories on this one. US3.9 million is a lot of money that can go a long way in the procurement of fertilizers that can help poor farmers out there. This should be added to the impeachment motion as one of the charges of impeachment.

  10. It may be a”private” matter but when something costs $ 4 million then questions have to be asked and answered!!! WHERE DOES HE GET 4 MILLION US DOLLARS TO BUILD A MANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canwe start investigations into this and also start probing Chinese contracts and the Russian Nuclear Deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Zambian parliament should become relevant to zambia. Enough is enough. Elyo ka Amos you will be headbutted like a fo9oool

  11. Looting government coffers is not like stealing a TV in a home,you need basic intelligence.This man has a legal adviser where was he?It is like the president is so reckless he is a danger to himself,his own party and close confidants like Amos,Kaiser etc.This is a disaster waiting to happen.And somehow he has the guts to talk about 2021,he has the guts to lock up innocent people as he and his colleagues engage in questionable if not embarrassing behaviour.

    • Zonzo what are you saying ..that his crime here is that he was caught, govt legal advisers are not there to advise on criminality or how to steal…this why I say corruption is so ingrained in this country even people justify it.

  12. This is a tip in the iceberg.The man is corrupt beyond any means.I do not trust people who hide under the canopy of Christianity.He pretends to be a christian but behind that face there is a corrupt person.There is also a former president who was hiding behind christianity and yet in actual sense he was a wife snatcher.
    Abusing the name of God,and yet you are a crook and a corrupt element.It is pointless declaring a nation as a Christian nation when our deeds are far from christian norms and values.

    • Zambians will never learn from their past mistakes! Kwashalafye ukuvotela ishilu! Too divided to do the right thing! Muzalila ma Zambians! You like supporting wrong chaps and things blindly as long as you are benefitting dubiously! What a failed experiment!

  13. I hope now hardcore PF cadres on LT and Christians and bishops for Lungu might start to realise that their Lungu whom I have told you several times that he is a Christian hypocrite; a thief and a violent man might one day run away from them; but when I get into power; I will look for Lungu wherever he will hide Zambian money;

  14. Another thief as Zambian president. How many more are we still going to have? For Edgar Lungu, the red flags have been everywhere. And yet, we have chosen not to see them.

  15. Then he had an audacity to fundraise money on the bus from the poor people that he has heavily taxed. Elo imwe ma cadres who are being used to do dirty job for these politicians, you will remain languishing in prisons bcos your masters will run away when time comes.

    • That is nothing compared to the PF campaign fundraising events conveniently themed “Meet the President” where contractor queue to be recognized by him another corruption gravy train.

  16. “THE SMART PEOPLE OF THE SMART ZAMBIAN ENTERPRISE” are showing you humble greatness as they build Mansions worth Millions of U$Dollars, while the majority “smart Zambians” have no running water or proper sanitation, are afflicted with diseases of poverty & failed states, & medications meant to help them are pilfered by equally smart Zambian P.F officials/ cadres.
    Your enterprise is well & truly working.

  17. Koswe munpoto. When pilato composed & released this song koswe munpoto, the Patriotic *****s raised up their Arsenal in pursuit of an innocent person who is only trying to tell you that wake up your house is being invaded by rodents. Today I feel pity & ashamed to be Zambian, who with my open eyes god has given me upon birth someone is taking a leverage of my been quite & good loving Zambian & behind my all goodness he start stealing my wealth inorder to enrich himself at the expense of poor Zambians. A person comes all the way from Malawi without remorse of the people he found in Zambia, he starts abusing the host institutions just to give himself advantages. The Swazi government thru the spokesperson have refused having given Jonathan a gift inform of land & they have further claimed…

  18. By the way, where is BR Mumba, the clueless cannon devoid of any sense of entitlement, ingrained with blind loyalty supporting corrupt elements? We need you to say something concerning this issue. Hiding behind UNIP fimofimo wont save your arrogance this time around. Are you embarrassed to the bone, hiding in a hole like a rat? kkkkk…

    • Leave JUNIOR alone he suffers from delusions of grandeur…lost chap, he thinks he can mentor everyone because he is BR Mumba…really laughable.

  19. Gifts to the President belong to the state if we have to do by precedence. If we all remember, Regina Chiluba was arrested for getting a TV from statehouse which was given to former President Chiluba as a gift. However, we all know that the land in question was not a gift from King Mswati but a kickback from Inyatsi for the contracts being awarded to them. The Zambian Director for Inyatsi was in those pictures with Lungu during the read dance. In short, the President is captured!!! Period!!

