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Government is alarmed with financial and economic crimes in Zambia-Attorney General

Headlines Government is alarmed with financial and economic crimes in Zambia-Attorney General

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka
Attorney General Likando Kalaluka

Government says it is deeply concerned with the increase of financial and economic crimes currently being recorded in the country.

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka has charged that the fight of money laundering and terrorism related financial crimes calls for concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

Mr. Kalaluka who is also Anti – Money laundering Authority Chairperson believes that the formation of Inter- Agency task forces could help increase the ability to effectively fight Financial crimes that include, corruption, bribery drug trafficking , tax invasion and money laundering among others.

The Attorney General was speaking in Lusaka today when he launched the 2017, Money laundering and Terrorism Financing Trends Report.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Kalaluka charged that Government has on its part provided the legal and institution framework in which those charged with responsibilities of fighting financial crimes could carry out their mandate.

Mr. Kalaluka has since urged stakeholders that include all law enforcement agencies to re-strategize their approach to fighting financial crimes in the country in line with the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

And Acting Financial Intelligence Centre Board Chairperson John Kasanga said the report aims to assist stakeholders understand the nature of existing and emerging money laundering and terrorism threats.

Mr. Kasanga called for effective strategies to enable the Centre and other financial institutions in the country investigate and prosecute financial crimes to effect monetary preventive measures on public funds.

Meanwhile, Center Director General Mary Tshuma revealed that the country last year lost an estimated K4.5 billion through various financial crimes.

Mrs. Tshuma said a merger K25 million was recovered on such cases adding that five cases are under prosecution, twenty three cases under investigation and one case successfully convicted.

She says the center is working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure perpetrators of such crimes are brought to book and quickly prosecuted.


  1. Government officials steal and they are alarmed by their level of stealing! I don’t get it. Anyway thieves. Often get carried away!

    • Ignore this SOB

      There is no crime, there is no corruption.

      These are naysayers , UPND and people hell bent to see th President fail in what he is doing.

      On behalf of all Zambians we are happy with the staying of things.



    • Lungu is alarmed…how laughable…he is going round preaching Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala…Lungu should be the first one to be prosecuted

    • And the Attorney General knows exactly who is stealing the money..Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his cabinet ministers

    • Edgar Lungu, the identity thief and a twat who stole from an unsuspecting innocent widow who put faith in him, is an unrepentant pompwe with no limit to his plunder project. HE’LL JUST END UP IN JAIL!

    • Attorney General should harden his balls and sue State House. Most scandal comes from there. Latest is the Stag of Lewis Moyo. That case was a crime, but they are claiming Margerete rescued whoever.

    • We have a Number 1 thief in State House. Just this week Lungu & Lewis Mosho were caught trying to steal $150-million from Zesco through a bogus loan.

      By next week, no one will talk about it & the matter will die a natural death, just like the Swazi land bribe Lungu received from Inyatsi Road Construction.

    • Likando Kalaluka doesn’t mean a word or what he says. He is chief law enforcement officer in name only. By virtue of his position, he is aware of or ought to be aware of massive evidence of financial crime but he chooses to do nothing. This guy will have to answer for this one day.

    • When I’m feeling really, really low because of government corruption, I do sometimes wonder what the world would have been like if the British empire had been non-racial and practising equality among the races. The world would probably have been better off and there would have been no PF govt headed by Edgar Lungu and his fellow corrupt.

    • This id1ocy is absolutely astounding. The most ineffective government administration in the history of Zambia. How can government officials, who are truly in charge keep saying, “we are SADDENED, We are ALARMED.” Government officials should sound like they’re in charge. They work quietly, arresting criminals. When you hear from them, they’re giving information on criminals arrested, warning other criminals that they’ll be next. But this government is doing the exact opposite. Soon international crime syndicates will freely begin to operate and reign in the country, with this kind of ineptness from the government. We don’t need your “sadness,” we don’t need your “alarm.” WE NEED ACTION! Empower the ACC, and other law enforcement agencies. Go after all criminal politicians…

    • (Continued)…to start with. Investigate Lungu and all his buddies. What are you scared of ? The Zambian people are behind you. Come on get to work!

