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New Chinese Ambassador hails Zambia-China relations


The new Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie paying a courtesy call on Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji
The new Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie paying a courtesy call on Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji

Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Jie has hailed the strong bilateral relations that exist between China and Zambia.

Mr. Li who has replaced Mr. Yang Youming, who concluded his mission in Zambia, in April this year, said the relations between the two countries have continued to grow from strength to strength.

The Chinese Envoy has already called on Ambassador Chalwe Lombe, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zambia expressed his delight that he was deeply honored of being the 15th Chinese Ambassador to Zambia.

He said the bilateral relations between China and Zambia are developing continuously and series of important cooperation projects keep making progress and exchanges in various fields have been further expanded and deepened.

Mr. Li said the new The Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit will be held in Beijing in September, and that the Chinese side is looking forward to collaborate with the Zambian side to further promote the China-Zambia friendly relations to a new height with the precious opportunity of the Summit.

And Ambassador Lombe warmly welcomed Ambassador Li on his assumption of office in Zambia and assured that the Zambian side will accord full support to Ambassador Li.

He said the Zambian government attaches great importance to developing relations with China and felt heartfelt gratitude for China’s help and positive contribution to Zambia’s economic and social development.

Ambassador Lombe said the Zambian government is expecting to work with the Chinese side to give full play of the role of the FOCAC Beijing Summit and strengthen the China-Zambia and China-Africa cooperation to a new level.

Earlier, Mr. Li was also welcomed by Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji who stressed that Zambia will make joint efforts with the Chinese side to further strengthen bilateral political, economic, commercial and cultural cooperation to push Zambia-China relations to a new height.

He extended his willingness of establishing good working relations as well as personal friendship with Ambassador Li and wished him a pleasant stay in Zambia.

New Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Jie
New Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Jie


  1. The worst human beings in the name of Chinese. They sont respect human beings. They are the latest imperialists of Africa and in particular enemies of Zambia. Yes Chinese are thieves.

    • What assets does Zambia have in China?

      China has several assets in Zambia. They own most of the prime land, and will soon be the owners of Zaffico, kafue national park, Victoria falls….this list is endless.

      I hope the next government over turn the corrupt transactions by Lungu.

    • I do not think Zambia’s interests are safe with Joe Malanji at foreign affairs. The world is too sophisticated for him to craft a foreign policy that takes care of the national interest. Some dangers to our national interest are obvious to the well-informed but it seems not to our govt and their blind supporters.

    • Yes sir, feel free to plunder as all Zambia is for sale to you bwana mukubwa choncholee…….and don’t worry about the natives who complained when you put your police in Zambia , we still have your police in GRZ , they even have GRZ transport…….now bwana that other ka secreate loan……

  2. Go back to china! Chinese only think about money and nothing else. No ethics, no morals no concern about the environment. Nothing !

  3. HaZaluZa HagaiN! @XJ, you are “right!” Those are the same words from Namwala on Zambians from other parts of Zambia who were brutalised by Namwalans! You also have it in the blood? Right?

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