  20. When HH was mentioned in Panama papers, the civil society organised demonstrations against him for investing abroad. Lungu is investing millions of dollars in real estate abroad, where are the PF cadres to demonstrate?

  21. I think Zambians are very narrow minded.
    To begin with,Swaziland is not a republic.It is a kingdom.No one can go there and build a mansion without the express permission of the King.All the companies(property owners and architects) involved are directly controlled by the King.
    Did the Zambian President buy the plot?
    Did King Mswati’s companies buy the President the plot?
    Who is going to pay for the construction of the home(called a mansion by Zambian standards or for political optics)?
    One thing we know for sure is that Mswati owns land in Zambia and has always had good ties with Zambian Presidents from KK through to ECL.
    We also know for sure that the headquarters for the multinational Inyatsi Contruction is in Swaziland.
    Its too early to say what the real situation is hear.Good…

    • So you sat down and brainstormed what questions you will pose to us on how your President didnt do anything wrong…look through the threads on LT and Social media the answers to your questions are there. Some of you defend this man as if you will be living in that house.

    • Why vaccilating? Issue is plain and clear.The big boss’s conduct is criminal……far from presidential. This Wina vp is also an accomplice for habouring crime.

  22. That explains why that director from Inyasti and that drug baron had their tickets and hotel bills paid for during that reed dance, Zambians are docile, how can we quickly forget when Kambwili even brought that issue up? Lucky Mulusa knows something about this no doubt. The institution of presidency in this country has lost its credibility with the likes of Sikazwe, kaiza, Amos, kampyongo etc what exactly do we expect from these misfits? Corruption, extortion, brutality the list goes on and on. Let us wake up and smell the coffee, this Mutaware means business.

  23. There is a basic question here; was it a gift from the king or did ECL buy the plot or was it given to him by his friends in business!
    The Swazi Government has spoken; they are not involved in Lungus private business!

  24. If that is true then the president has no morals.kk ,Mugabe,museveni ruled for decades and not even the most corrupt one zuma never built a mansion outside their boundaries.

  25. When Herve Rena was given land no one bothered to query and more foreigners have been availed land in Zambia even offered status of free Citizen………………..

  26. Dora Silya says we also gave the Saudis land to build a hospital in Zambia. Did we give it to an individual of Saudi government?? Now that the Swazi government have denied ever giving our ECL the land as a gift, who then gifted ECL with this land?

    • Go ahead and get lied to since you people love getting lied to. Remember in this world it’s each man for himself don’t think ECL is there to care for your well being than his own

    • Likukela Kota Ikafa …you just exposed yourself as a very naive individual. If you’re that stup1d, so as to believe something so easily, then I have a piece of land to sell you on the moon. You’re the type of ignoramus individuals politicians love to foo1. Like Trump once said: “I love the uneducated.” And remember, patriotism has nothing to do with you believing what a politician is telling you without questions. Patriotism means putting country first, above everything else, including your loyalty to politicians. Your country comes first, not your politician, if you’re a true patriot.

  27. The bottom-line questions any well-meaning normal functioning adult Zambian should be asking is:-
    Why is a sitting President planning to run into exile, when none of his predecessors needed to go into exile? And in particular why is he planning to go hide behind an autocratic Monarch who is well-known to be a law unto himself, and hence the universal ‘rule of law’ of a democracy like Zambia will have difficulty in extraditing FUGITIVE LUNGU back to Zambia when the time comes?

  28. Is the project being funded from the Boss,’ monthly income or other sources? The estimated cost of the mansion is $3.9 which is almost $4.9x K10 the product of which if divided by the president’ s 5 year term, it means his legal salary and allowances, is K8,000,000 per month. Meaning he can only do this project legally from his income, but he remember surrendered 10% of his salary to marketeers and he has to support his relatives.

    • How about if a lump sum has already been paid to the Architect and contractor…then what? This is corruption even before you even consider those factors …

  29. This is sufficient grounds to impeach a Sitting President for loss of trust. Here we have a commander-in-chief of our motherland evidently not fit for purpose at all. His heart and soul are not to protect and defend our motherland, i.e. our parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces etc… Here we have a man with No moral campus, No ethics in life, No plan for mother Zambia, a FUGITIVE t.h.i.e.f robbing Tax-payers like me and he is even bragging about it.
    House of Parliament, where are you?

    • BRABUS…The Zambian institutions are extremely weak. If it was in any other country with stronger institutions, Lungu would’ve been impeached a long time ago. Secondly, Africans are generally very docile. We let politicians take advantage of us, misuse our country’s resources, while we wallow in extreme poverty. It’s a shame. Hopefully a leader will arise one day in Zambia who will help strengthen our weak institutions.

