Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

People’s Alliance for Change Secretary General Mrs Mbaita Musendeka and United for Progressive Party Acting Secretary General Mr Philip Matavu have defected from their political parties to join the newly formed Democratic Party DP.

The Two SG’s who were flanked by their provincial and other senior party leaders all announced their decision to join the DP in Lusaka on Monday.

Speaking at the function in Lusaka, the duo said that they have decided to join DP because it is the only party that will provide true leadership, bring sustainable development and human rights that are being violated every day.

They stated that the DP has demonstrated that it means well for Zambia by virtue of identifying and inviting Bahati PF Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba as a true leader to work with.

They reaffirmed their confidence in the leadership of Mr. Kalaba stating that once he joins DP, he will definitely set a new dawn for Zambia.

They further stated that Mr. Kalaba’s leadership is one which stands exemplary and is an inspiration to the young people who have the passion to serve Zambia.

And to welcome the new members was the Democratic Party Spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the decision made by the duo is one which they will never regret but will bring joy and fulfillment to them and their families knowing that they did it for their country.

Ms Kabemba urged the members to feel free to participate in all party activities emphasizing that there is no new or old member in DP but that all are sons and daughters of the same family with a common goal of liberating Zambia and delivering development for all.

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  1. Kalaba is much better than h.h, no shade of doubt. And Kalaba is worse than any other politician, actually a coward. Like Kambwili not sure of his political clout, so remains member of PF while being the presidential candidate of another party…kikikikiki
    Other than that, no comment on, NEXT story please!!



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