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Chief Mulundu arrested in connection with the alleged murder of his subject

Rural News Chief Mulundu arrested in connection with the alleged murder of his subject

Chief Mulundu of Mwense district in Luapula province has been arrested and detained in connection with the alleged murder of his subject.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said the traditional leader has been apprehended and detained together with his retainer and two others in connection with the alleged murder.

Mr. Chushi said police will warn and caution the suspects for murder.

The Commissioner could however not disclose the particulars of the deceased person saying more details will be availed at a later stage as the police are still trying to calm the situation in the district.

ZANIS reports that the Zambia Police and Zambia National Service -ZNS- officers fought running battles with subjects of Chief Mulundu who were breaking property belonging to their chief who they accused of causing the death of one of his subjects.

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  1. There are only three types of bulls on Zambia.
    1.Tonga Bulls
    2.Ngoni Bulls
    3.Lamba Bulls
    According to Genesis 4:1–16, Cain treacherously murdered his brother Abel. BEMBAS are descendants of Cain , a CURSED “fugitive and wanderer”.

    • There more witchcraft related murders in Tonga land than any other area in Zambia. Most civil servants don’t want to serve in Tonga land because of superstitious charecters out there.

    • There more reported occurrences there than any other province so what more evidence do you want. Or is it a case of choosing what to read?

  2. He’s a personal friend of Mwenya Musenge. Ask him and he’ll confirm. He’s always drunk and boasts ati Ndomfwa bwino.

  3. This chief and his retainers apprehended the deceased after complaining of the chief’s misrule. He was taken to the palace, tied to the vehicle and they started to beat him with all sorts of objects while dragging him with the car. When the villagers saw that the person had died, they descended on the palace, burned it and proceeded to the shopping center on the Mansa Road near Dannys bar where they burned down the chief’s property among which is a hammer mill.

  4. UPND has “A thief for a Vice President and he is a decoration for us and the man doesn’t know what we think of him but we need him to win! Sadly, UPND does not know that some people outside their kingdom are wiser and do not vote as they vote in their lands including animos!

  5. Ba mulundu mwatusebanya…. Im saying you killed my brother for no reason…. Mhsrip. And you shall pay for it

  6. Ba tubuku aba nyina mumenshi ku buloshi awe sure niba mambala number 1. I think you all recall the whole entire Kalumba Katele Ph D., operating a “natural’ laptop to evade Levy operatives only to be fished out from a small bush that could hardly hide Chabala Kafupi Chiluba. These Iturian primates, they are wedded to witchcraft no matter what you do you vcannot take the bush from their heads.

  7. Ba lipota not all of us know which tribe lives in which district so tell us which people chief Mulundu prevails over.

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