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President Lungu leads hundreds at the freedom statue


President Edgar Lungu lays a wreath to commemorate the Africa Freedom Day cerebration at the Freedom Statue

President Edgar Lungu today led hundreds of Zambians to lay wreaths at the freedom Statue in Lusaka in honour of fallen heroes.

President Lungu was first to lay a wreath at the Statue and later Defense Chiefs and diplomats followed in laying their respective wreaths in remembrance of the departed heroes and heroines who fought for Zambia’s independence.The President was given a 21 gun salute mounted by Zambia Army Second battalion.

And Zambia Army Chaplain Colonel reverend Vincent Mwenya said there is need to fight corruption in order to progress as Africans in his speech.Colonel Mwenya reminded Africans not to conform to the things of the world but strive to renew their minds as he quoted the Bible in Romans 12 verse 2.

He said Africa can only progress and develop if corruption is totally eliminated.The chaplain added that everybody must recognise that corruption is universally shameful and should never be justified. Colonel Mwenya added that accountability and transparency must be embraced at all levels of government.He noted that corruption provides fertile soil for tribalism, nepotism and dishonesty among others vices.The chaplain further said that Africa needs total transformation which is sustainable.

This year’s Africa freedom day was celebrated under the theme ’’ Winning the Fight against Corruption-a Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”.


    • I see these celebrations losing more relevance with time as the younger generations are disconnected and disgruntled with the status quo they see the so called older chaps to be “eating” at their expense; they yearn to see the benefits of what has now become mythical freedom in Africa….. otherwise how else can they celebrate that which they cannot see the benefits of NOW???? Chagwa and friends care less

    • What freedom. People are not even free. God has cursed Africa, all our leaders are stupid and thieves, except Kagame of Rwanda and Khama of Botswana.

    • It used to be thousands of people. Now no one is happy, only hundreds of PF attending national functions.

    • Happy Africa Day.

      Proud to be African in general and Zambian in particular.

      Zedians guard your country against HHism and GBMism.

    • With a pledge to stumping out CORRUPTION.
      This is the same story replicated in AU dealing with all other factors hindering Africa’s rising-poverty, disease, ignorance, unjust exploitation by outsiders, modern slavery, corruption, bad leadership just to mention but a few – Ann Ngagi.

    • THE PRINCE, God has blessed Africa. The only problem with Africa is that it has lousy leaders and some, not the majority, but some lazy citizens.

  1. This year’s Africa freedom day was celebrated under the theme ’’ Winning the Fight against Corruption-a Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”. This does not seat well with the humbleness one, more so after eswatini land saga, zesco us500 millio, mukula logs, 42 fire trucks, us288,000 ambulances, ministers overstaying and abusing government funds, etc the list is endless. He has hard a very difficult time to talk about corruption and later alone how to fight it. These kinds of themes are alien to him and his cadres , they give him goosebumps kkkkk.

  2. JCTR and upnd cadres, stop hallucinating for once, and don’t waste our time touting your ignorance and illiteracy. Let me interpret for you the ACC Act that you quote.
    “Section 21(1)(b) of the Anti-Corruption Act which states that a public officer (whether the public officer in this context includes the President is subject to interpretation) commits an offence of abuse of authority of office if the public officer USES one’s position, office or authority or any information that the public officer obtains as a result of, or in the course of, the performance of that public officer’s functions to obtain property, profit, an advantage or benefit, directly or indirectly, for oneself or another person (paraphrased)”.
    The operating word in this Act is “USES”, this means that one must go…

  3. contd….
    The operating word in this Act is “USES”, this means that one must go out TO ASK FOR or SOLICIT such gift or advantage USING one’s position. I don’t see any such suggestion in the JCTR statement. The JCTR also argues that “…….legality and morality are not mutually exclusive….”. Simply put, by this their own statement, both aspects of the JCTR argument falls flat on its face.
    If JCTR and upnd cadres are really aggrieved, they should guide their MPs not to boycott parliament but go there to enact proper laws and amend the ACC Act accordingly. Otherwise both JCTR and upnd cadres and their are wasting their time and, unfortunately, OURS too!

  4. “The President was given a 21 gun salute mounted by Zambia Army Second battalion.”
    This shameless two bit crook of a corrupt president is not worthy of a small fireworks at a children’s birthday party…

  5. Why has no one here noticed the message from the Army Chaplain?I wonder how the humble one felt when the Army Chaplain preached against corruption.
    As for African Freedom Day the whole meaning has been completely lost.Today our own fellow brothers are arresting us in a manner that makes the mistreatment we sufferred against the British Regime pale in signnificance.Seriously for the record President Lungu’s government has with regard to human rights abuse,he was a wrong person to even attend this event.I wonder what the diplomatic missions where thinking when watching this man whose regime is abusing the same rights our ancestors fought for.


    • Why do people devote to bogus churches despite being warned and advised?.. It’s not a claim that corruption has increased 10fold in this government, unless you’re living inside a cave… turning an ignorant attitude will not free us from post colonial enslavement. Open your eyes dear brother!

  7. Congratulations Mr. President and condolences to all the families whose family members and relatives fell during the wars. I am glad Zambia is doing great and the other guy, it will NEVER have an opportunity as the hard-working president above is doing.

  8. @Ha, JJ, son of the lazybum polygamist father & @HaSpaka, after HH goes to hell or to heaven, GBM will be president of UPND, right? The “Thief,” right?

  9. After the chronic loser goes of the scene, UPND will be strong under GBM, right? I think after 2021, it shall be like Kelly, MaCain, Hillary, right?

  10. I wonder if he ever takes a moment to look up, and realise that 90% of the followers are the very poor and desperate?… how can a man live with himself… so sad Africa, the leaders we choose.

  11. {“This year’s Africa Freedom Day was being celebrated under the theme ‘Winning the fight against corruption; A sustainable path to Africa’s transformation”}.

    …And the whole event is officiated by a publicly self-confessed:-
    – most corrupt person (Uubomba mwibala….. ). Evidence is mounting on a daily basis.
    – most visionless person in public office Zambia has ever known.

    ..and we seriously think that is ‘A sustainable path to Africa’s transformation towards winning the fight against corruption’??

    I am a Tax payer along with millions of others internationally. Why should the international community, whose Tax money fund loans to mother Zambia, take us seriously on our word when we parade a scumbag like this?

  12. Haha Lungu is really laughing at the Zambian citizens by attending and celebrating Africa freedom day while at the same time locking up anyone who criticises him. There’s no freedom of speech or press (especially negative press or speech) regarding the President or you’ll find yourself locked up and this guy has the balls to celebrate such a day. It’s either Zambians are too thick to see how he’s slowly changing Zambia to a dictatorship country or Lungu lives in an alternate universe.

  13. The zambia army should be a center of technology and manufacturing with the right investment from government since we do not see any war coming . stop dancing

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