Sunday, March 3, 2024

PF grabs Chilanga seat from UPND


PF’s Maria Langa celebrating the victory with the PF campaign team
PF’s Maria Langa celebrating the victory with the PF campaign team

The ruling PF has narrowly won the Chilanga parliamentary seat wrestling it from the UPND.

PF’s Maria Langa polled 7, 226 against her closest rival UPND’s Charmaine Musonda who amassed 6410.

Chilanga Returning Officer Wibroad Bwalya declared Ms Langa as the duly elected Member of Parliament in the early hours of today.

A total of 14, 121 votes were cast and 189 were rejected as invalid.


Chilanga Results


    • UPND has itself to blame for the loss. I think it’s time we payed attention to credibility whenever we are choosing leaders. You can’t ignore the truth and think people will vote for you even if it’s your stronghold. This should a lesson also to PF. 2021 is coming. People will judge you based on your performance, arrogance and corruption, and not the noise you make.

    • UPND should have won.

      I can never trust the reverse engineering PF have used do win this seat.

      I’m disgusted the way we have grabbed this seat illegally.

      UPND should have won



    • The sight of miles Sampa there in the picture is disturbing

      In what capacity was he there ?



    • Always reason wins in democracy. In the ideal world hatred and lifeless school yard propaganda have no constituency to win elections. Below is my post of 2 days ago to HH, “Baba you have a wrong candidate for the ticket in this bye-election. A woman straight from heinously murdering a poor mother and family’s bread winner, without remorse you nominate her for the August house seat despite the victim’s blood still oozing and calling for justice. Only a sadist without conscience can do what you have done-Honoring a murderer. You want Zambians to starting calling a murderer their Honorable? You’re not serious and respective of human life.
      Congrats Hon.Langa and Bravo PF!


    • Kambwili has now officially joined the losing team….2021 pobo after pobo…that Kambwili neck will disappear.
      Wrong candidate for UPND and in 2021 HH will be wrong candidate. Lungu is not my favorite but unfortunately we don’t have serious opposition in Zambia just a bunch of jokers….GBM’s body is shrinking…tough working with HH and Kambwili will shrink too just ask Dr Canisius Banda the pilgrim

    • Lungu is corrupt but HH..GBM and Kambwili are even worse…..these are known criminals…Just insulting Lungu every day and come 2021… HH..GBM and Kambwili will be retired for good

    • HH must give power to the people. He cannot run UPND like an Enterprenuer or Sole Trader. Politics is a collective mindset.

      He is dictorial and fails to reinvent himself with new ideas. Too pompous to listen. No sensible person could have dictated to have that woman be on the election ticket. She was covered with so much dark clouds in connection with a murder case. Even if she was the right candidate. She should have stepped aside.

      The people on the ground cried for an alternative candidate and not Musonda.

      As usual, HH was deaf and dictorial. This is like a defender in a football team turning 180% Degrees and purposely kicking and scoring an own goal. Then he blames the referees.

      Without doubt, we expect UPND to come up with some stupid excuse, why they lost.

    • If I were PF, I would really be worried. UPND fielded a clearly questionable candidate with a tag of a husband grabber and one who was found at the murder scene with a convicted murderer. In addition, PF literally camped their key ministers, even permanent secretaries in Chilanga. The republican president and the vice campaigned in Chilanga at different times. With all this, they only managed to beat UPND by 800 votes? What if UPND had listened to the cries of Chilanga electorates and fielded a credible candidate? PF, this is a wake up call

    • Even if UPND had picked a Security Guard or unknown person from the blues, they would have won. Not that a security guard is a nonentity.

      Am so happy they have lost to teach HH a lesson about real democracy. It’s the only thing that’s lacked on n UPND.

      Sadness is that the hope is also the failings the one when we have a failing president.

      Where are we going as Zambia. HH arrogance doesn’t pay. It’s not business but a nation involved. I end

    • Sadness is that the hope we have had is also failing and yet we have a president that is failing the country. Gentlemen there will is poverty around the country. Typed to quick because of anger. Sorry

    • why resort to violence if you are so popular? Does blood have to be shed for you to win? Can’t you win without violence or rigging? Soon you’ll eat the fruits of the seeds you have sown.

