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President Lungu says he will not tolerate people distabilising PF in the name of being founder members


President Lungu has told Patriotic Front (PF) members in North-western Province to roll up their sleeves and work hard to make the party welcoming to people in the region.

President Lungu was speaking at Solwezi airstrip this morning when he received over five former councillors who defected from the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

The President said those that are not happy with new members joining the PF should leave the party because every well-meaning Zambian has the right to feel welcome in Patriotic Front.

President Lungu charged that he will not tolerate people claiming to be founding members of the PF just to destabilise the ruling party, by pushing aside new members.

The President added that he will embrace forgiveness and tolerance but will not condone selfishness in the party by sidelining new members.

And UPND Kamalamba ward Councillor, Edward Samwata, who led former mayors and other councillors in defecting to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) said President Lungu’s leadership was commendable and hard to ignore.

Mr. Samwata said President Lungu’s humility and good leadership has turned the PF into an attractive party.

Mr. Samwata thanked the Head of State for his love and commitment towards developing North-western Province through unprecedented developmental activities currently taking place in Solwezi.

Mr. Samwata’s sentiments were echoed by other councillors who joined the PF at Solwezi airstrip.

PF North-western Provincial Chairperson Jackson Kungo assured President Lungu that the new members will be allowed to participate in the running of the party without discrimination.

President Lungu left Solwezi at about 10:34 hours this morning.

And President Edgar Lungu has urged Patriotic Front (PF) members in North-western Province to unite and avoid fighting in order to grow the party in the region.

Speaking at the PF North-western Province “Meet the President” fundraising dinner in Solwezi last night President Lungu said the party needed to foster internal unity in order to attract new membership.

The President said the PF has continued positioning itself as an attractive party of choice but that members needed to learn to work together and avoid unnecessary differences that are detrimental to the unity of the party.

President Lungu said he would not have become President if it were not for the strength and unity of party both in 2015 and 2016 elections.

And speaking earlier, North-western PF Provincial Chairperson, Jackson Kungo, assured President Lungu that the party in the region was intact and that it had embarked on a new recruitment drive to position PF as a party of choice in the area.

Mr. Kungo said he was happy with the response the party was receiving in the province as huge numbers of opposition political party members, including councillors have continued defecting to the PF.

The meet the President Dinner dance was held to raise resources for the construction of a K4.5 million PF provincial office in Solwezi.


  1. Lungu is not presidential material. As he does not have the aura and charisma that is necessary for one to be a source of inspiration, he is badly in need of image builders and a stylist. He also needs a peridontist and a stylish barber. I am just saying!!!!

    • “over five former councillors”? Can’t you count and just give us the figure? This is not in the range of 20 or 30!

    • No Lungu just chanced the presidency he is not presidential material. He has no stamina to look after PF because he has no vision hence depending of MMD. Its the reason why he sidelines staunch PF members because the MMD dictates what he does. Now he is referring to Luo, Kapata and Lubinda. One day Kambwli shall be vindicated as those those with blind flowing still see humble president. Fili uko tuya.

    • That’s because he neither knows where he came from nor knows where he is going…..really laughable..he is simply a chancer hand picked by thieves

    • The Lazy thing is in NW telling you to roll up your sleeves and work yet him when he is in State House he is busy sleeping …he is simply there checking on what more contracts to award Inyatsi Group.

    • Bwana Edgar you have been singing this song for some time now and Your party is still unstable. To be honest it is easier to shoot some for being in opposition for a long time but in fact it is difficult to maintain a party outside Government without the ‘dirty’ benefits that come with it; just ask MMD and UNIP… and to be Honest the PF would hardly survive a Year outside of Government Lungu lacks any form of Leadership quality to run a party outside Government and he will relinquish the PF presidency immediately he is out. The PF is an extremely fragile party and that is a fact. You can give it all the pretense of being democratic which it is not but this party is a ZOMBIE maintained by having access to GRZ resources and we are paying the high price.

