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George Chellah Rubbishes Former Finance Minister Chikwanda’s Sunday Interview

General News George Chellah Rubbishes Former Finance Minister Chikwanda's Sunday Interview

President with his spokesperson George Chellah (r) and Chief Mukuni (l) when he arrived in Livcingstone for political campaigns
FILE: President Sata with his spokesperson George Chellah (r) and Chief Mukuni (l) when he arrived in Livingstone for political campaigns

George Chellah, the Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the late President Michael Sata, has rubbished the interview aired on Sunday by former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda in which the Mr Chikwanda insisted that President Sata’s speech was switched.

In a posting, Mr Chellah said that he was disappointed with Mr Chikwanda’s repetitive claims that the late president Mr. Michael Sata’s aides swapped his last speech to Parliament

Below is the full posting


By George M. Chellah

I have noted with disappointment Mr. Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda’s repetitive claims that the late president Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata’s [MHSRIP] aides swapped his last speech to Parliament. I do recall that the last time Mr. Chikwanda made similar absurd accusations I rebutted them with an elaborate response that stipulated the procedure attendant upon the preparation of a presidential speech. No one swapped any speeches and Mr. Chikwanda knows this.

Quite honestly, it is unhelpful to keep engaging in this unproductive and now tired debate, save to say that I can only describe Mr. Chikwanda’s attempts at linking innocent persons to his fictional conspiracies as malicious and a cruel attempt to settle old scores for the work some of us did in stopping certain activities meant to abuse Mr. Michael Sata’s presidency at the time he was unwell, which I will at an appropriate time have occasion to discuss. Perhaps ba shikulu would do well to concentrate his efforts on explaining the policy decisions made during his time at the Ministry of Finance and whether he or his company, Sigma, benefited from these policy decisions.

In fact, I don’t know about you but for me, watching ba shikulu ba Chikwanda on national television last Sunday just exposed the extent to which this country abuses the aged at times. Whoever fixed that interview is being very unkind to the old man.

Let ba shikulu take a rest. Allow him chance to reflect and pen down his memoirs alongside telling family stories to his grandchildren. Ba shikulu has done enough to contribute to the current state of our economy, he surely must have a lot to reflect on rather than spinning incredible tales of conspiracies.

I thank you.

Below is Chikwanda’s full Sunday Interview

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  1. Is it the same shikulu bantu mentioned below, who has left us in financial ruins?
    “To be honest PF has made me feel like we are cursed. We have moved from bad to worse. I remember Sata telling then Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda that he can not resign because he would be prosecuted for corruption during the rebasing of the Kwacha as he is suspected to have received huge gratifications from companies that printed and minted the new Zambian currency.
    Sources at State House revealed that Sata told Chikwanda on Wednesday night that it was easier for him to protect his uncle from possible prosecution while serving as Cabinet Minister unlike when he was an ordinary citizen.”

    • I think the way Sata died raises a lot of questions.

      The vultures lost the patience to wait, and chose to push king Cobra.

      His body must be exhumed and tested for foul play.

      The same applies to Levy Mwanawasa. The state did try to eliminate him in that car accident, but he survived. His fight against corruption was the final nail for him. His passing must be investigated. Foul play suspected there as well.

  2. This Chikwanda has a vulgar obscene and “smelly” language. He once described the late leaders of the then UPP including the late fire brands; Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Justin Chimba, Alfred Musonda Chambeshi etc., as ‘illiterates’ who could not even speak English’. In his ‘colonised’ kinky minds he thought/thinks that by speaking the english lingo, one is educated. Do the lndians/Japanese/Chinese etc know how to speak English? Do the english themselves know how to speak Bemba let alone Chinese or lndian languages? Indeed take a leaf from what Chella is saying here, SHUT the F…….K up….

  3. I remember how Mr John Chisata revealed that the Unip government had covered for Mr Reuben Kamamga when he raped his white secretary in his office. He claimed the woman’s husband was paid off handsomely to keep him quiet. The revelation came at the time when UPP came into being. So whether the speech was switched or not it no longer matters

  4. Its funny to watch Mr chikwanda talking about zambia having so much potential to grow and also saying the zambian people have poor working culture, when he spent almost his whole adult life in top govt positions and he did almost zero to help out solve those issues.