    • Congratulations Mama Langa … thank you very much for putting up a formidable fight Mama Musonda.

      The best candidate won … the dynamics would have been different with a different set of candidates; let this be a lesson to all politicians.

      All politics is local but only the best candidates win … Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      Original Content, No Copyrights Reserved.

    • I strongly believe this is the beginning of the end of UPND…unless they go for a convention and choose a sellable candidate…HH is not doing it…”PF has grabbed the Chilanga seat from UPND ” this is a wake up call for all UPND die hards…and if PF wins the Lusaka Mayoral election then UPND shouldn’t even waste time contesting 2021 general elections

    • I don’t understand why UPND allowed Kambwili to campaign for them. This is a person who has refused to leave PF but has formed his own political party NDC and has remained a Member of Parliament on PF ticket. He fails to field in a candidate in Chilanga for fear of losing terribly and exposing his weakness but chooses to campaign for UPND. What was his message to the people of Chilanga? Only insults and personal attacks on the Republican President. Zambian opposition leaders think we are still in the stone age era where people voted irrationally. UPND needs proper advisers, strategist and a leader who respects party members and their views

    • HH will say the votes were stolen by PF. He will call on the common wealth to investigate how Lungu stole the elections or he will go to court to petition the elections.

    • The Chilanga election is not about HH/UPND losing…this was a referendum on big mouth big thief Kambwili…this loss is a double edged sword for Kambwili…and to some this is not a big deal but this could potentially mark the end of a Political career for Kambwili..and if PF retains Lusaka Mayoral seat…then HH is done completely including GBM. It was a wrong move for HH to accept Kambwili because it has now proven that HH needs a miracle to win elections.Kambwili over rates himself as a political heavyweight but the only thing he is good at is insulting the President. HH should retire from active politics…let Cornelius Mweetwa take over

    • 1. Wrong candidate
      2. Wrong campaign team…Kambwili
      Big mistake for allowing Kambwili on the campaign trail…instead of attracting voters Kambwili chased away voters…Chilanga is a UPND stronghold but Kambwili messed everything..lets now wait for Lusaka Mayor..i think UPND could have done better without Kambwili

    • HH have themselves to blame. They will keep making mistakes because they dont listen to advice. This is indicative of what they will get in future elections. Its difficult to sway people with insults and lies. Viva Langa, Viva PF, Viva ECL.

  1. Congrats PF. I said it that PF will carry the day. Shame on them who think Zambia loves them.

  2. Comment:sweet victory,it is always painful to loose when you overrated yourself.Up and down,accept defeat you are gone

    • Up and Down were down when they picked a husband grabber for candidate. In their down state, there is no way they were going to give us a credible candidate.

  3. UPND us finished all thanks to Dull hyena (HH)
    Congratulations PF
    GBM is shiiting his pants.
    Mukuni to take a bungee jump again

    • You see, the problem with Kainde is that he thinks immorality is normal. The same immorality and impunity with which he stole our mines for commission, Kainde wanted to bring immorality to Chilanga. Even his nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor questioned his Uncle Kaponya (HH).
      His appetite to field the slutty Harlot Charmaine was fueled by his desire to penetrate her secret ballot. UPND and Mutinta must seriously question how her husband fielded a harlot for Chilanga.

  4. I always support the party in government but I also support a strong opposition. Sadly we don’t have a strong opposition. What we have is a bitter opposition. How in the world can a normal party field a tainted candidate for such an important election? May ward elections yes. …surely not parliamentary please. HH with his side kick GBM are not focused on anything tangible other than revenge. People like Mucheleka, Katuka, Kakoma are just full of bitterness. I said that if crowds are a measure PF had 51% chance. I’m not happy because Upnd have just promoted a one party state because of unnecessary stubbornness.

    • Even Kambwili a bitter thing was in the campaign team sure? No matter how much Kambwili calls Edgar corrupt, Kambwili is known even by primary school children as thief. His inclusion in the team was a big minus. Can’t HH read these things please?

    • Strong points, Ndanje. These people like Kambwili or Katuka don’t realise that it’s not about taking power and destroying PF but about co-existing, competing and driving the country forward. That’s how they do it in advanced democracies and economies.

