Monday, February 26, 2024

President Lungu’s Arrival in Kitwe



  1. President of the Republic of Zambia very corrupt but also the people trying to become Presidents just as bad even a million times worse..The devil you know is way better than an angel you don’t know.
    HH..GBM..Kambwili these are big thieves and they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the state house

    • Ba Kabu surely ? You are the same sort of people 10 years from now who will be asking the same thing about Lungu. What does HH have to do with the current plunder ???? I hear eating goat balls helps with improving brain cells if they are still redeemable … just saying 🙂

    • Impeach the lazy EL, when does he work, The economy is in ICU but the guy is always on the move, Feel sorry for you guys in Zambia, EL is not answerable to any one, Just look at the guys lining up to greet him, They look like they have seen the queen of England.

  2. Lazy Lungu is off again ….doing what he does best dancing on the airport tarmac like a fooool he is!!

    • This is why African leaders like dull cadres like you as all you talk about is election…when you vote someone in you go back to listening to stomach making noises …what have you won? You are here talking about silly opposition leaders ..of what importance is that to me and the average Zambian?
      Wake up from your stupor!!

  3. Poverty high levels of iliterate society makes it easy for masses to be taken advantage of by those in authority ,too bad and the poor will continue to wallop in poverty ,a chitenge tshirt , shake shake ,junta nishe ba solve poverty temunobe

    • And the President is dancing as his future is prosperous more money in his pocket more land and mansions abroad

    • Have you watched the clip? You count the people who are on the tarmac and also include those who have come from Lusaka, include the women dancing as tell me if there is anything productive from this? in developed countries where you beg money from the President/PM simply lands on a private airport and is driven off straightaway…if the Lazy Bum Edgar wanted he would have landed that helicopter in a private ground instead of all this waste of money and time dancing.

    • Very true!

      You have to wonder though, when some of these haters visit the toilet as they seem to be forever spewing their hate on ECL 24/7 on LT!

      Kutinka sitimakana koma chabe katinkidwe!

    • Mpendula Kayaula – tell me why I should praise the silly dancer in the clip when our country is wallowing in over $22 billion in debt and you are likely to default in the future. …are you happy him dancing all the time; do you see Trump dancing all the time at airports? When they are scandals he is hiding from the limelight…he only comes out to dance and to campaign…is that the role of the head of state? C’mon guys …wake up its not a circus its your children who will be paying all this debt.

  4. Jay Jay, I haven’t watched this video beyond the red carpet, I stopped because I knew it would be a waste of my time. You mean you have enough time to watch the whole thing? So I ask you this : how productive are you? You might as well have been there at the airport if you can watch this thing in full. You need to get a life mate.

    • Am not the one who is paid $60K a month plus allowances by poor overtaxed workers and citizens to loaf about at airports and in planes…FYI i dont have to watch the whole clip but simply have to skip fast forward in it.

  5. You have a President dancing like a velvet monkey at the airport yet over 200 doctors have not been paid…yet certificate holder dull ministers are laughing all the way to the bank…surely where seriousness?

    • Professional blogging kkkkkkk must have nothing better to do

      Thats why hh will never rule because he relies on professional blogger s for guidance . Infact very dull chaps who think posting insultin ecl will make hh president of zambia


      Kambwili insulted tongas

      By embracing ck simply means everything ck said about Tongas is accurate description

      Am here to help you start thinking because you don’t

    • What’s again talking about issues that are of no concern to me…I wonder why you have decided to change your name?

  6. Spending energy insulting lungu will not hh in power. I have never seen such dull characters

    Tell us what hh Will do for Zambia

    Secondly remove hh and gbm. Why do you want to listen

    • Who are those people you mentioned? FYI those people you mentioned come drought or rain or shine…they will be better off than your clan ….why are you talking about them? Are they public officials? Of what interest are they to us on this thread? Are we members of their party?
      You should go back and take more lessons on blogging…you have the internet at you fingertips make use of it

  7. Dont worship Edgar Lungu………… fight for your salvation . Dont be an idolater for politic’s sake. Edgar Lungu wnt take you to heaven. Neither HH or Winter

  8. In KK’s time, everything came to a standstill. School children were made to line the route he was to pass through; shops and markets would be closed, etc. At least ECL does no such thing. By the way, he is on the Copperbelt to open some show and NOT to go dancing. Sitting in the office does not translate into work; visiting places in the country helps him to see for himself the challenges people are facing. In fact, I wish he could use more of land transport than flying around. That way, he will appreciate the magnitude of under-development he has to deal with. As they say, ‘seeing is believing’.

    • How old are you? Do you know what era that was? Do you know what a one party state is? Go and study then come and blog…

    • Unfortunately this lazy bum happens to be our President as well …but we are not as simple-minded as you are who has absolutely no idea what the role of a President is…you are happy him dancing Zangalewa (Zamina mina….) Waka waka….whilst he procures near expired medicine at competitive prices and they pocket the difference ….the same medicine that they will use to treat your sick parents and you foooooolishly wonder why treatment is not working.

  9. I hope I will live to see the day when a Zambian president will quietly arrive and depart from an airport
    This is THE indicator that we as a country have progressed.

  10. Welcome home Mr. Hardworking President! Corrupt HH will NEVER be a president! He is a chief material and Namwala for that matter. He will be “buried” in 2021 and he will become the “Late Childish!”

  11. Lazy bum polygamist tribal father who produced an insolent lazy bum tribal hooligan and bully son never imparted manners in his son. The son spent most of the time in boarding school or milking cows. Never learned a thing on etiquette.

  12. Some are smiling some are gnashing their teeth! Camubaba wina! “He who does not appreciate is a son of a witch,” so goes a common adage, …. and we got many!

  13. Give people an education and everything will change for the better. Dancing and and raising fists for what? for 9B USD mounting debt and dwindling reserves? This is an example were majority is not right due to lack of knowledge. Damn and we are in 2018 still experiencing this.

  14. I can see a one who hates the president to the bone.

    Eiji is your heart a human heart of Satan’s grand son..Such hate.

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