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Defend yourselves when attacked by PF thugs, HH tells UPND cadres

Headlines Defend yourselves when attacked by PF thugs, HH tells UPND cadres

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Chilanga Compaigning with UPND candidate Ms Musonda
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Chilanga Compaigning with UPND candidate Ms Musonda

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has called on party members to defend themselves when attacked by PF cadres.

Mr. Hichilema said that whenever people are attacked by the PF carders, they too must respond by defending themselves.

He was speaking to Journalists at his New Kasama residence in the wake of the Chilanga loss.

The UPND President said there is nothing to celebrate about a violent election.

Mr Hichilema has thanked his party’s youths for defending themselves whenever they got attacked by the PF carders in Chilanga.

The UPND President said that he is confident that the youths and country at large will stand tall in defense whenever attacked by known PF cadres.

And Mr Hichilema has called on the party members across the country to remain strong and hopeful of a better tomorrow.

The UPND President who used an English idiom that “it’s darker before dawn” stated that this is not the time for party member and the country to tire but look forward.

He also stated that he was confident that Zambians have placed hope in him as a practical economic manager adding that he will not let them down when in government but work round the clock to develop the Nation.


  1. Bufi. Just accept that you lost and move on to strategize your next move. How can ECL who came onto the political scene beat you pants down? This still puzzles me.

    • He is right.

      If police can’t protect you, take the law in your own hands.

      Not rocket science to me.



    • Sir, you lost because of your pride. People told you not nominate that girl because of her reputation but you ent against the advise, now that you lost you want to find an excuse!

    • HH is chief thug…all he dreams about is violence.
      “it’s darker before dawn” …there is no dawn for Upnd…HH & Upnd are headed into a “black hole” come 2021.
      “…as a practical economic manager”… of plundered national wealth!
      “…that he will not let them down when in government but work round the clock to develop the Nation.”… in your dreams Baba!

    • We were expecting another Lackluster Excuse. This is one of them. !!

      HH is like one of those students at high school or higher education, who don’t study and pass exams! Yet they expect miracles to happen on the final exams and score distinctions, merits and credits.

      How does this latest statement from HH, encourage his followers to return back in numbers at the ballot. The first thing you do as a leader is to accept responsibility. Be honest from the core and grassroots that … We got it wrong.


      HH has this Entitlement Attitude and Mentality in him.

      Eddie Murphy as a good actor, tried to go into music after becoming successful in making movies… because he felt entitled to touch anything…

    • Contact. .

      that he did, would produce magic. He recorded and produced an Album in the 80’s. It failed badly.
      He came out straight and said.. I will leave music to Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston etc. . Best I stick to acting.

      HH never takes any responsibility for any wrong decisions. That itself is a symptom of a bad leader, who just uses his money to bully his followers.

      Yes!! I expect his followers to say this is politics and not showbiz. Well it’s just a narrative !!!!!

    • WTF, not a single word on the election results and his UPND candidate he tried to force down people’s throats? Why does it always have to be about encouraging violence and the all too familiar refrain of a narcissist; “me, me, me”? No wonder this guy looks at UPND MPs as an extension of himself personally and not as people’s representatives who just happen to be UPND. How about just accepting the defeat, promise to do better next time, congratulate the winner, and move on. Is that so hard to do?

      What does the Chilanga election got to do with his overly-inflated confidence that Zambians believe in his economic management acumen? And this is the guy who can’t even articulate economics coherently to backup his claimed economic credentials. He jumps from one economic issue that…

    • HH is a very bitter man and now he has been joined by another punch for punch loser Kambwili….UPND should change leadership if they want to remain relevant into Zambian Politics otherwise zabwino palibe.

    • Continue….

      crops to the next just like an uneducated common bum on the street. So one might be tempted to ask, which economy has he ever managed? His farm? Give me a freaking brake!

    • HH is very stubborn and has a mind and reasoning of a 5 year old….Lungu is not my favorite but he has matured and is handling his Presidency very well and am sure the people of Zambia will vote for him again in 2021. HH should retire after 2021 or even before

    • In the meantime, the police should re-interview this Musonda woman on the murder case. If the law permits to do so.