    • Going by your sentiments about upnd candidate Maria should have won by landslide. 800 votes is close considering the entire govt machinery, bribery and intimidation. In a free and fair atmosphere UPND candidate won the election. Pf know this

    • @6.3 Not exactly. The so called small margin is a symbol of resentment by Upnd sympathizers who were not happy with the adoption of charming Charmaine. Chilanga is strongly Upnd. The victory is no mean achievement, thanks to HH’s Mr Know it All attitude.

  5. UPND lost Chilanga on the same day they adopted Merl Musonda a murderer and husband snatchar!!!Wise people warned them but as usual the ” i know it all HH didnt want to listen”!!!NOW DANCE TO YOUR PELETE KAINDE!!!I predicted 6-1 or 7-0 scoreline in favour of PF and for sure now IT IS 7-0!!!PF must have won elections in all 6 wards plus Chilanga (7-0!!!)INDEED LOSING IS HH’S UPND HOBBY!!!The dull Kambwili has been embarrassed together with HH in Chilanga.if CK is wise,he could have stayed away from UPND in Chilanga.But their hatred for president Edgar Lungu has blinded them all in opposition THOUGH VOTERS THINK OTHERWISE!!!
    2021 WILL SURELY BE WON BY PF-MARK MY WORDS!!!a winner (PF) is a winner!!HH & GBM camped in Chilanga but still lost to PF-shame!!Mwamuziba Yesu lelo ba UPND!!!

  6. It wasn’t necessary to leave such a trail of destruction, how many people were injured? Some even had firearms! The two front-runners were after all not the best to have come out of Chilanga. For some it’s not the end, it’s the beginning of another episode of the drama. We expect wild claims, as they were not butchers as well

  7. Cry babies should stop wasting time by making wild claims that they lost elections due to unfairness.It is time to congratulate your colleagues who have won and that is how democracy works.

    • A predicted wrongly – I’m surprised how PF won this seat! A difference of 1216 votes is considerable.

      UPND you guys really need to start addressing issues affecting Zambians- the more you jump to personal attacks on people’s parentage and background the more you seem like a petty and hateful party. Don’t attack individuals but like the late Great MCS rather attack bad policies then you will have a bigger following.

      Sad day for democracy because democracy needs a strong opposition!

  8. The drawing board is needed guys, we need morally upright leadership this is a woke up call, it’s time for leadership change, we are tired of loosing. HH please I beg you to resign sha

  9. Comment: They have lost…… how, after engaging a consultant from luanshya to help them them with insults during campaigns. Campaigns of insults will never never win you an election,its time to go for convention and choose credible leaders unlike these thugs and their surrogates. Viva the Mighty PF another clear Signal for 2021.

  10. It seems the strategy of corruption, debt and all the negativity upnd has been using against the PF is not working. The choice of candidate also did its part to undo this group of losers who continue to misguide kainde. Parading corrupt elements like Kambwili and harlots like Charmagne and expect to hoodwink Zambians?? Wailasha musankwa, baku dununa!!! upnd should be panicking, they need new personnel and strategies, Dr. Canicius Banda was spot on.

    • You see UPND, you are fishing in the wrong pond. The majority of voters don’t know things like impeachment, petition, corruption, nationality, Eswatini, etc. Those in the pond you are fishing in know that you’re doing this out of spite, hatred and bitterness for one ECL and they ignore you. You should stop being vindictive and personal and address the voting majority, many of whom have never stepped in a classroom, on matters they understand. For example, you are on record condemning the E-Voucher system. So tell the peasant farmers what system you will use and why it is better than the E-Voucher system. Try this and you will see the results. As it is you will continue missing the bus and the song Kalusa sangayikwele will continue playing. Meanwhile Zambians in general sympathise with…

    • Meanwhile Zambians in general sympathise with ECL because of your insults and he continues to gain ground even in your strongholds. Come 2021 it will be too late for you because ECL will be miles ahead.

  11. Was the adoption of Charm by UPND really worth the salt? We don’t want to say we told you but we did!

  12. The vote looked credible…..violencee and intimidation was to a minmum , no one can complain , the people have voted mostly of their free will and the candidates were not hindered ….well done PF …

    • That’s serious positivity, dude. You have caught me hands down. Comment of the day coming from you, guess you are just not bitter but a democrat.

