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Keith Mukata tried to work with us, but was frustrated by UPND-President Lungu


PF's Chilanga Rally
PF’s Chilanga Rally

President Edgar Lungu has said that incarcerated former Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata tried to work with the ruling Patriotic Front(PF) to bring development to Chilanga, but was frustrated by the leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Speaking yesterday at a final rally in Chilanga, where he drummed up support for Mrs Maria Langa Phiri, the PF candidate in the forthcoming Chilanga Parliamentary By-Elections slated for June 5, 2018, the president stated that it was only reality that he would work better with a Child from his home who would find it easy to approach him to lobby for development for the area.

“Keith Mukata tried to work with us . However, the leadership from the Party he was representing did everything to frustrate him until that unfortunate incident that landed him in Prison. But we have to look to the future and now we have this seat that must be filled. Ensure you put someone who will bring development to this Community, ” the president said said .

“For example, there is no one who goes to the Father excerpt they pass through his Son Jesus Christ. So, in the same vein, that is why the PF Members of Parliament find it easy to get to me as the father of PF and the nation, to lobby for development for their constituencies.

“Our colleagues in the opposition who try to ask us for development for their areas are heavily penalized by their leaders. So, if you want progress in this Constituency, Give us Maria Langa and watch development come alive for you after June 5 2018, ” the President Added

And President Lungu stated that the PF Candidate Mrs Maria Langa was no stranger to the People of Chilanga as she had aspired for the position of Council Chairperson in 2016.

“We have all seen the dedication and hard work of Maria Langa in the Party and in the community. She is a well known and respected business woman.” He said

“We will go round the rest of the wards in Chilanga and tell them that if they make the mistake of voting for a wrong candidate, they will have themselves to blame when development doesn’t come to the area.

“Make my Job easier and make your lives in this area easier by simply voting for this person who I will work with to bring you development.”

Voting for the Member of Parliament for Chilanga will take place on the tomorrow. The Chilanga Seat fell vacant after the incarceration of the Member of Parliament Mr Keith Mukata who is serving time in Prison for the Murder of His Security Guard.

PF's Chilanga Rally
PF’s Chilanga Rally
PF's Chilanga Rally
PF’s Chilanga Rally
PF's Chilanga Rally
PF’s Chilanga Rally


  1. When a candidate rolls on the pordiam or ground to ask for votes, you know they are looking for their own good. Those are mind games to fool people that they are humble. Let’s open our eyes Zambians.

    • I am sure when you lose as usual you will think the win is photo shopped …. just admit and be very afraid PF azawina nafuti. Chalidiba

  2. “We will go round the rest of the wards in Chilanga and tell them that if they make the mistake of voting for a wrong candidate, they will have themselves to blame when development doesn’t come to the area” This nonsense must be challenged in the court of law so that this dirty mouth must stop producing such ridiculous words. Now we have heard why development is selective in the country.

    • Development is never selective. UPND MPs are not cooperating enough because they fear HH. They do not want to work with the government of the day and so lose out on so many issues. Development has been taken to all corners of the country by PF and MMD.

    • I agree.A ruling party threatening opposing voters with withholding development is an elections malpractice.Development tax and loans are paid for by all Zambians irrespective political party allegiances.


  4. Lungu is indeed the worst president Zambia can ever have…….a corrupt theif who is a confirmed fraud convict….preaching wako no wako politics from a president ?

    This is bad.

    Very bad.

  5. dont bring the name of Jesus and the Heavenly Father in your cheap politics…. simple man think where you came from before you utter evil…… Simple man fear God and dont misuse the name of Jesus

  6. @Spaka like lilo:Yes Lungu is indeed the worst president Zambia can ever have in your head!!BUT IN OUR HEADS AND IN THE HEADS OF THOSE THOUSANDS OF ZAMBIANS YOU ARE SEEING AT A PF RALLY ABOVE,ECL IS THE DARLING(BEST)!!!your hatred for ECL shall just kill you because ECL is very loved by majority Zambians especially in 6.5 provinces!!Numbers do not lie.just see thousands above!!MUKOSE BA UPND AS EVEN CHILANGA MAYBE GRABBED FROM YOU TOMORROW BY MIGHTY PF!!!
    If PF can attract such a huge crowd in an area which is said to be a UPND stronghold,then you must get concerned.Tomorrow 7 by elections will be on.We expect 6-1 or 7-0 scoreline in favour of Mighty PF-mark my words!!!
    Calling ECL names wont win UPND any elections because Zambians know who means well and who is just bitter!!

