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Ndola City Council orders exhumation of body of dead girl who has allegedly come back to life


Council Workers exhuming the body of the girl who died and was buried at grave 73
Council Workers exhuming the body of the girl who died and was buried at grave 73

Ndola City Council hs ordered the exhumation of the body of a dead girl who has allegedly come back to life.

Records show that Winnie Lufunia of Masala township of Ndola died on November 14th 2016 after an illness.

She was later buried at Mitengo Cemetry and records show that her body was held in grave number 73.

Two years later the girl has returned home saying she has been a victim of witchcraft and that she has been alive all the time.

She explains that a named household kept her as an indentured slave to do housework chores and other duties.

Ndola Central Police is currently holding a girl bearing the same details and the parents swear that their daughter was buried two years ago and its their daughter that has returned to life.

Authorities have since exhumed the body and DNA samples are being taken for testing.

Yesterday after a girl of Masala Township in Ndola who is believed to have died two years ago walked back to her parents’ home.

Winnie Lufunja 19, died on November 14, 2016 after an illness.

Her body was taken to the mortuary and after body viewing which acts as surety that the right person was in the casket she was buried on November 16 at grave number 73 in Mitengo Cemetry.


  1. Society is littered with so many bizarre happenings that point to witchcraft being REAL. This story could (I’m not saying it is) be a case of mistaken identity, but rushing to dismiss such occurrences as sheer lies is in itself an expression of ignorance of the impact/influence of the occult….much to the delight of witches/wizards themselves!

    • Witchcraft does exist and there are witches and wizards that’s a fact what is disputed is the exergerated powers that these so called mfwiti have!
      For a start with so much hatred in zambia at the moment if the powers of witches was real half the population would be dead by now!
      Oh and all those expensive lawyers would be out of business!

    • I do not believe this is the same girl that got buried.

      I am a scientist, so stories like this one, I consider to be bollocks, or bedtime stories to scare children.

      Witchcraft might exist (as a form of magic, or simply poisoning with intent to harm), but there are no zombie out there.

      If you do not agree with me, please feel free to witch me right now.

    • This is what you do, not jail Mulongoti and his friend.
      Where was Edgar Lungu buried??? Because even family says the guy in State house is indeed Edgar, not Jonathan.

    • MAkes me wonder how is country calls itself a Christain Nation, Full of Leaders who are thieves, Hatred and Witchcraft. We would want to truly know the end of this story

  2. record keeping in Zambia is so mediocre.
    even the marking of the graves, they may end up digging up wrong remains cuz the way the graves seem to be so overgrown with weeds. without proper markings or a tomb stone, there’s a 70% rate of accuracy.
    and you fools, witchcraft is made up stuff. if you believe it’s real. I welcome you to witch me right now, here I am, take your best shot!

  3. Similar incident happened when Levy Mbulo was District Governor, except when they exhumed the grave a bag of charcoal was found. Levy Mbulo then called for the revisit of the Witchcraft Act. It seems Ndola maybe in another drama

  4. Let’s wait for a DNA test…..

    Do we remember that a similar case happened in Lusaka’s Mutendere involving a wife to Chingangu ……..

    Does anyone remember????????

  5. Whatever the case it’s scary. I can only imagine what the parents are going through. Hope the DNA clears the air.

    IF Witchcraft existed, we would have freed ourselves from colonialism, & the wicked apartheid system using our own Nthakati’s & Ndoshi’s.
    Instead most of Sub -Saharan Africa, got rid of the chains of Colonialism using the barrel of the K.ala.shn1kov!!
    The Russians, & Chinese were instrumental in affording us arms & training, countries that hardly believe in the crap that is Witchcraft.
    That’s why you are so docile as your chosen leaders plunder your resources, coz you wrongly believe “It’s God’s will, & you will be rewarded later in heaven” for your current suffering.
    [email protected]!

    • i barley reply to post like this, but im forced to express my suprise at you depth of ignorancem it’s really shocking.

    • i barley reply to post like this, but i’m forced to express my suprise at you depth of ignorance it’s really shocking.

  7. How I wish our beloved late President Micheal Sata would come back in the same manner,, I am sure he would have a lot to say about the Party he founded,,

  8. Witchcraft,, Craft is a work of skill,, the one who gave this form of practice called Witchcraft a name understands better,, Energy is anything that can produce motion or work,, Witchcraft is a form of Energy or Science which We have not yet understood,, if only the Zambian society can allow the relevant people to examine it, study it, so that we can know the Controls and measures

  9. Wonders shall never end, what I know is that when a person is dead and buried that’s the end !! How come this girl is back claiming it was witchcraft n I don’t believe in such things. I wish my father can come back from the dead as well n tell me how it feels to die n rise again from the dead .
    I will follow this story till the DNA is revealed.

    • It is worth following indeed. Let us wait for the resolution of the mystery. In my part of Africa we’ve heard of stories of dead and buried people going to manifest and live and even marrying and giving birth in other lands. When they are forced to return back to their previous place of birth they disappear. But these are stories from the ancients and no confirmation in contemporary times. It defys all understanding and is unbelievable. It’s worse in this case. No witchcraft can bring back to life a dead body. If there was any witchcraft involved it is believable that her body was “stolen”and revived (may not have died really) and replaced with another dead person manifested in her image. This girl knows her home so it was the actual girl they believed they had buried. The one they…

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