    • There is difference between government and State House, and between PF and Government.
      Most mess is coming from State House and PF.
      There is no one in PF who can take on staff at state house. Anyone at state has balls to sign any loan or receive any gift or close any Newspaper.

    • It must be pathetic to work in this government.As a person who knows Likando he is obviously not the corrupt kind,but God help him,he may have signed a questionable contract,or been compromised to issue a favourable opinion.Working under Lungu as a professional must be scary,imagine these are young men and women who know what is wrong and what is right being forced to choose between their stomachs and their principles,look at the DPP,poor girl probably does not sleep wondering what awaits her after this Pathetic Fools comedy.
      But there are those that cant smell the coffee like State House advisers,God help them,this is what incompetence can do.

  2. In this country, watchdogs, enforcement agencies and regulators often lack capacity, political backing and teeth. In many other cases there are huge ’legislative gaps‘ in anti-corruption laws. Corruption thrives if there is weak capacity in the enforcement agencies, or where there are gaps in the laws. Zambian governments must strengthen the corruption fighting capacity of existing institutions dealing with corruption. Further, enforcement and compliance in Zambian public sectors is often very low – opening up the system for corruption.
    Sometimes, excessive administrative red tape for the most basic public services, such as getting a business license, encourages corruption. Zambian governments should do more to make administrative processes simpler and more transparent, which will reduce…

    • CONT’D….
      Zambian governments should do more to make administrative processes simpler and more transparent, which will reduce the opportunities for corruption. It is important for Zambian countries to professionalize their public services. Merit-based appointments to jobs in public services, regulators and enforcement agencies will go a long way towards reducing the patronage system of ‘jobs for pals’, which fosters the environment for corruption. More transparent methods of appointment should be introduced, including making outcomes of decisions publicly available.

  3. Really laughable ….he is alarmed by financial and economic crimes….has he checked out State House!!

  4. When Munir Zulu says losing power is cause to run away into Exile, it shows you where the actual problem is. The last time EIZ mentioned this, they were accused by the powers that be of politicking. The trouble is – instead of going for the big fishes, they want to tax a poor retiree renting a small house for K1,000.00 which is way below the tax threshold! Zambia is literally taxing itself to death!

    • Constantino Chiwenga
      How does a dumb head whose only discernible talent is ” natolelefye…” or “..ububomba mwibala..” mentality run to anywhere?Dont forget Xaviour run away and with all his training he came back.Edgar has just managed to destroy the future of these little f00ls in his own queer way of showing them love,they will definetly regret having been beneficiaries in this cleptocracy.What they should be also worried with at this time is their perchance of arresting the innocent opponents

    • Kingsley Chanda himself was in attendance by virtue of his position. He will do nothing because he pretends to have heard nothing but will brag about bla, bla bla, bla.

  5. Meanwhile, Center Director General Mary Tshuma revealed that the country last year lost an estimated K4.5 billion through various financial crimes.
    Some one will start accusing others as haters who spread false information when the Government on its own is admitting that there are serious financial crimes in the country. Unfortunately only small boys are being prosecuted for others it will only work when they are out of power. If this statement came from an opposition leader, you would have heard how these scrounges at Lusaka Times were going to cry. I hope they won’t ask their own man to provide evidence or they will bring in issues of no because he comes from her or that province

  6. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    The irony in this statement… do these guys mean what they say? I mean how do they go home and have a peaceful sleep with this kind of hypocrisy? Bo Kalaluka, please start with your boss at State House. A Lozi closing their blind eye to this unprecedented level of ‘busholi, stealing just for a sake of few pieces of silver is very shameful to your parents and your ubgringing. Please quit!

