Thursday, February 29, 2024

Chilufya Tayali to contest for Lusaka Mayor


Outspoken EPP President Chilufya Tayali has announced that he will run for the vacant post of Lusaka Mayor.

A by election will be held to elect a new Mayor of the capital city following the death of Wilson Kalumba.

Mr Tayali said time has come for him to offer his leadership to the people of Lusaka.

He said he will use the position of Mayor if he gets elected to get the necessary experience we will need if he becomes Republican President.

“The immediate question comes on my Presidential ambitions, I want to inform you that, this position will just be an opportunity for me to learn something more on leadership, while I showcase my zeal to serve. It is always good to learn something, test power in a lower position so that you are not confused when you are in the big seat,” Mr Tayali said.

He said out of this position of Lusaka Mayor, Zambians will tell, if I can be a man to be entrusted with a bigger responsibility of President in 2021.

“In other words, I will stand as President in 2021. But we will all have something to refer to for the decision in 2021,” he said.

“I am aware that, Mayorship, is a lower position comparing to Presidency, however, it is not about the position but service. We should not be egocentric and proud to look at positions as if they are the end in themselves. As far as I am concerned, I am ready to assume any position as long as I have an opportunity to serve even one person.”

He continued, “Wondering if I will still offer checks and balances? Trust me, I will even be more venomous because I will be speaking from a seat of power mandated by the people through the votes.”

Mr Tayali said Mayorship is not a Presidential appointment for him to be a bootlicker to President Edgar Lungu.

He said he will soon hold a press conference soon to outline his Lusaka manifesto specifically for the development of the city of Lusaka.

“Basically, I will follow “ADEDE” formula (Accountability, Discipline, Efficiency, Development and Equity) so put Lusaka in order and make it shine as a capital city,” he said.

Mr Tayali said he is not a rich man and will rely on well wishers to fund his campaign.

“I am not a rich man like those building mansions all over, yet the people they are supposed to serve are having their homes demolished, calling them illegal squatters, when it is their cadres who sold land. Therefore, I need everyone’s support, including those of you in diaspora,” he said.

“I have designed some T-shirts, Chitenges and posters, I would like to get some people offering to have them printed. Give a little contribution for us to do this campaign and succeed, because, this is not mine, alone, we have to do it together.”


    • Basically, I will follow “ADEDE” formula (Accountability, Discipline, Efficiency, Development and Equity).Why not “ADMA” formula Asymmetric Dimethylarginine with molecular formular of C8H18N4O2….?Or the Hartree–Fock method also called the self-consistent field method (SCF)?

    • Vote for Tayali, please. It will be everyone’s pleasure to scotch him once he is in office dealing with the Ghost of the last Mayor

    • I could have raised $50,000 for Tayali before June 1st, but ukutumpa Tayali kwalichilamo. He even insulted Mmembe, the man who could have given him front page in The Mast.

    • @Foot, young man yes indeed Tayali is right, mayors have made good presidents in this world.
      I can’t just recall a country which had a former president as mayor.
      Mayor is same as a chief for the city, not Village. Chiefs are full of wisdom. But mu Zambia even Kang’ombe is mayor.

    • LT sort out your website …why do we have to type in our names and email again after every comment????

    • The late Mayor in his times of weakness made many to believe they can perform the top civic functions

    • I remember Tayali selling his services to the two main Chilanga candidates…really laughable…this is not the right caliber to be putting in a Public office.

    • So this guy is some kind of a politician. I used to think he was a joker synonymous with Chama Chakomboka and Muliokela. No wonder things do not move in Zambia and everyone does not know what is going on. We are a joke! Take a moment to imagine how great Zambia could have been if all these so called politicians had taken a moment to be serious with people’s lives and behaved like they were human!

    • Tayali is useless. He is looking for a constant source of income so that he can stop scrounging from GBM, Lungu, HH and all other ‘loaded’ politicians. The guy will just become a mayor to steal and abuse the land allocation process to make himself rich. He has been waiting for a job fro Lungu or HH and others and it’s not coming so he has decided to form a one man party and use it to get into the only way he can make money for rent. Tayali you are a disgrace to the human (African) race!

    • @Nostradamus current President of Philippines and Jacques Chirac of France immediately come to mind as Mayor turned President! However, Tayali is not in that league, even Mushota would do better once she completes her PhD!

  1. This man will try anything to become relevant.

    Does Zambia lack serious politicians?

    Anyway, best of luck.

    • He can’t even spell formula correctly. This tells you something about whether he is able to pay attention to detail.

    • This guy begs for Talk-time on his page..surely how can you trust such a individual with no tangible income!

    • We all know what happened when we put someone who DID NOT even have a penny for the presidential nomination fee in Power.
      Millions of U$D acquired within weeks, & now Mansions & shopping malls abroad, whist the common citizen is heavily taxed, & Government funds embezzled like theres no tomorrow.

  2. Mr Tayali spare us please. Spare the people of Lusaka. We haven’t legalised marijuana yet. We just intend to. Behaving like this even before marijuana is legalised worries us a lot.

    • Has it made Lungu any better? He even misinterpretes the constitution despite having been minister of justice….. it doesn’t make any difference

  3. BaTayali pigs have a better chance of flying than you being elected to a leadership position. You have flip flopped all the time and you are not sure whether you are coming or going. One moment you are insulting ECL, the other moment you are try to sleep with his daughter.

    • Maybe that’s the only way he can get closer to the daughter…am sure she is going to say that she is ready for that position as she was stopped last time around.

  4. “He said he’s not a rich man” …so Mr Tayali is gonna be tempted to inflate contracts and prone to corrupt deals.