      So far so good. Your are in the positive.

    • The President said those that are not happy with Dora Siliya joining the PF should leave the party and be like Kambwili

  2. Lungu’s statements and activities in Solwezi means he went for political engagements disguised as “two day working visit”. Lungu is a fraud .

  3. Speaking at the PF North-western Province “Meet the President” fundraising dinner in Solwezi last night President Lungu said the party needed to foster internal unity in order to attract new membership.

    These fundraiser events are simply venues that encourage corruption in the name of the “office of the President”…how can you have such an event when its not even an election in the area….you state you are going on a working visit yet you are looking for new members…do you know what being Head of State is?

  4. Lungu can you address the nation concerning the myriad of corruption allegations against you……you think by keeping silence the people will forget ?

    • No…this man should just have been a minster or MP so he could assist in raising funds for constructing PF Provisional Offices like he doing and let Amos be President.

  5. There is no such thing as being presidential. If that were true why are all those you claim to be ” presidential” not been presidents before Lungu? No one was born president, it’s acquired through the vote. People vote for someone because they believe that particular person’s manifesto resonates with thier beliefs and not ifyo ifyama presidential what! What nonsense.

    • You are a dreamer who doesn’t know that Lungu said he had no vision and referred to a manifesto as just a mere piece of paper. So what are you talking about? The only president that zambia voted for refering to his manifesto was sata though he also duped them.

  6. LT why don’t you publish the The Financial Intelligence Centre’s Trends Report for 2016 …its available for download at

    • Been wondering too why the haven’t … there was an interesting piece on ‘utility vehicles’ 🙁

    • @jay jay

  7. Kambwili is one of those people who strongly supported Lungu to be president because he knew he was going to benefit in a big way, and benefited he has. Kambwili is making all the noise not because he has the heart for the Zambians but for himself only. He is a very selfish man just like Lungu. KAMBWILI CANNOT BE TRUSTED. HE IS EQUALLY A VERY BIG CROOK. Kambwili demonised the tongas and today he wants their support. If tongas, Lozis and all the people from N Western will support Kambwili then they are surely dull as he put it that time he was eating with Lungu. It must be a lesson to other politicians to remember to think through something before saying it. Zambians are not stup1d ba Kambwili.

  8. Lungu we Zambians will also not tolerate you destabilizing Zambia’s economy with reckless borrowing ,running a sluggish economy and electioneering 24/7.

  9. At the pace UPND is losing members to PF in its so called strongholds,HH has to worry too much because he could get an embarrassing defeat in 2021.
    I have always reminded UPND die hard tribalists camped in this region party that Levy Mwanawasa managed to convet voters in Western and N/Western from UPND lovers to MMD voters in 2006.Am seeing ECL achieving that in 2021 as long as Kainde’s team continue sleeping!!Only numbers can win you elections.As while PF leaders are camping in UPND strongholds,Kainde’s men are stack in Lusaka jumping from one radio or tv station to another and having endless or useless press conferences!!Whatever Kainde says in Lusaka just end up in few bantustan phones has UPND has no national media to spread their information!!!

  10. I notice with owe that its only the same twits on this blog who are in denial and keep frustrating themselves daily by posting USELESS and MEANINGLESS comments against President Lungu. My free advise to these creatures is that let them move around Zambia and take look at what Development PF under President Lungu is undertaking. In 2021 when PF sontapo, and the votes roll in, dont wonder because PF has and is laying a FIRM foundation too impossible to shake.

  11. Malinso what development are you talking about, while people are starving to death. The people who were dancing in the streets that ECL has won are now wallowing in extreme poverty. The sontapos you talking about are marred with massive corruption very evident for all to see. PF party just two years after winning disputed elections is having a tough time keeping themselves together. You need to pray hard that PF will not be very weakened by then as you can see the in fighting, I predict by 2021 the party will be full of useless bootlickers with original members sidelined. Don’t forget your ECL is preparing his mansion which means most likely he is going to go into hiding by then.