      Something is very strange. The speed at which she moved to stand on the election ballot, really leaves chills in someone’s head. What is she covering up?

      Is she the MURDER?? , While Keith has decided to bear the brunt. Why because, he thought would get away being a politician who could use influence inside the system.

      And this where HH’s Morality has really been tested. And he has failed as a leader. In the same way that HH is just using GBM for his money.

      He appeared to have used Musonda’s complexions to get votes. But people of Chilanga are not stupid. They smelt a RAT.

    • If i was UPND die hard like Spaka like lilo I would be very ashamed right now…HH still sounds like he is campaigning in 2006…he hasn’t grown.

    • Neither HH nor Lungu hold the key to success for our beautiful country.

      They both want one thing – to be very rich.

      Lungu is as corrupt as they come. With no shame at all.

      UPND lost because they went with a slay queen, a homewrecker. Their decision to adopt her shows they are not serious. What message did they send to this Christian nation?

      Zambians have been taken for granted for far too long.

  2. Panga for panga privatization stubborn and arrogant 6time tribalist loser

    Is that campaign message . Tell us what you will do for Zambia

    Sata told us more money in your pocket , lower taxes and jobs not withstanding end result but he had message

    Now this opposition leader

    Ati. Will arrest lungu. Konswe mumpoto. Lazy bum. Corrupt thief
    Panga for panga
    Honestly is that campaign

  3. Zambia urban will never accept him unfortunately change can never start batoka

    Revolution starts from lsk and cb. Right now there is no wind of change because of 2 leader s running opposition part based on bitterness

  4. Kikikikikikikiki………humility in defeat.

    “The UPND President said there is nothing to celebrate about a violent election”.
    So there was no rigging this time? Underfive h.h! And yet he would be celebrating had he won! And of course claiming that the Zambian people had spoken!!
    And who was violent anyway? Upnd were pure angels this time?
    And what do you say about the Charming candidate? Were your members right all along after all? So you are back home finally?
    No word of consolation for Charming, no? So she was expendable? What a leader!!

    “He also stated that he was confident that Zambians have placed hope in him as a practical economic manager…”.
    Now the embarrassing defeat h.h, is that how Zambians show hope in you??

    My friend Spaka lilo, please come to my rescue,…

  5. Comment:This the HH I know,we face with a challenge it is the doing and him.Instead of preaching peace ,he wants violence,instead of preaching forgiveness he wants revenge,instead gathering he wants to scatter.Who told you that you an economic manager and economic thief,so you want your youths to injured while you are comfortably siting in your house.What a cruel and evil man you are.Only blind followers will head your advise.

  6. ……but at least she delivered on sorting out Keith for not boycotting parliament, so the full satisfaction of h.h.

    So today you are back to “economic manager”? Ahede!!! Hehehehehe!!

    It must be very embarrassing to be h.h’s spouse, I think. Or even to be h.h’s son!!

  7. No message at all, this underfive, you call him politician, leader of a party?

    No wonder upnd is directionless!!

  8. What should pf do when attacked in monze

    Thats how civil war starts

    Why is lungu tolerating this kind of nosense from a leader of group thinkers

  9. One silver lining though! He made no mention of Mr Esau Chulu, Chairperson of ECZ. Maybe its because the margin of votes of 800+ was more than the 175 officials and votes that he accused Mr Chulu of trying to insert in the results!

    Spaka lilo please come to my rescue, I need to start eating my breakfast without choking with laughter!

  10. …h.h is going into church led dialogue with some charming defeat!!!

    What does Jesus and church teach us about morality???

  11. Charmaine looks like bana Chibwe the adulterous woman in the Zambian soap Umutenge currently showing on Gotv

  12. I am sure that Charming has learnt a good lesson, that immorality, conspiracy, charming and bedding are not the essential ingredients to cook a successful political career. Poor Charming, h.h must have abandoned her, no word of consolation…. she must sobbing uncontrollably now after reflecting on what she has done.

