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Zambian Presidency has been reduce to nothing


Professor Gibson Mwewa
Professor Gibson Mwewa

The office of the president is being mismanaged in Zambia, says International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigations professional government liaison director for Africa Professor Gibson Mwewa.

In a media statement, Professor Mwewa who is the author of the book forensic investigations in Zambia says the Presidency has been reduced to nothing due to poor and unprofessional advisor.

“The Presidency is the highest constitutional office of our land and Country – Zambia. It is an institution in its own right. The way the presidency is managed and presented speaks volumes about the stature and state of the nation. The actions of the President and the presidency as a collective institution are a direct reflection of the quality of expertise that contribute and guide the president and the presidency on all decisions be it public, corporate or private.”

He stated that once a person is ushered into the office of president, he ceases to make personal plans and programs because he becomes state property.

“The president from the day he is ushered into office, he or she becomes a property of the state. He ceases to make his own plans and programmes. His/her steps are ordered by constitutional expectations and are Guided By Statehouse Advisors on a wide range of headings ranging from security, economy, social to even what type of food is served. The quality of the actions and outcomes of the decisions undertaken by the president are a reflection of the advice and guidelines he/she receives from the team of advisors surrounding the presidency.”

He stated that it is abundantly clear that several revelations surrounding the presidency are a sign of unprofessional adviors to the President.

Prof Mwewa states that the President is getting half baked information on key national issues.

“After careful consideration and analysis it is becoming abundantly clear that several revelations and ongoing happenings surrounding the presidency are unfairly (to some extent abusively) being blamed on the President. STAG Loan – Sovereign Guarantee. It looks like no professional due diligence was conducted on the capacity of STAG to deliver the loan to Zesco with same level urgency under which the the president was guided in order for him to sign the STAG Loan – Sovereign Guarantee,” he stated.

“Surely, if the loan was urgent due to a critical need that bordered on the currently running short of power supply if such a transaction was not secured – how can Zesco Directors, Attorney General, Ministry of Finance, The Presidential advisors and the Security Wing fail to see through the lack of capacity to deliver the loan on the part of the contracting party in this case Stag African Investments Limited.Surely, how did the full amour of the Presidency advisors fail to see that this whole thing was not adding up given the urgency of the matter?,” he asked.

Prof Mwewa stated that State House has being exposed to a lot of illegal deals which are of personal gain.

“It is an unfortunate that half-baked advisors in the Presidency Office, who are trusted with solemn and grave national responsibilities/ duties , are causing the name of H.E the President to be associated with a number of flawed actions and outcome such as;eSwatini Land Gift, The leaking of Con-Court Decisions, The confusion on Political Dialogue process,

The sluggish approach to fighting corruption and financial crimes.”

Prof Mwewa stated that Zambians should consider championing the need for a reformed presidency.

“The lack of expertise and skill in the handling of some above stated and many more matters of national importance is a worrying development which is lowering the stature of the Presidency.We call upon all well meaning Zambians, the Church and Civic Society to consider championing the need for a reformed presidency team to help the President run the country with a professional stature and respect his office deserves.”


  1. The observations are true. Unfortunately, this is the case in all aspects of running the country and in homes peoples homes. Back to basics is what we really need. Everything is broken. It has to start with education, health care, social security and independent institutions of government. Here is why: Education will provide the tools required to solve problems and guide how to approach new situations. Health care is a pillar of any developmental activity (everything else follows after that). Social security will reduce the fear that people have of waking up one day without food or shelter (you get the idea i guess). Finally, We need strong and independent institutions to deliver impartial justice, law and order.

    • Zambian professorship has been reduced to nothing.
      Think deep, bring out thoughts no NGO has ever said before. Do something!!!
      You are calling upon others to do what for you?
      Go and do something motherffuucker.
      Selfies will not help us.

    • Yes, professorship has become cheap. He chose the advisors himself and is comfortable with them. Who are you to question that? You say there is a problem but CL sees none.

    • People always like to shield Lazy Lungu as if he is a child …this man is a lawyer in all honesty you don’t need to practice law to know what you are doing is wrong unless you are just very dull or extremely arrogant.

  2. The people of this beautiful, peace loving country deserve a lot better than Lungu.

    He has failed miserably. The only thing he has increased is his bank account balances, corruption, and violence.