    • Citizen…..

      That is all some of us ask for …..good democratic governance , let the people have their free choice and let the candidates campain freely and no one has cause to be bitter.

      The minute you start forcing your candidate on others through violence and intimidation is the minute you start eroding all systems of governance.

      May the best candidate win.
      Again well done PF.

    • Great post from you. I am in humble shock. Congrats to you for being a true democrat. Let us build Zambia that way.

  13. Zambia is not safe where democracy is concerned. I foresee more more blood shade in future if this situation is not controlled by the Leaders in power. They are full of tribal remarks, hatred speeches inciting the innocent to revolt into reiteration mode.
    Should we all born on one tribe so that Zambia could be unified? PF leaders like Malanji must be warned and removed from Leadership. We want sanity in the country. Zambia is not after blood-shade but Christ being the center of all. Pastors must stop taking sides and be nonsensical for love of money. They must be realist and neutral in the deliberation of Christian values.

  14. I don’t think I understand your politics there in Zambia these days. Having said that, however, I think UPND is still a very strong party. In bye-elections, a lot of people vote for the party in power in the hope of getting some crumbs from the table of those visibly eating our money.

  15. Nonsense ,this is why Zambia ain’t developing proper bcuz we do politicking from January to December every year.

  16. The problem with Kainde is that he thinks immorality is normal. The same immorality and impunity with which he stole our mines for commission, Kainde wanted to bring immorality to Chilanga. Even his nephew Lloyd at Zambian Witch Doctor questioned his Uncle Kaponya (HH).
    His appetite to field the slutty Harlot Charmaine was fueled by his desire to penetrate her secret ballot. UPND and Mutinta must seriously question how her husband fielded a harlot for Chilanga.

  17. The blood of that innocent man she killed is still crying in the ground. Why did She kill me? She needs to turn to the Lord.UPND with HH as their leader kuwayawayafye. You lost recently LOCAL government elections and today you have lost the big one. Specialists in losing elections

  18. 50% Upnd supporters voted for PF to protest against the disrespect the party showed to the Mukata family. Poor strategy.

  19. I am non-partisan so this has nothing to do with winners or losers. The morality of the electoral field was on trial in this election and it is a huge relief that the winner sort of gave back credibility to morality. Regardless of how you explain it, whether discharged or not, the selection of a candidate fresh from the oven of suspicion and trial for murder was a tad too far. I hope next time arrogance will be set aside for the sake of rationality. Just saying. Well done to the winner – hopefully there are no silly hidden skeletons in the briefcase. I know, cupboard are now too big for the speed of turnover of skeletons in today’s society.

    • @ mute
      you asking what happened to the 35000 voters? They dont see any reason to continue being in opposition, it doesnt pay and secondly, Cambridge Analytica scum was exposed (mind manipulation and falsehood simply because of tribe) has lost its meaning. Even Dundumenzi will not vote for UPND and HH in 2021 believe you me.

  20. After all the posts, here comes the true analysis for the loss by UPND

    1% intimidation from PF
    1% Government machinery
    5% abuse of government resources
    1% abuse of public media by PF
    92% wrong candidate fielded by UPND

    • I am sure HH is also happy that this week without GRZ sponsored intimidation and violence the people of chilanga won and Zambian democracy won.

      If only the national polls are carried out like this , everybody will support the wining candidate.

      The day we witness presidential polls free of violence and intimidation is the day you will see Zambia surge forward in unison.

      Again well done to PF

      And well done to the police for keeping sanity.
      Zambia won this week.

  21. What helped Maria is her name. The similarity between Langa and Chi”langa” was the biggest advantage Maria Langa had in this election!!!!

  22. That’s the way to go. Bravo PF. But ensure that you stop those petty squabbles in your party and concentrate on honouring pledges you made during campaigns. Anything in short of that people will declare you not worth representing them in Chilanga. Maria Langa mean what you said or else the constituency will be as good as not having an MP.

    • Marialangaphiri

      Today we can all be proud of our democracy and country.