  13. So what happens if UPND cadres attack PF cadres in Southern Province.HH is a sadist that’s why I am concerned that he will turn his supporters into a terrorist group but majority of ordinary Zambians won’t allow it because he will be cleared if he dared to take Zambians for granted this time around

    • hh should also know that majority Zambians hate him because he’s hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers

  14. Apa tapali ifya bu economic manager. You messed up big time. We need a strong opposition. Please ba Kalaba and others give us a strong opposition party we dont want a one party state which we fought sometime back.

  15. The problem with UPND is they lack strategy and tactical knowledge.
    Who in there right mind fights violence with violence? So, you expect people to vote for you even when are you calling for blood.
    UPND needs surgery.

  16. Obvious his d!ck got sucked for the first time by Charmaine Musonda hence the blow job got him into the wilderness of like “there is no tomorrow” that he wish that was in the parliament motel as the slaughter house is well equipped like the Tonga bull abattoir Chief Mukuni uses to ream the “Pedophile” at his palace which has underground refrigerator stocked with mabisi & chibwantu.Well I am still looking for HH’s final thesis for his master’s coz the guy cannot be differentiated from his political adviser William Banda, GBM & neckless CK in terms of cognitive ability.

  17. This man does not seem to learn. After presenting a prostitute and murder accomplice he is now calling others thugs. Chilanga is a psychological blow for much more defeats because of non repentant leader. We deserve and apology for that satanic adoption not this rhetoric

  18. This man doesn’t know wat it means to be in opposition.his strategy is too young;whom can we look to ths time around zambia so that we ar saved…am not seeing salvation frm hh pipo…who can save us frm hands of pf apart frm hh ???
    no future in hh???

  19. Running out of ideas, stop inciting youths please. The youths need jobs, direction and hope instead of being used by politicians to settle scores. Youths require a visionary leadership with workable game plan for their future. A Country rated as the second ranking in Africa for Chinese trade, yet facing high unemployment levels and high poverty levels. What is the benefit of Zambia-China partnership?

  20. I am so ashamed of my party, for sure thinking of joining PF, sorry PF for vulgar language against you, i was under the influence of HH and GBM i repent

  21. Yes Sir…upnd must defend itself while you Mr HH is busy with Ms Chainmine Musonda. Who can blame you..this poor lady need comforting since her man is behind bars… . Enjoy the fruit of your hard labour.. A Tonga bull needs a few new cows once in a while…

  22. HH should just tell his two children to be violent and not innocent Zambians.Why should i shed blood or die for the sake of HH or Edgar Lungu?MY FOOT!!!At no time will HH or Edgar Lungu buy my family food,pay school fees,take me to hospital,or simply give me K5 so why should HH tell us to engage into violence for his sake?ONLY A CHAINAMA PATIENT WOULD OBEY KAINDE’S EVIL INSTRUCTIONS!!Bembas say “munshebwa aile na mafi kubuko!!”Many Zambians warned HH’s team not to adopt “hule” and murderer Musonda,but as usual HH did listen!!Many Zambians today love Edgar Lungu because he listens and does what the majority want!!!VIOLENCE WILL NEVER WIN UPND ANY ELECTIONS!!GBM AND GARRY NKOMBO PROMISED PANGA FOR PANGA IN CHILANGA AND UPND DID IT.NOW DID YOU WIN?NEVER!!GROW UP HH.

  23. If hh continues to incite peaceful Zambian people to rise against each other to shade blood watipwa ci- color.watipwa.

  24. Only a chainama patient would get your evil instructions bo Kainde!!WHY CANT YOU TELL YOUR TWO CHILDREN TO ENGAGE INTO VIOLENCE THAN PUTING LIVES OF INNOCENT ZAMBIANS AT RISK?in 2016 a tonga lady was killed in your name and she is gone forever while you enjoy Mutinta in your chalala house-is that fair!!!Why should we shed blood or die for your sake?Kkkkkkkkkkkk……several defeats which you have gotten since 2006 have made you lose sight!!UKOSE KAINDE!!!Lusaka mayor by election is next and you will be hummered once more pants down!!!So many UPND youths are in jail today because of you!!!PLEASE BANTUSTANS OPEN YOUR EYES BECAUSE HH MAY SPOIL YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD!!A lot of blind upnd have lost jobs in Govnt,all because of HH.Hey this man is very evil!!
    People love ECL because he has matured…

