Acting Copperbelt Permanent Secretary (PS), Joyce Nsamba has commended shop owners in Ndola for responding positively to the re-launch of the “Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy “.

ZANIS in Ndola reports that the PS said it is gratifying that the business community is in support of the move which is aimed at promoting cleanness in all cities and towns across the country.

Mrs. Nsamba who participated in the cleaning exercise expressed happiness that Councilors from various wards in the district joined the crusade.

She has further urged Councilors to ensure that they replicate the cleaning exercise in their wards.

And Ndola Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya says the cleaning exercise should be embraced by all Ndola residents.

Mr. Bwalya said it was embarrassing that it had to take the Head of State to call for all local authorities to ensure that their towns and cities are clean.

He added that, as local authorities, Ndola City Council and other councils in the country have a mandate of ensuring that issues of public health are dealt with.

Meanwhile, Ndola Deputy Mayor Kennedy Lasagna has urged all shop owners to ensure that their shops are painted as the local authority will close all those that will not comply.

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  1. I recently visited one of my favourite towns on the Copperbelt and that Ndola, oh boy was very impressed with the cleanliness levels especially when coming from Ndola-Mufulira Roundabout to the Central Business Area. Lets make Kopala great again. Chingola, are you there, comeon guys, lets do it Zambia is so beautiful and thanks to President Lungu for revamping our nation!


    • Great job. Keep it up. We appreciate your effort in keeping Zambia clean. Just one correction. It’s not the head of State (LUNGU) who came up with this initiative. It’s we the ordinary Zambian people who forced the government into making this call after the last devastating Cholera outbreak. So credit should go to the ordinary Zambian people, and not to Lungu.



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