      The police done very well. The party leaders done very well.

      Way to go Zambia.

  23. PF is getting stronger and stronger by the day and its entirely up to PF leadership to cement this grip and trust people have poised in them by taking serious development to its strongholds and in all areas where it has dethroned UPND. People are not interested in talking but results, let them see development in their areas and you shall see the reward. Now that Chilanga, a satellite of Lusaka is in the hands of PF, and the recent victories in North Western and Western Provinces, lets demonstrate that we mean business and those that still bank of on tribe as means to get votes shall know the truth. Lets raise the bar take development to Coppperbelt, Northern, Muchinga, Central, Luapula, Eastern, North Western, Western and Lusaka. PF has the capacity and might to do these things.

  24. The egoistic desire by one h.h to hurt Keith Mukata has backfired on upnd. Remember he promised to fix Keith for not senselessly boycotting parliament?
    But be careful ba Charmaine, by the time the upnd bulls are done with you…..
    Now she has time to reflect on the red liquid tfrom the poor guard and family bread winner.
    I wonder what Keith must be feeling today after the prison warder broke the great news to him!

  25. The perpetual loser mukalamba HH can again go ahead and appeal to the international community on the Chilanga bye-elections outcome. Masebo, where are you? Next we want development in Bahati and Roan constituencies so the Speaker must declare these seats vacant. We want our people to see and experience the benefits of being in PF family.

  26. I notice that even Will Smith has joined PF as you can see him in the joyous picture next to Mr Sikazwe. Wow!! Viva ECL, continue working your excellence, development, development thats what brings joy to people and trust not envy, bitterness, dictatorship, hatred and arrogance.
    JJ and Spaka like lilo, where are you mmmh?

  27. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Congratulations to PF… enjoy the win.

    However I disagree with the ‘moral’ issue as the reasons for her loss. At a party leadership level, PF have no better morals than anyone else in Zambia. What is morally upright about Lungu? But perhaps that’s what the electorates used looking at the candidate.

    For me this explains the calibre of our electorates in general. People can’t analyze issues beyond their belly and bribes of beer. This is an opportunity lost by the electorates in Chilanga to send a message to the PF that corruption and plundering of national resources are bigger crimes than being an alleged adulterer.

    Again congrats to the candidate and PF.

  28. Charmaine and upnd were going to lose no matter what strategies and money h.h deployed, but deploying the fatso and insulter Kambwili did not help either, probably subtracted 23 more votes from upnd.
    What does this say about Kambwili? It says that people have no time for him and his party.

    Overall conclusion: this election was all about h.h, and the verdict is that people have rejected him once again. He is on a fast downward trajectory, after forcing himself to be a political leader. But does the now directionless upnd have an alternative leader? Sadly NO.


  30. Ba HH we told you. Your arrogance has cost the party we have given away a sit to PF. HH need to seriously strategise or else things wont be that easy for him. Let him step down…

  31. .munshebwa aile na **** kubuko. Watchdog and many upnd faithful like madam mushipe advised him on the adoption but the guy remained adamant and went stinking to chilanga, the out come is there for all see and smell. This lose in not on chamaine or upnd but a no confidence vote on munshebwa HH. Ba consultant please do the consultation before adoption not at the inlaws place to try and contral the smile sh**t.. never mind may be the luànshya consulted was eying his friend bride by telling him that all was well with him and drive him to shame so that he can secretly go Back clean and take over.

  32. HH will never win UPND elections in Zambia as voters have now made him a laughing stock.Many Zambians enjoy teasing and seeing HH’s UPND lose elections after elections!!!
    Kainde must be ashamed of himself for cling on UPND’s presidency forever when he knows that he cant take this party to state house!!

  33. Congrats PF for the well deserved victory. Some parties did not want to listen to reason. Hope they have learnt a lesson. People’s voice is people power.

  34. Congrats to Maria Langa and the PF for winning the chilanga seat. Chilanga is an elite constituency. It has taught the UPND to have a meaningful campaign messages rather than bitterness.

  35. PF izula bayangana. It was a protest vote against HH. The same will happen in 2021 if HH stands again. Viva PF and Eddy.