    • Come back home and see for your self,don’t be delusional from outside and it does not make you any wiser,these paid bloggers are all outside and have no idea whats happening here,not all is rosy but we True zambians appreciate and have seen no alternative

  12. @Kaputo Davies what would you rather have ” a thief squealing the beans and calling out other thieves to our attention” or ” a thieving President who keeps quiet”? Do the math. The buck stops with the highest authority. If Kambwili stole someone in higher authority should have checked him there and then. In this instance they are both evil but the lesser evil is the one spilling the beans, more so that he has less authority then the Head of State. You are the reason we vote stupidly!

  13. ECL, its time you woke up & turned around this economy which at some point was a manufacturing power house in the central / southern africa sub-region. Surely Zambia can regain her status with the revamping of the industrial development corporation. Look Zambians, we’ve got Trade Kings as an illustration that Zambia can do it. Stop politicising everything. Doctor KK, Mwanawasa & king cobra Sata had good political visions for this nation, pls reflect & learn from these noble legacies. It’s never too late to learn. You also have DR.John magufuli closeby to learn from.

  14. Edgar was just an average PF member, he wasn’t even in Sata’s inner circle. He far from the position Kabimba held, he didn’t command that much following nor authority. He just stumbled on motherlucky to become president, no wonder some members began to position themselves to succeed him immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. Everyone had realized that you didn’t to be a super human being to be president. Even now he doesn’t command much respect, so how can he ask others to leave the PF that he didn’t found? It’s laughable to say the least

    • I agree with you that evl wasn’t in satas onner circle that’s why he used to be appointed acting president everytime sata was out of the country

    • Princess of Sussex – He appointed because he knew he had no vision to lead or had any ambitions ..just a drunk!!

    • Princess of Sussex, you don’t know PF. The person that convinced Sata and others about Edgar is Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda, he’s his godfather. Ask Wynter the person who were always with Sata he will mention Miles, Alexander, Chenda, GBM, Chimese, Kasolo, etc

  15. Except for his wife that has always stood by him, most of the people surrounding Edgar will shun him the moment he leaves office. Especially the MMD characters that he’s fallen in love with. Nawakwi cried when she saw those that claimed to be FTJ’s relatives in the forefront demanding the lifting of his immunity, that’s how MMD operates

  16. They haven’t defected on principal but they have been bought at k300,000.Pf is buying councilors bwana its no longer a secret imaging a poor councilor being offered such in amount do u think he can overcome such a temptation!!! Pf is desperate with bye elections the way they are doing it I can’t be surprised if they resort into killing poor councilors who are resisting there offers just to create the bye elections. What kind of hypocrite is this!!!

  17. Just a question Will mutati welcome anyone who Will move from PF to join MMD? Since he is in our PF government .

  18. Anyway it’s now that they have realised that politics is about numbers and not who came first, second or third.

  19. It’s easier to control a country than a political party.

    It’s easier to be accountable to political donor, than to the taxpayers.

  20. Let’s just start chasing the Chinese from our country, and will see who will be funding lungu and his government, in this country we are so relactant we don’t talk about facts , we are not seeing that Chinese have taken over our country colonizing it let’s think positively and forge ahead, we should stop this new colonialism

  21. Ba Lungu who are you in PF? the vocabulary you are using is completely confusing, you can’t say i won’t tolerate anymore nonsense in the party regarding the new members who are joining our party, the general members are the solid foundation of our party, how can you trust new members? we don’t know what kind of pipo or the character of the in coming members? let the new members earn trust through being honest and hardworking to the party before you start appointing them to sensitive positions. Stop using the word I or me, consult the top Mcc before you make move on anything, the party is supreme not an individual.

  22. Northwestern province is now a PF strong hold and the opposition is feeling the heat. President Lungu is God given and even in 2021 , he will sail through.The two Ministers or so who left will forever regret their political error of miscalculation .

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