    Zambians, say no to corruption. Say no to Lungu

    • True that Zambians “deserve a lot better” but its they themselves who elect to get what they think they deserve thus no need for expression of displeasure for what is being endured! Is it a question of Zambians being ignorant to rights of entitlements under any government and or choosing being satisfied with mediocrity when in neighboring countries people hunger for action that targets changes which raise levels at both individually and nationally!

      Sometimes the feeling one gets of the behavior among compatriots is one of nestlings with open mouths to get by while the few are raping the country left right and center! What the professor is sharing is just grammar if himself instead of being an active participant is out to cajole others into holding the bull by the horns! End result…

  3. Very correct. Unfortunately with the current president everything is personal. ……i have been gifted land ka nkulepo na bond.
    …..ninkupela contract. Build me this and that. What leadership is this?????

  4. Don’t just blame his advisors. He appoints most of them and still keeps them when they are making glaring mistakes. What does that say about him as their boss? Isabi ukubola litampila kumutwe. The buck stops with him unfortunately.

  5. Of course the picture accross says it all, this man would not qualify to be a president not even of Alice’s Wonderland! You can think of literally all the vile vices that bedevil African presidents and Lungu Mutaware is endowed with all of them in abundance. The guy is a scambug of note and even those sorrounding him all know the crook has zero ability. To make matters worse, when they selected him, they knew he was seriously alcoholic and his morals sexually were to say the least abhorrent. He is also an unrepetent thief who would sign a sovereign guarantee worth half a billion dollars three days before national elections knowing only too well as a lawyer that he has no such powers. One now understands why Kabila, Gadhafy and other Africa dictators were violently killed by their own…

  6. people, its the only punishment fully commensurate to the sins these *****s commit against their own people.

  7. Unfortunately the truth hates. Indeed a lot of work needs to be done. Our president is always in the news for wrong reasons. In you look at Southern Africa, he is next to Kabila. The most unfortunate part is that all these fake divisors will scamper and leave him alone to face the music. There is no hope for better things in the long run.

  8. @Bamwine meant to say, “hurts” not hates. remember, we are all in this together guys. What we are experiencing in Zambia are consequences of our actions. Poor education, weak institutions, corruption etc. Remember action is equal to reaction or said differently, we are reaping what we sowed. The bible confirms it in Galatians 6:7

  9. It’s not only the Presidency that has been reduced but other important public offices. One has to only look at the calibre of some of the ministers and permanent secretaries for proof. Under Lungu, any one can be appointed to these officers as long as they sing his praises.

  10. Lungu is a corrupt theif…….he does not even attempt or try to deny this……as some one above said , don’t blame his advisories , he appoints them himself, he knows who he wants near him….all crooks.

    The political violence , tribal mudslinging and corruption is all part of lungu.

    Stealing and corruption is now seen as part of any GRZ job description…

    • You mean there are thieves who are not corrupt. Of course you know someone who steals but he’s not corrupt. How interesting.

    • I t was shocking to see the people basata fired reinstated immediately ecl was elected and sorn in,the notable one was kaizer.Then someone says he learned a lot from Mr.Sata, what a big lie and deception!!

    • But factual reality of institutionalised corruption and collapse of the Rule of law already cost People of Zambia billions upon billions of dollars.
      How many more generations are going to be economically enslaved to satisfy their’s thirst for meaningless “development” ?

  11. Its true. Ba ECl let him start rulng and not leading. we know where this country is being taken by PF, It is transformation. But we need a Kateka with a degree of firmation to make people work and also to make his advisors not cheat him.

    • How do you make advisors not to cheat you? You’ll have to employ people to spy on them and spies to spy on the spies and so on. People need to be honest and professional.

  12. Perhaps the writer can be excused because previously we had presidents who were surrounded by a lot of myth to the extent that some were suspected of using witchcraft. Lungu is so ordinary. But it’s time to accept that even ordinary people can be president of our nation.

    • Continued. …it’s very painful to see a guy you used to share Mosi with at Chawama beer halls become a president of your country. Ubufumu bucindika umwine so if you don’t respect Lungu today you’re setting a dangerous precedent in that your country will be measured by your narrative you wage against Lungu. …it’s Lungu you are destroying, it’s your country. You may not see the damage now because you’re blinded by your agenda. But down the line you’ll realize and then it’ll be too late.

    • So who do we blame for all the corruption scandals rocking the nation ? Has lungu ever come on air yo answer questions or address the nation regarding any of those allegations ?

