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National Policy on Honours and Awards launched

General News National Policy on Honours and Awards launched

VICE-President Inonge Wina
VICE-President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has launched the National policy on Honours and Awards that will ensure a well administered national honours and awards system in Zambia.

Mrs. Wina said the policy will improve transparency and accountability in the administration of honours and awards and enhance stakeholder participation and involvement.

The Vice President said the national policy will also enhance the coordination of the national awards system in the country.

Mrs. Wina explained that the new document will simplify the nomination procedures and guideline for honours and awards to enable the general public appreciate and participate in the honours and award systems.

She disclosed that a comprehensive legislation to guide the administration of national honours and awards will soon be enacted because the current law only focusses on the prevention of abuse of honours and decoration, leaving out other important issues relating to the administration of such awards.

She hoped that the administration of honours and awards will be more credible, transparent and would promote equity, patriotism and hard work with a culture of excellence once the policy is implemented.

And Minister in the office of the Vice President Silvia Chalikosa said the national honours and awards play an important role in promoting innovativeness and excellence in all sectors of society.

Ms. Chilikosa noted that a well administered honours and awards system will contribute to economic and social development as it helps define, encourage and reinforce national aspirations, ideals and standards.

Zambia has been administering honours and awards for over 5 decades without a national policy on honours and award which pose a challenge and limit the appreciation of the honours by members of the general public.

The honours and awards are conferred on individuals by the Republican President at the investiture ceremony during the Africa Freedom Day and Independence Day.


  1. Civil Servant: Hey
    Slay Queen: Where do you work
    Civil Servant:I work National Honours and Awards Authority under the Office of the Vice President
    Slay Queen: Oh yeah ,interesting do you have “Manicure,Wig, Eyebrow & Lipstick Award?
    Civil Servant: Uhmm that sounds wiyuuuuu! I will chat with madam Inonge over the same
    Slay Queen: Please do that you never know,lol!
    Civil Servant: But we need to start honoring side chicks for either Kaizar Zulu or Amos Chanda for deal to go through & be endorsed …

    • We also need laws to guide naming of public property. In the USA for example, it has to be 5 years after the president has left office before any public building or anything else can be named after him or her. Remember the days when some overzealous people wanted to rename Ndola Central Hospital after late President Mwanawasa’s mother?

  2. There is a man that controls traffic on kasangula road near railway line every evening

    Why can’t you give him award instead you pick one off traffic female for getting soaked on duty

    Let’s us be fair . If that man passed on God forbid am sure RATSA will even speak at his funeral in tribute

  3. Some Politicians are so useless that they do not even feel ashamed at the end of month collecting the Payslip like Bo Inonge the Old Hen here …she can be a pillar for wisdom and trust but she is happy to sit there as passenger till 2021 in a very corrupt govt.

  4. Leave the Vice President alone. Respect your elders if you want more days added to your life.

    • Those who have grown up in the village know better the respect elders earn in discourse and leadership and how they get to have it bestowed without their canvassing. However not every elder is given leadership respect but for sure every one does respect the age of elders

  5. Very good move – this shows you are actively listening to peoples’ concerns. Nice to see you being pro-active ba PF

    • What are you blabbing about? “…Peoples concerns…”? Or you are referring to your shameless arse licking?

  6. This was required as in the past any tom, dick or Harry was given an award as long as he was a friend to the president or someone from government who would then recommend to the Secretary to the cabinet. In between they would include one or two genuine awards just to show that the whole thing was genuine when in fact not.

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