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Israeli investors arrive in Luapula

Economy Israeli investors arrive in Luapula

A fish cages used to hold fish on Lake Bangweulu under the Kambashe Bream Fisheries pilot project in Chilubi District in Northern Province

A team of Israeli Investors has arrived in Luapula Province to evaluate the viability of investing in fisheries and wildlife in the region.

The Israelis who paid a courtesy call on Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa yesterday, are expected to tour Nchelenge, Mansa, Kawambwa, Samfya, Chienge and Chipili districts to appreciate the fishery and wildlife sectors in the province.

ZANIS reports that the delegation will also visit Lake Mweru, Bangweulu and fish breeding centres to appreciate the potential of the fishing industry before touring the Lusenga Plains National Park.

Speaking when he received the investors, Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa assured the investors of government’s support in the province adding that, Luapula is in a hurry to develop and that such investors are welcome.

He said Israel as a country has done extremely well in agriculture despite being a desert which Zambia needed to learn from.

He expressed confidence that the Israeli investors will make a decision to invest in the Province because of the many investment and economic opportunities that government has created in the province.

The Minister told the investors that the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference which was held last year has attracted over 60 investors an indication that the region is conducive for investment.

And delegation leader Major General Gabi Ophir said his team is interested in investing in the fishing and wildlife areas which is why it preferred Luapula Province.

He said he is positive that his company’s tour of the six districts will yield positive results.


  1. The Israeli Investors should be careful in by doing a risk analysis before investing in fisheries and wildlife. Under fisheries, Bembas turn into crocodiles that is why they use the term ukusefya pa ng’wena. Under wildlife, Bembas trun into hyenas and monkeys. Bembss are specialists in stealing,and bewitching .According to Genesis 4:1–16, Cain treacherously murdered his brother Abel. BEMBAS are descendants of Cain , a CURSED “fugitive and wanderer”.

    • It would not surprise me if this PF government is now planning to sell these Luapula lakes.

      The Zambian landmark will be dark and void once Lungu is finished with it.

      Let us protect our beautiful country.

    • Nostradamus I just came back two days ago. It’s a beautiful place which if developed, will encourage our people from flocking to foreign provinces for jobs and other opportunities.

    • Seriously these are not investors. We deserve better. We can google how t manufacture these cages

    • The best thing that can happen to Luapula province for its people given this opportunity with the Israelis is to impress upon them need for a component of research which could lead to help resuscitate the Mpumbu fisheries which was the major pride for the people of Luapula! One only needs to engage the disappearing older generation (elders) on the history of this once very important fish species to people’s livelihoods and what could have led to its total disappearance from the Luapula River Basin. It is said a local version of ‘caviar’ was collected from these fishes and was a delicacy for both Belgians in the Congo (DRC) and local Luapulans, well one reason perhaps eating fish eggs leading to fish population decimation!

      Just thinking of environmental improvements.

    • @1.6 FuManchu, GOOD IDEA, but if the entire species has disappeared how is research going to help to bring it it back?? Certainly with improved technology in aquaculture , Impumbu if found can also be multiplied and bred just like talapia!

  2. Israeli GDP is $373bn while Zambia GDP equals only $23bn. Welcome to Zambia hard working Israelis and shame on us Zambians.

  3. u cant sale every thing , they will be paying themselves huge salaries to send to Israel ,Zambians k1000each .if we cant think let as keep the land for our children.

    • K1000? You’re being generous. It’s usually in the range of K300 to K500. Am sorry but the rest of the world still believes Africans to be slaves deserving of very little.

  4. You mean Zambians cannot manage fish and farming? There is more to this than what has been said here.

  5. It will not surprise me if the people he got money from and promised them to be sold Zambia are pushing him hard so he continues to yap HaNegatives to make them believe he can win! He will NEVER have another opportunity to SELL Zambia Hagain!

  6. Positive strides to successful development! The way to go Chilangwa and team! Do not be swayed by good for nothing nincompoops!

  7. Luapula is rich in natural resources. We only lack credible leaders, luapula can be the powerhouse of Zambia if fully developed.

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