  13. To some extent I agree with Professor Mwewa. But he is professor from where? Ba LT when you mention a professor for the first especially from the blues, you have to give a little bit of his background including his major works and literature. But he is probably a professor, looking at his dressing. Others may not think he is a professor based on his name and perceived tribe, they will not say it but we all know them on LT. And they know themselves whom I am referring to.

    • How do professors look? Haven’t you seen professors wearing jeans and polo shirt? Come to the USA and see what professors wear. In fact, people call them by their first names rather than academic titles.

  14. When I say to some extent I agree, I make reference to the likes of brain bankrupt kids like Amos Chanda and the komboni ruffian Kaizer Zulu who to me is no different from the Tokota gangsters, but that only my opinion. Mr President please do something about who surround you, you need advisors and not yes men. Not me but advisors of my calibre….seriously. And certainly not jjjjj, no matter how hard he lobbies, he is an empty brain really…..well not him alone but especially him and Spaka…..kikikikiki

    • Lungu and statehouse are corrupt and have zero morals and integrity because of having supporters like you……you have no idea what good governance means as long as lungu makes people dance dunnuna and borrows ati development

      …..have you ever asked your self why lungu can never have a free to ask press conference ?

  15. IAm very certain that this Mwewa doesnt hail from Luapula because people from that rich Province dont yap nonsense like this. If you insinuate that immediately someone assumes the Presidency position, he or she must stop thinking for himself/herself then that person should become a ROBOT! Sh1t.
    See how Donald Trump has turned the tables in the US. He does things as he sees them right and the results are there for all to see. Same is happening here and as long as we getting our development, so be it because we dont vote for rhetoric nor cheap talk but results.

    • Kagame has turned Rwanda around for the better so much that even the West which was against him are falling over themselves to receive him.

    • unfortunately TRump results are wrong in american history,many african americans ,spanish-latino,asians we feel like this is not our country.police brutality,racism,name it all.trump has the white mentality of just give them enough money for food,and use them.

    • How has Trump turned things around? Where are you getting that erroneous information from? Please do not mislead people. Instead, ask folks who are in the USA to relate the story. We are here, interact with fellow Americans, and know what is happening.

    • Of course Trump has taken the USA 250 years backwards. I wouldn’t trust him even for a second in both home and foreign policy. He’s no better than Adolf Hitler except this time around the world has enough controls to cage the animal called Trump.

    • What results you mental slave! You believe all white propaganda without even questioning it. He is the craziest president to ever rule and you will soon the disaster he is about to cause

  16. Rule #1: Stick to the topic
    Rule #2: No tribalism here please
    Rule #3: Don’t write anything if you have nothing sensible to say
    Rule #4: Share impartial information without calling each other names

  17. The professor is right in his observation. The public service need a paradigm shift towards honesty and integrity. The civil servants of today are just there to still and misappropriate the government resources since they know that no one will question the other more over the UPND will say its the President who is a thief. This is a generation with no conscience. Even if HH was to take over from ECL today, nothing can change because change can only be achieved by masses. As an individual, a family, and a society, change is needed in us. Zambian people, you need to change for the better and have sense of belonging and guard the little resources you are entrusted to manage as if it is yours not the government. The issue of blaming ECL will take you nowhere. A common officer with a…

  18. Cont……….certificate from a trade institute is earning K5 000, but building a house worthy K700 000, driving a car worthy K150 000, sending kids to private schools in Lsk. How do you explain that when this individual has no other source of income.

    • A doctor at a mission hospital in peri urban copperbelt has just been sacked for pilfering drugs which he is suspected of using at his clinic.

  19. Thanks professor for putting things so clearly and candidly. With ‘advisors’ like Amos Chanda can the presidency be anything but an empty tin of chibuku?

  20. Tell that to the Law Association of Zambia, may be since you are a processor they might listen to you because at the moment they seem to have gone off the road on the debate of whether the Zambian presidency is a public office or a private kantemba! They are for the latter!

  21. Zambians somehow wait for a savior to save them from themselves. In the end, it all comes down to our homes, families and collectively as citizens. The fact is charity begins at home. True power belongs to the people and it starts with loving and respecting one another.

  22. The next thief will take stealing to another level until people start voting with their heads and not their bellies.

  23. “Zambian Presidency has been REDUCE… to nothing!!!!!” Did the Professor write this or the journalist did? Next time please ask professors based in South Africa, they are smarter than you, sir.

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