  36. I never really was for our candidate and am surprised she lost narrowly. Expected a landslide. Only thing am glad is that ba PF balinashako ifya violence. A PF win is always a backward step for this country.

  37. upnd deserve to loose because they didn’t want to hear from ordinary people,mwaliteta was the right candidate but they desidend to use a condemned person just because she told them that “I have a lot of money I can sporser my self ” So ba upnd don’t blame anyone because you can endup blaming yourself you should have listened to what we would have told you.

  38. Failing is proof that you tried. But when you always fail it is a sign that you are not a good competitor in that field. My advice is for you to try other things and be in the background just to offer support. Reading HH’s mind I can tell that even on the dialog issue he is already a winner before they have even sat. Then when he is not successful he becomes so angry that he forgets to spell common sense.Is that the leadership quality that we are looking for? One who cannot forgive and forget? One who thinks intelligence is one man’s preserve?

  39. Any way we say Congrats to PF and Langa. UPND try next time but you must tell people what you are going to do better than PF, not always concentrating on insults. Hard luck guys.

  40. “A WIN IS AWIN” Whether by 1 vote or 1 000 000 votes, so those who are saying UPND could have won by a landslide victory had it not been for a wrong candidate – are just speculating. You don’t win a game by scoring many goals but by being ahead of you opponent.

  41. Any reaction from underfive?
    He already targetted poor Mr Esau Chulu, ECZ Chairperson before he even lost.
    No word badaala musanjwa h.h? Or next we will hear from the courts ati stolen votes?

  42. even if it’s a Pf or a UPND Candidate who won all what the people of Chilanga want to see is development being delivered by the winning candidate who will be representing them at Manda hill.To those who have lost they should do an introspection of what led to there loss is it that there candidate was not sale lable or there campaings were not issue based? i.e what where they promising to do for the people of chilanga in contrast to what other parties were promising to do?Politics of standing on the platform just to mudsling your opponents is a sheer waste of time.People alreadly hear and Know who are doing wrong things in Govt and it’s leadership.Hence the point of your campaings should be based on what changes you will do for the betterment of the people whom you are lobbying votes…

  43. I don’t understand why UPND allowed Kambwili to campaign for them. This is a person who has refused to leave PF but has formed his own political party NDC and has remained a Member of Parliament on PF ticket. He fails to field in a candidate in Chilanga for fear of losing terribly and exposing his weakness but chooses to campaign for UPND. What was his message to the people of Chilanga? Only insults and personal attacks on the Republican President. Zambian opposition leaders think we are still in the stone age era where people voted irrationally. UPND needs proper advisers, strategist and a leader who respects party members and their views.

  44. upnd should learn a lesson also to respect people’s desire as having democracy, i hope next time you wil nt ignore the people’ s desire.

  45. Looking at the narrow margin of the election results, if UPND had filed in a morally upright person, they would have undoubtedly won the elections. Anyway, such is life. Congrats to PF!!!

  46. Congratulations PF for your victory.Chilanga is decidedly a UPND stronghold and for PF to grab it,proves that Mr ECL (not Ms. Langa)is the most bankable politician in Zambia today.For UPND,you have consistently lost elections mainly because you have ignored the importance of the ZNBC as vital conduit to inform and galvanize your supporters.And while PF has expertize in tailoring its campaign messages according to the calibre of its audience.You do not.

  47. To hell with Zambia’s endless politics while cholera ,poverty and other ills persist and grow.

  48. I have been a lone crusader in asking Adolf to explain his actions I have been called Janjaweed and all sorts of names but today the results have spoken. Adolf and Albert lets go back to basics call for a convention invite all and sundry from all walks of life put tribe and money aside and lets elect people who can win and turn the country around, but never mind we shall soon call our own national convention without HH and ‘his party’ in 2021 you will cry again…

  49. Ati HH achite resign? HH akulila kumushi first time he came to is when he entered Unza and then money followed. To him life is about himself. Mazoka was very exposed, he even attended school in Bemba land. …the difference between the two is like night to daylight.

    • Why should I leave him when the entire story hinges on his stubbornness? Is he your uncle? Who owns Upnd, who fielded Charmaine? Is it not HH? Who do you want us to mention in this debacle?

