A local herbal researcher says Zambia has the capacity to earn foreign exchange through herbal medicines.

Howard Maila says the country has effective herbs that can help reduce the country’s disease burden.

He has appealed to fellow researchers, scientists and herbalists to work together and foster research in herbs if the high cost of acquiring generic medicines is to be reduced.

Mr. Maila, a herbal scientist says herbalists have not done enough to help government fight numerous diseases that have had a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Mr. Maila says with the increasing levels of both communicable and non-communicable diseases, herbalists can help contain the levels.

Mr. Maila is also appealing to government to learn from China and seriously consider subjecting herbs to clinical and other tests to help reduce the cost of acquiring generic medicines.

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  1. Indeed, how did our ancestors and grand parents survive various ailments including ubushilu? No wonder today they’re many multinational companies coming in as “charities” yet, raking in Billions of dollars by simply asking villagers how we used to clean out teeth with a muchenja tree branch? Today these same charities are creating PEPSODENT/PARACETAMOL etc from the same trees yet, exported and grown in their secret Laboratories in the western world and later; sold to us at great costs. Meanwhile, we’are busy with PENTECOSTALING…


  2. Concentrate on what god has given you in abundance first. Copper, cobalt,etc. Arabs concentrate on oil . Why do we waste time kanshi? They used to say copper will finish by 2010 and we got dupped. Tulifipuba forever? Demand driven resorces are where we should ……they wont stop using copper



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