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Major Kachingwe pens book about HH’s prison experience


Former MMD National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe has released a book that details UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s 127 day in prison on treason charges.

The book titled Making of a “President, Destined to Rule”, Mr Kachingwe makes a bold projection that Mr Hichilema will one day rule Zambia.

The book also highlights some of the major events which took place during the UPND leader’s time in prison following his treason charge.

It delves into Mr. Hichilema’s life experience in prison from April II when he was brutally arrested from his New Kasama residence to the time he was taken to Mukobeko Maximum Prison and eventually released from prison through a Nolle Prosequi on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

The book also covers both inclusive and exclusive interviews from critics of his arrest who tirelessly offered support and solidarity within and outside Zambia’s boundaries. Enjoy the book by buying a copy.

The book also contains the cross examination in court by Mr. Hichilema’s defence team comprising Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and other senior state counsels like Vincent Malambo, Martha Mushipe and Jack Mwiimbu.

The book titled Making of a “President, Destined to Rule”
The book titled Making of a “President, Destined to Rule”


    • Yes more books needed, but not that junk by Mukwita. Total trash of lies which has put Edgar in horrible team of con-men. Recall that book and sue Mukwita.

    • I’ve nothing against HH, but saying because he was imprisoned means he’s destined or qualified to rule Zambia is ridiculous. HH seems like a nice guy, and he seems to be more patriotic than Lungu. But at the same time, he scares some of us by his intolerance of his party members who wish they could challenge him for UPND top leadership. He’s been party president for 12 years (since 2006). That’s equivalent to two terms of national presidency. If he truly wants to prove that he’s not just another dictator in the waiting, he needs to allow challenge from his party members for the party presidency. If his party still choose him to be their leader, then that’ll solidify his claim to the office, and calm the fears among some of us who keep suspecting that he’ll be no better than…

    • (Continued)… Lungu, if not worse. If he’s showing dictatorial tendencies now, what guarantee do we have that he’ll not continue once he becomes the national president? We don’t want to exchange one dictator for another. So we’re paying attention to the red flags now.

  1. Nelson Mandela tasted prison for 27yrs ,Jomo Kenyatta tasted prison for 7yrs …so what’s so special about HH having gone to prison?

  2. We as Zambians people that go very early to vote will never allow this tribalist to rule Zambia. Kachingwe like any other under fives should continue dreaming.

  3. Y not starting from his childhood so that we know who is his father and how he because rich overnight and how he was arrested and all that? The book if it lacks these information above, is then hopeless and politically biased.

    • Y not starting from his childhood so that we know………

      we with who??????????????????????????????

      why don’t you speak for yourself and not presume to speak for all zambians. Who with whoooooo?????????????

    • Y can’t u simply exclude yourself if u have problem with “we” instead of exposing your rotten teeth publicly?

  4. that title would have made more sense if it came out after he actually becomes president? right now its not guaranteed that he will ever rule zambia lol

  5. Wow wow wow … didn’t know the major was a prophet too! Hope he doesn’t turnout to be one of the many false ones!

  6. to me a charge of treason was an act of the evil from the anxil of evil. no lawyer worth his salt could charge a man with treason and later enter a nolle……. Evil men who are control by the devil can do so……..Zambia is a christian nation and who charge someone for treason with a sentence of death and declare day prayers, build national of prayers……. YOU Zambians with your leaders are worst hypocrites………….. A country that has more bars that churches

  7. Zambians dont trust a man who drinks beer….. Jesus never drunk beer….. Jesus is looking for men and women who have truly repented and dont support evil characters…. Imagine you child is raped or your father killed by a Member of Parliament ….then a certain man stand to been near the very criminal or mentioned the killer’s name becoz He wants his choice of the party elected, what would feel about such a man.
    Life is not cheap but to this man it is his love for power and stay in power…… shame on you

  8. a full biography of HH and indeed any successful political figure will be inspiring to the young generation.

  9. I didn’t know that Major Kachingwe was a writer, I hope the next book will be his experience as MMD National Secretary under Nevers Mumba and what incensed Mumba so much that he had to unleash Bowman Lusambo in that embarrassing humiliation. Anyway congregations for the book, have you retired from politics now that you have time to write?

  10. HH to rule Zambia the thieves of the century when he was in the privatisation under Chiluba people have short memories in Zambia

    • Yaba! katwishi . katwishi. Indeed a good book should have details about his childhood and success details .

  11. Good. To those of us who knew HH’s hard work that earned him international recognition as a Consultant long before he went into politics, this is a great move and added benefit.

    Any well-meaning normal functioning adult seeking objective truth will welcome the initiative taken by Major Richard Kachingwe to document HH’s prison experience.

    • @61.1 -Its political,
      LOL – is this your best counterback to my comment? Seriously? Then its time for your medication. Ufwale na kaputula yalakusuma inkoko endesha.

  12. The Major has seen money rolling in. He knows the book will sell and he is poised to make a kill out of HH’s suffering, not that he really means what he says in his Title. It’s good to know there are people who can make money out of misery. Smart cookie he is indeed.

    • Before making your comment, had you taken just a few minutes to do a bit of research on Writer’s legal Obligations/Rights towards whoever they are writing about, you would not have said what you have said.

  13. “From Privatization Plunderer to Paramount Chief Namwala – A Story of A Failed Journey for Presidency!”

  14. Ati major kkkkk no wonder he sees sense in 6times straight loser who will never rule till 2056

    The government must sell everything including state house so that when u5 comes to power in 2056 he must find nothing to privatise

    He will renting in chalala

  15. An employee of a Privatising company,, it so happens that this company is hired by the Government to do cost analysis on Government owned companies,,Privatisation was as a result of Mr Kaunda leaving Zambia bankrupt hence for Mr Chiluba to get money from lending institions, the condition was for us to Privatise,,Where was the President and the Finance Minister when an employee of a Privatising company was stealing money??? The academic achievements for HH speak for Him,, he is just interigent,, let us learn to admit simple logic

  16. HH – A Visionless Leader – Poor Judgement In Unyielding to Presidential Motorcade: A Stain of Immaturity

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