    • Bo Likando,i know it is difficult for you to read these posts but i advise you to read them.What Alternative Facts has just said is something you should pay attention to.Sad my friend but the future for you looks bleak,i hope you are covering your tracks together with the DPP Siyuni my poor little friend.

  7. Gives me the impression that when a household goes to sleep they should guard their valuables against each other. What is it that is causing people to just look for an opportunity to steal? Is it that most have discovered the afterlife is not as rosy as it is painted to be after all? Even then, surely there must be some feeling for the welfare of the fabric of society and letting talent reign for admirable reward… and what is the Auditor General’s role in all this aside from pumping out depressing reports?

    • Kalok
      My dear the presidency sets the tone in everything in a nation.Have you forgotten how in Chiluba’s presidency the whole nation was reduced to nichekeleko?Today it is ububomba mwibala,even the level of public debate is set by State House.Today all we talk about is corruption there is so much we should be engaging each other over.What is worrying is seeing people escorting Edgar to prison with their eyes wide open.
      Havent they stolen enough?They are now fighting over mukula trees after depeting the treasury.

  8. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    By the way MoF statement trying to cover up for Lungu’s theft by telling more lies. How shameful is that?
    At loan was ‘cancelled’, why didn’t Chanda say so last time he tried to explain the illegality of Lungu signing the loan and why has it taken them so long to come up with this s!illy excuse? Why has it cancelled only recently at the end of April this year (perhaps after the scandal broke?)? And what ‘other’ alternative sources are these… what loans, how much and who signed for their guarantee, how much was pocketed this time by Lungu? When did the Ministry of Finance make ‘recourse to other financing options in support of Zesco’s need for the critical electricity power imports.’? Before or after the cancellation?

  9. If the Attorney General was honest, the heading would have been “Government is alarmed with it’s own financial and economic crimes in Zambia-

  10. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    There are so many questions their lying is producing.

    What happened to investigative journalists (if there are still journalists left who are worthy their salt) and what happened to whistle blowers working in these offices and those moving the money in the banks? We had to hear of scandal from a foreign news entity; same with the eSwatini land bribe from Inyatsi.

    And a f00l like B R Mumba supporting this corruption is a disgrace… I didn’t this entire sycophant is an old grandfather who has sold his soul to defending Lungu. At your age you should be preserving your integrity and conscience so you can die in honour.

  11. 37m backs to build eswatini house, where is this money coming from? Mr Kaluluka check state house your fight against these vices will be easy than you thought.

  12. Hello bo Kalaluka, have you just woken up or have you been in space? now you r coming out with the government being in shock? LOL earlier it was the Zesco theft being covered up. Do you guys think all Zambians are dull and uneducated. You guys are shockers huh.

  13. The chief facilitator and sponsor of this economic criminal impunity is Lungu himself. He’s threatened the ACC regarding who to charge ,he’s the beneficiary of a shady mansion and he’s seen nothing wrong with $1m apiece firetrucks.

  14. Thieves have now come to roost and realized just how much they stolen hence being alarmed. Your days are numbered, enjoy the loot while you can and prepare for jail you dimwits. There is a time for everything bamambala imwe.

  15. Government? PF government? Is this a joke? Did he mean citizens? When did PF start getting concerned about their own misdeeds? This is even more stupld than the word stupld.

  16. These institutions are just created to silence the opposition and voices of dissent. Just see how acc is now after kambwili after he left government and started talking against them. Yet all these shady deals being exposed everyday are never investigated.

    • Awe ba Sharon bena abafyashi babwelelepofye. Ni Bemba they say; Amano yabula noko, wemwana niwewise uyamone? That’s all I can see on this girl. What a shame. Ubu ebuluse. In English, this one is a total loss.

  17. The state counsel honour in law practice is too cheap in Zambia and there ought to be grounds for its withdrawal. There are some who would surely qualify if what I have said had been provided for.

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