  50. Leave HH alone……you should be congratulating him and UPND for civil campaigning….no need sow animosity.

    The candidates should shake hands.
    This is a win for the Nation.

    Zambia won this week.

  51. Congratulations Madam for PF. Am not a political person at all,but this UPND female candidate could not win for one simple reason, she helped a man screw his life and that of his family. His serving a life jail term, and she is outside, therefore, she is also receiving her own kind of punishment and losing this Chilanga sit is one of them. You know how God works, he is all fair and not a respecter of persons. Romans 2:11-16

  52. look at these ugly primitive people. The woman looks like a bad babboon. useless PF and their ugly members. One day is not forever.

  53. Congrats PF. Maria, keep the promises you gave the people of Chilanga. Zambians do not want MPs who do not perform. The VP has already sounded the warning that non performing PF MPs will not be adopted in 2021. In Matero they do not want Kazhiya, his head is on the chopping board. The chap is not heard in parliament, does not know what is going on in his own constituency. PF please stop pouring scorn on Charmaine and UPND, just enjoy the victory and work hard.

  54. HH is corrupt. He is a privatization thief. He is acquiring land exponentially in the bantustan of Namwala where people beat up people from other regions. He is banking money in safe havens in Panama and he has built a house for a judge on the ConCourt. Keep underating the president at your own peril. 2021, Hazaluza Hagain.

  55. We still have the wrong party in power but the opposition needs to get to grips with the issues that we debate here day and night – matters that prevent the resources of the country trickling down to most people.

    This election was a mere politicking adventure shrouded in clearly wrong judgement. Neither is it an indication of the PF taking the country anywhere, because it isn’t.

  56. people are saying madam langa should have won by a landslide. i tend to disagree . that is a UPND stronghold. instead, they should really get worried. PF is slowly taking over thier ground in broad dau light while they watch. If they dont change strategy, they will segnificantly reduce representation in 2021.
    Just advice.

  57. That is the true nature of democracy. You win some, you lose some. Politics is not the weak and those who are faint at heart. You fall, but you have to get up, dust yourself and back on the battlefront. UPND cannot afford to slow down or intimidated by losing a competition. How many times has Zambia National Team lost games? They even had an extreme circumstance befall them, entire national team perished, but got up and won the Africa Cup right there in Gabon. That’s what real men do.
    Now, who are the real losers in this byelection? Is it UPND, Charmaine, the people of Chilanga or the people of Zambia? Who has caused the problems people face every day, every minute 24/7 in Zambia? Who is bankrupting the Zambian enterprise? Is it UPND, PF, Lungu, HH, or the people themselves? That’s…

  58. … That’s what must concern you and me. The future of the nation is not perceptional, but real, and must be taken seriously. Winning is good, but working is even better.

  59. HH Zwa
    Party Presidential & Executive Election NOW
    Western, North-western TAKEOVER
    UPND leadership has lost its marbles
    This was in UPND strong hold

  60. Kwena nayonda mwe!!. GBM and KAMBWILI will start saying that imwe bakabova babili. Welcome to reality that does not work the way you want. UKUPENA KWABA APENGI. MWAZINYELA PWETETE MWEVE. You picked a wrong candidate kwadils and the voters told you.

  61. Congratulations to PF for the sweet victory. This is simply a herald of what is to come in 2021.

  62. Elections anywhere in the world have rules that those participating should follow. Here in zambia the PF have made it a point to introduce violence as means of scaring the opposition from going out to cast their votes for fear of being maimed or killed by armed PF cadres. under a credible government, the candidate whose party is violent gets disqualified irrespective of which party is involved. Langa should have been disqualified in chilanga.
    Out of the minority that voted, more voters came from the group that felt secure on the voting day. The many opposition members plus their unarmed cadres stayed indoors for fear of losing their lives. This has become a PF strategy since 2016. Election is not a time of war where you should splash blood. Please twapapata. Worse still the so called…

  63. Martha Mushipe must be having the last laugh!! She must be starring in HH and GBM’s face saying “I told you and you chose not to listen!”. The party is one less MP in parliament and PF has been handed one more. This result will be reflected when MPs take the vote in the impeachment vote in parliament.

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