  30. The sad part is MPs and Ministers are quiet, they forget that when they leave power its each one for himself. They need to get rid of this rotten government.

  31. I am at ministry of lands in Lusaka now trying to get a title deed, out of 9 counters, only 1 is serving customers. You can imagine the queue, very unproductive. I am non partisan but surely even if minister of lands is busy in Chilanga campaigning. Doesn’t serving the people come first. This country, you can shed tears.I am being factual and non malicious here, where are the efficiencies to move the country forward.

  32. What is the Minister of Religious Affairs saying on this matter? What about Anti-Corruption? Does LAZ have an opinion? How every stakeholder just keeps quiet about this issue is shocking.
    The biggest opposition is sleeping too!

    • The matter has been referred to State House to cook lies…like Mukula Trees debacle they will respond after 3 days when cooking is complete!!

    • Ba Minister of “Religion’ Ba (God)Friday, is only concerned about;
      1. Her huge belly, & how she will keep filling it.
      2. Ma Wigi, those fake horse hairs she places on her bonce.
      3. Bars of Jaribu soap, to keep burning that skin soft, supple, & lightened.
      4. Freebies like free S.U.V, house, holidays, Corrupt cash to also built a retirement Palace abroad.
      Back to your question, where is Godfridah??
      That’s Christians in a Christian Nation for you!

    • @Returning Citizen…docility has a stranglehold on African countries. We Africans are a very docile people. We let politicians take advantage of us, stealing our meager resources, while we wallow in extreme poverty–and we do or say nothing about it. The so called educated people in the country, do or say nothing either. They’re just quiet. It’s unbelievable and very shameful. What are they scared of?

  33. Fellow zambians,are you telling that our Republican president can not afford to build a house?if it’s kambwili or former agent of the sale of our mines then it’s ok

  34. He is a wise man full of wisdom. Better to invest in a mansion than in those beautful swat women.ECL vote yes.please give me land as a gift and nit a woman who cam easily run away

  35. The questions to ask are: If it was a gift, as we have been told, should the President have declined it? What would be the repercussions if it was to be declined?

    Remember, gifts are expressions of friendship between leaders (States). They are exchanged all the time and everywhere, with varying values.

    • @M.M….you don’t know what you’re talking about. Any serious democratic country, U.S.A. included, forbids their presidents from taking gifts while in office. Taking gifts can compromise one’s foreign policy and generally leads to corruption. If a president accepts gifts, especially high value gifts, they have to be passed on to the State or a charitable organization, and not for personal benefit. Only small value gifts can be accepted and kept by a president. Take your ignorance somewhere else.

  36. There is nothing wrong in this matter. I have seen Zambians building mansions in foreign countries. what is wrong with that. Just work hard and build yourself a mansion anywhere you want. stop pulling each other down. The problem with us Zambians, every person who is doing something construction: is a thief, satanist, etc. Please change

    • @General…are you one of Lungu’s buddies? If you’re, then maybe we may have to look into your dealings too.

  37. Transparency, transparency. Layout the process on how the plot was brought, the cost, who is building and trace the source of funds by following account numbers and banks. Zambians are very forgiving. But they want the truth first.

  38. As General rightly points out there is nothing wrong a Zambian owning properties abroad unless there is evidence public resources were used to construct such properties. HH, GBM, and many other Zambians own properties abroad. Do we condemn them? The answer is a big NO. So if Lungu is given a piece of land by the Swazis and he uses his own money or resources to develop it, why should that be an issue? This kind of petty jealousy must stop..

  39. HOW MUCH IS TRUE ABOUT THIS ARTICLE? Why do we quickly comment on issues that we don’t have reliable info. Awe bane mwachilamo. O

  40. EASY TO JUDGE MISTAKES OF OTHERS. DIFFICULT IS TO RECOGNIZE OUR OWN MISTAKES. One of our mistakes is to concentrate on other people’s lives and forget oneself. Question is: Do you have something you can call home? Mind you, not all can be kings. Some will die complainants while wasting their “today” thinking over what others are doing.

  41. Blablabla! Yada yada!
    Next item please.
    Cup of cappuccino.
    Cue on pool table after twachichimuka.


  43. This is an eating government. You gave them a mandate to enrich themselves. Ubomba mwibala, nokulyakwina, alyamwibala. Taviwonelanji!

  44. Only a child or CHildish can be surprised that friends help friends! The white collar thief HH wants to have arguing points but we know how he defrauded Zambia in the privatization scheme.

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