  25. This is why many Zambians are saying HH is just bitter.why is he inciting violence?He adopted a wrong candidate in chilanga but expected to win,how?You take Zambians for granted badaala.HH overates himself too much just like Kambwili.They say “ukupoka icisenda ku nkoko kunakilila”.You need to be humble if you are to receive our votes.No politician feeds us and no politician is an Alpha and Omega!!But you HH thinks that minus you,Zambia cant exist.This is why we reject you on voting day to show you that our life does not depend on HH!!!Zambia existed before HH was born and it will exist until Jesus comes back!!They say “nobody has a monopoly of wisdom”.Meaning, it is just by sharing ideas with others in life can one achieve things!!BOSS TYPE OF POLITICS WILL NEVER TAKE HH INTO STATE…

  26. This is stupid coming from a leader,i have always said we dont need HH and Lungu in our politics.Your UPND Cadres almost killed journalists at Munda wanga but you were quiet like the morning waters and today you are telling your cadres to respond and defend themselves.Why didnt you defend yourself when you were smoked out of your hiding by PF cadres and police.You don’t even give your cadres logistical support during campaigns and u expect them to fight well armed PF cadres.Its a shame and it does not surpise us as NAREP because both UPND AND PF are regulating ancient politics.

  27. Some politicians can be likened to a worn out tire. When you have the treads cut deeper at Soweto does not make it new but even more dangerous to use. How else can one understand the mentoring of inciting violence? A tire wears out with time despite not having been fitted on the car and looking new. It can not sell to those who understand tires because the markings shall tell the story of the tire in question. Politicians have these markings too. Some have become irrelevant and now think causing excessive dust might create a chance to snick into the arena.


  29. HH is running mad now. Please forgive him for he does not know what he is doing. HH please behave man. Or you first tell your Children to go and fight, leave the children of the poor people alone. Use your children whom you eat with to fight for you.

  30. Clueless Childish with an immoral person who caused a wrongful death of someone, imprisonment of another and destruction of a marriage. Ask Jesus to have mercy on you madam. Use your beauty for the good of God not for the man next to you. He wants to plant chaos in the nation! What you don’t see is that he WILL NEVER be president in Zambia.

  31. This is democratic Nation without opposition talking you could have rise against ruling government if the opposition will stop talking the current government will not feel secured for planning
    from us as a nation

  32. UPND works very hard! I mean SACRIFICES a lot! HH’s bodyguard! Siavonga PF chairman! The security guard of that imprisoned lawyer! The Chilanga chairman! That is why he is a Three Mansion. No normal leader says what he is saying. Even Jesus said give the other cheek! Only a person who does not understand the word can instruct his followers to do harm! Remember when he failed to yield to the Presidential motorcade? A Satanist?

  33. Maybe he should become Zambia Railways General Manager too so that he too can start transporting bulls illegally. “Tongas don’t steal!”

  34. Baatata ba hh awee twakana iimwee lolesheni kuli less please aala uukusumya uumulopa teeko mwishina lyabaayesu ????????

  35. This statement from the only wise man in UPND has really embarrassed Spaka and jay jay,they now can’t do what they love most,blogging,ewe mudala you are depriving your paid bloggers of space

  36. Sure. If you try to attack me, expect me to defend my self. I won’t sit there watch you hack me. Expect a very determined defence!

  37. Hmmmmm! Am wondering why most Asian countries train kungfu, karate, taekwando and so on. I thought its meant for self defence. Its normal for someone to defend themself when attacked. PF needs to defend themselves when attacked, UPND needs to do like wise but above all let love rule, then can we have peace in our nation.

  38. Instead of starting to reflect on why Upnd is losing elections even it’s own backyard and plan how to reverse the trend, the supreme leader HH is talking about and encouraging violence. Several times I’ve asked people why HH has never censured his members for attacking and injuring suspected PF cadres and no one has answered.


  40. Its difficult to be true to oneself. Why are we Lying? Which one of us here has been attacted and not defend ourselves? Apart from Jesus and his disciples, I have seen none attacted and not protect themselves. We can be haters but sometimes try to be sensible. What happened in Chilanga was uncalled for and really whoever got attacked did well to protect him/herself.

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