    • And he is already begging. A sign of his inability to raise money. What will his policy be for the beggars that are all over traffic lights in Lusaka, the problem of begging he is supposed be solving as mayor.

    • People like Tayali are from the same background as Father Bwalya…all former Fathers or training to be one, same activists background simply look at where he is today in Australia as an ambassdor even Lazy Lungu don’t trust him near him.

  5. I will support tiyali for mayor ……..he has no options than succeed…..everything he will say or do in the future will be defined by how he does as mayor….

    Vote tiyali.

    • Tiyali

      get a website with details how one can donate…..i for one will donate something towards your campains yo be mayor….

    • @Spaka like lilo, You think Tayali can even think as much as getting a website. The boy is a joke being taken care by his wife. He is a “John solwe ubwali”.

    • @Spaka…., True that! I would also donate to his campaign. He may just be the solution we need to make things in that big “komboni” called Lusaka. Who knows??? We have tried the “usual suspects” but things have not changed. Time to try something different…YES!?

    • Zodec … may dismiss him but know that tiyali has to show great successes as mayor otherwise he will belong to the dustbin …..faliure is not an option for him.

    • Even when Sata started having Presidential ambitions everyone laughed that he was not Presidential material..look what happened..

  6. When the so called educated are scared …this is what you get the likes of Tayali taking the opportunity. ..this is how hopeless drunkards like Lazy Lungu found themselves in State House.
    The problem with Tayali is he is a womanizer and a man without principles & loyalties…remember how he suddenly dropped his witch hunt to get to the bottom of Ambulance procurement at MOH after meetings with Dr Chilufya. These former Catholic Fathers or deserters are a big problem especially when they see money…
    I wouldn’t trust Tayali with a vote!!

    • Yeah, but the person you refer to as “drunkard Lungu” is a very EDUCATED person. So which educated people are you looking for?

      Education has very little to do with LEADERSHIP my brother. Even in the Cooperate World, there plenty of individuals with relatively lower formal education who have tremendously done well in forming and running huge businesses. The secret is they decided to surround themselves the smart and principaled “Hench men.” Which Civic Leaders can choose to do as well if cared enough….not surrounding themselves with crooks and chancers….that is the difference between GOOD LEADERSHIP and MEDIOCRITY. Not education!

    • @Yambayamba – I know that some of the most successful people of all time like Henry Ford did not have formal education but had drive, wiliness to learn.. went on to revolutionize the auto industry and his principles are employed in construction and manufacturing sector. In Zambia we have too many educated fooools like “the lazy drunkard” who do not know their limitations hence choose not to surround themselves with technocrats….instead he has surrounded himself with crooks like your RB, the people who you used to defend right here on LT.
      Some of the best education is not taught in a classroom…its self taught or self education.

  7. Hey..Leave him least he has said he wants to start small then rise ..but your under 5 HH has never tried even a ward chairmanship.

  8. I know Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya talked of “…an encrypted process from cultivation to the point were the product is being used for Medicinal Purposes WITHOUT triggering any spike in the recreational use of Marijuana,”
    But given that we already have eccentric users like Talayi in the ‘recreational’ Arena, the question is WHAT encryption is this that will keep such individuals in check? The young man is at best a loose cannon and a joke. Muselela kwakaba. His track record says it all.

  9. As irritating as Chilufya Tayali can be he talks a lot of sense most of the time. He goes after his fellow opposition leaders which I think is wrong, but I think we need to give him a chance. Its not easy doing what he does with no regular income going into his pocket. Viva Chilufya Tayali, in fact he I want to donate to his campaign

    • Zambia has given so many people chances since 2011…we need serious people who know what they are doing not merely shouting silly slogans like “more money your pockets”….we are heavily indebted today because of such foolishness…

  10. Lusaka needs me to make it a place where everyone will be yerning to live, green, side walk ways, good and expanded road network, orderly vehicle parking system, restricted areas (pay only for access), recreational facilities like dams, street lights, better and functional drainage system, better University infrastructure and location last but not the least a very clean Business Centre with structured markets and well coordinated and approved modern residential and Business structures. Am standing on PF ticket!

  11. So Bwana Tayali hasn’t succeeded politically or financially yet he’ll make us believe he’s gonna succeed when it comes to the enormous challenges facing Lusaka city?

  12. Ba Tayali sure ubupuba bubi ikaleni fye muletupange chongo nomba what more when you are mayor. Someone once told me politics is for *****s it true with the kind of behaviour being exhibited by our politians he was right

  13. One man party tayali if you want to joke then join Bob nkosha and the dorika team. At least there you will be paid something for telling jokes.

  14. Tayali when are you going to have a political rally? Tayali and Alex Muliokela just useless.Let us have serious people

  15. PF matrix, once Chilufya Tayali has established himself as Lusaka mayor contestant with any level of support, will factor that popularity with cash from PF. Tayali will have earned cash for himself. Typical of Zambians.

  16. Inasmuch as it is your democratic right, Chilufya Tayali, to contest for the mayoral seat, I for one would not vote for you going by your past record. Flip-flopping, attention seeking and opportunism are not the qualities I am looking for in my choice for Mayor of Lusaka.


  18. tayali you re a foolish man you don’t know what you want to be come all you want is an employment other than saving people of zambia

  19. The Philippines is one of the country which has a president who was mayor.
    That said, have to check what is going on there. Taste small power then bigger sweet power that most can not handle.

  20. Mr Tayali, you are a right man for the job. I want to believe you will give checks and balances to the government. Which in return will bring about development in Lusaka.

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