  7. UPND should blame themselves for allowing HH to hold them by their balls, because its a sheer waste of one’s time to vote for a UPND representative who is threatened and reprimanded by HH whenever that person seeks Government help to bring development to the people. In the end, the one who suffers is the same people that Ichilema has been misusing and threatening in the name of “Muli kaboto”.
    Just see how Keith Mukata has been deserted by the UPND simply because he wanted as much as he could to work with Government and bring the much needed development in Chilanga. Even when he was convicted, UPND deserted him and on top of that adopted the very person who was his co-accused, how heartless can HH be! Dont be fooled, UPND under HH has no future and its a waste on energy and time to…

  8. UPND lost its direction a long time ago and people have realised that its a sheer waste of time and energy trying to support a party where everything begins and ends with one person, and a perpetual loser himself for that matter. North Western Province has realised this and see how much development is taking place there, its amazing! Equally, Chilanga is a satelitte of Lusaka and why should the people there denied development by HH simply because he himself doesn’t want the area MP to work with Government which allocates resources? First, HH imposed its UPND candidate on the people of Chilanga and this person was a co-accused in murder case with Keith Mukata. HH is very vindictive, the fact that Mukata tried to work with Government on development of Chilanga, its was a crime to HH. Why…

  9. contd
    Why then would anyone even dare waste his or her vote on any UPND candidate when in fact it means nothing simply because HH doesnt want to see development for fear of his own shadow? Tomorrow, Chilanga people, woke early vote PF and start enjoying the fruits of development and let HH continue with his hallucinations. Its sad to see how our children in the so called UPND strongholds are suffering simply because HH, the alpha and omega of UPND has stopped its MPs from seeking and working Government of development matters. Meanwhile, time is going others are getting the benefits whilst HH is stopping it. DONT VOTE FOR UPND, BECAUSE NOTHING WILL CHANGE ITS THE PEOPLE AND CHILDREN WHO WILL CONTINUE LIVING IN EXTREME POVERTY BECAUSE HH THREATENS ITS MPS.

    • What this PF rat psaying is that if you are not bemba or an easterners you will not get development even if you pay tax….by extension if you are not one the tribes your employment in GRZ is at risk…

      ……so put your numbers together to kick these corrupt tribalists out of office….

  10. Is that why he remained in Parliament when his colleagues had walked out? Please you Lazy man stop peddling lies about bringing development when voters elect a ruling party candidate …its 2018 and you are still cheating people with cheap politics….we all pay tax its not PF’s money

  11. So now ECL is equal to Jesus Christ! Nobody sees development except through this man!!! I am not a member of any of these foolish political party BUT I am a believer of God and His Son Jesus Christ…and Lungu is nowhere near them.

    God sees and hears these things…..He is not one to fool around with! Our politics are so shallow that one is correct when they say people love ECL…because it shows the level of the people in Zambia way of thinking!

  12. If crowds can determine the outcome, then PF has 51% chance of winning this seat. If I remember correctly in the past there was by election in Chilanga and Upnd lost to MMD with a candidate by the name Captain Moono…..I can be corrected.


  14. I quote:
    ‘For example, there is no one who goes to the Father excerpt they pass through his Son Jesus Christ. So, in the same vein, that is why the PF Members of Parliament find it easy to get to me as the father of PF and the nation, to lobby for development for their constituencies.’

    This is flawed my President. If Democracy and Governance was alive and well, all the Members of the Zambian Parliament are like the Son, and you are like the Father.

    National institutions are not inferior to party political institutions. Tifunika kuleka kuvalila vovala mukati.

  15. God forbid, bitterness, hate speeches or insults will not make UPND win elections. If anything you are just taking your party far away from potential voters. in any case, you are not campaigning for your party to win but campaigning for it to lose. Kikikikikikiki. I did not know that there are some people who are as dull as these who are dropping their comments here. Surely what is the role of an MP in the constituency. This person is elected to take development to his or her constituency. Now if this person is refused to go closer to the coffers where he or she can draw finances to develop the area by their bosses, how are they going to foster much needed development to the people who voted for that particular MP? you are right the gvt uses your money through tax to develop all the areas…

    • @stackson Ngombe, it is not possible to be normal and belong to UPND at the same time. There is a simple rule about not insulting a croc while your butt is still in the water.

  16. Insolent tribal lazy bum son of the lazy bum tribal polygamist father cum tribal gathering chief hooligan and bully can’t still get it! He thinks HaTribes first before he thinks!

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