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Motor Vehicles Regulations must be observed by all Government Workers- Mutati

General News Motor Vehicles Regulations must be observed by all Government Workers- Mutati

Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati with Ministry Officials on the Street
Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati with Ministry Officials on the Street

Works and supply minister Felix Mutati says no government worker is exempted from following regulations which guide the use of government motor vehicles.

Mr. Mutati said all officers including ministers are required to have a certificate of competence, a weekend pass when driving government vehicles on weekends and only carry authorized cargo when driving any government vehicle.

He said this in Solwezi when he paid a courtesy call on North-western Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Ephraim Mateyo.

Mr. Mutati said government is spending a lot of money on repairs and maintenance of vehicles because of the high number of officers driving without competence certificates.

He however, expressed pleasure with control mechanisms which the office of the Provincial PS has put in place to ensure that abuse of government vehicles is prevented.

“I am impressed with the fact that North-western province already had government transport control mechanisms in place even before my ministry begun the exercise of inspecting government vehicles. We hope other provinces will take a leaf in emulating what you are doing,” Mr. Mutati said.

He commended the provincial government transport control unit for being professional and effective in carrying out their duties.

Mr. Mutati said inspectors will be recruited in all districts in the province and at provincial level to enhance inspections.

The Minister revealed that there has been significant improvement by government officers in the proper use of government vehicles in Lusaka as only 2 out of 100 vehicles which were inspected yesterday were impounded.

He said his ministry is aiming at reducing the number of vehicles being impounded during inspections to zero.


  1. Now what is to prevent the abuse of the issueing of weekend passes? Who authorises the weekend pass? Ba Mutati yes what you are doing is good but let’s strike the problem from the root- in other words Govt should just stop purchasing these expensive vehicles. They consume a lot of fuel, they are very costly to maintain in a year the maintenance and fuel cost can go up to USD 50,000 or more depending on how much it is being used. What value do we get from these vehicles? As an economist or accountant you would agree that they are Liabilities that have no place for a struggling economy like ours. The other day I watched Maamba colieries handing over the roads they had spent USD2million on in Maamba to the Govt, I was digusted at the latest SUVs that made up the convoy- over 20 vehicles…

    • Ctn… I was digusted at the latest SUVs that made up the GOVT convoy- over 20 vehicles each one costing in the USD100,000 range. Now the total cost of those SUVs is the same as what Maamba Collieries a private company spent on the roads! Does the GOVT not have any shame on spending millions on SUVs to be used by a few under performing top Civil servants when we can’t use that same money to renovate roads? Cry Zambia your children are asleep!

    • Good points there, shikulu.

      However, we have to start from somewhere and what Mutati is doing is highly commendable. To have reduced compliance levels to 2 in 100, that alone is a great achievement.

      After this, he can safely attack your suggestion, which won’t face too much opposition because no one will be benefitting so much. I mean, why recommend a big expensive car you won’t be taking to a bar?

      And then again, the success of this phase, buyers will have more power controlling “tastes”.

      Let’s pray that this spirit of control filters to tenders.

  2. It beggars belief that adults who were employed on regulation and conditions of service have to be policed to actually do their work, stop abusing government workplace property and generally be ethical. We already have a lot of laws and regulations on the books. What we need is a very consistent enforcement mechanism. That RTSA vehicle control you want to throw on the entire country must be piloted on government property FIRST. Please…

  3. Ba Mutati, Well done and may the Almighty God strengthen your resolve to stay on course and keep doing the right thing.
    I work for a large company with a large fleet of vehicles. Like most modern companies in a similar position, we use a Vehicle Tracking System that use GPS. It is extremely efficient and always tells the truth, hence removes the human-lie factor, and very very good value for money by far. Additionally, most car insurance companies offer rebates on premiums when you install such a system. So, food for thought Ba Mutati. All the best in your endeavours to safeguard public property.

  4. It’s like Once the documentation is in place, abuse continues. It can be done but purpose very different. Let’s find a better way like getting permission direct from the DC or ps not those presigned weekend passes.

  5. No regulations for minibus driver? Regulations are there to be tested and enforcement has to take charge. You catch thieves and simply tell them stealing is not illegal. What kind of humans are we? Every Zambian knows too well the amount of shortcomings all of us have.

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