  5. Just produce the speeches already. This thriller spin on Zambian affairs is sometimes hilariously hysterical.

  6. As much as a dislike Fossil Chikwanda ….I have no sympathy for this once arrogant boy Ka Chellah even had the cheek to jump on social media groups and ridicule other with his group of concubines and cadres. He is a shameless liar the little rat…they knew Old man Sata was incapable to lead for months yet they perpetuated the lie even forced him to walk up the stairs.

    • Iwe naiwe ka jayjay that was for security reasons, why do you spoilt little brats talk about things you dont understand. The sicknes of the president is not taken in the same light like you, a nobody. Simple things to understand you keep on hitting the same nail again and again.

    • AKASHAMBATWA – What security reasons? Being a President is just like any other job if you are ill you are incapable to dedicate your full potential hence you are robbing the taxpayers…I remember I used go Sata Deadwood as he was unseen for months as he was bedridden, the man was even incapable to speak clearly as evidence by the way he read that speech in Parliament; that was a national security matter in its self as he left it to likes of Chellah and others juniors to do it the reason we are now heaped with this utterly useless heartless workshy bum of a President called Edgar/Jonathan in State House today…who is a mere tool for corruption with questionable nationality..now that’s what happens when security is breached.
      Don’t come on here and lecture me about national secruity…

    • Cont’d
      …that is serving the interests of a few selfish people. National security breach is also the publication of the FIC report where a variety of top officials are implicated including officials from State House and the security wings are waiting for orders from the very officials the intend to arrest…instead of the Head of State acting he is dancing at airports and touring the country.

    • AKASHAMBATWA – Not finished with you yet…its dingbats like you with flawed mindsets that we are wallowing in poverty that the collective masses are unable to provide checks and balances…look at Nigeria a laughing stoke of a country where you have a rich country on paper but leadership is an absolute joke…the President was too sick that he went for three months to reside in a London Hospital comes back without giving an explanation and he has the cheek to state that youth in his country are lazy and also state that he intends to stand again….meanwhile there is civil war in the North of his country.

    • In fact appointing this silly small boy Chellah with half the Post Newspaper staff to State House was a nation security risk in itself …Fred was pulling the strings and privy to all national security matters; its no supprise he opted not to pay tax as he thought he was on the Head of State.

    • Zambia lost a lot of time and resources in those last days of mister Sata president. He should have let Lungu or Bo Inonge take over then. Mwanawasa was our greatest president, even though he loved the family tree.

  7. I remember how Mr John Chisata revealed that the Unip government had covered for Mr Reuben Kamamga when he raped his white secretary in his office and the husband was paid handsomely to keep him quiet. This was at the time the UPP came into being. Whether the speech was switched or not is not important. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  8. “Let ba shikulu take a rest. Allow him chance to reflect and pen down his memoirs alongside telling family stories to his grandchildren”,,Did you ever allow the late “shikulu” Sata to rest when the man was very sick with prostrate cancer as his balls were tired from from being overloaded with mutoto he used jerk on so many concubines and his wives.His urethra got blocked that he using a urine bag hidden in the jacket near the waist.Why didn’t you call him bashikulu or abused age during the reign of the late “shikulu” Sata? This Chella boy is a jerk and behaving like a pregnant dog looking for a place in the nearby bush to give birth.In fact we are in a mess bcoz of the poor policies initiated by sleeping Chikwanda & uneducated Sata.

  9. This is the same shikulu who was the first beneficiary of corruption of Sata’s reign; his company was single sourced to undertake renovation works at State House when Sata became president. He is responsible for setting the corruption trend in government. He can’t distance himself from the current corruption when the common strand can be traced to his time in government.

  10. just work hard, the #s will take care of themselves.
    that speaks to the mediocrity that this govt has. if the invest in the right sectors, the #s will reflect that.
    busy spending inflated sums of borrowed money of such useless things like shopping centers. time and time again not bothering to reenergize the agric sector.
    wrong and corrupt guys in the mines, end up giving the mines investors huge tax breaks
    yes he’s right about all these silly slogans. very backward thinking, makes me feel embarrassed listening to some of those slogans and rhetoric that lead to nothing

  11. Chella was just a nonentity in MCS’s administration. Chikwanda was a giant, he still remains Edgar’s godfather. He ran the President’s office most of time. Chella was mentioned as among those that were leaking information to the Watchdog. It’s not for nothing that Mwata Kavindele called for an investigation into Sata’s death. Edgar must take seriously what his godfather is saying, we don’t want him to fall into the same trap. Chella is being disrespectful, he must be investigated. Maybe he’s the Judas Iscariot. Even LPM’s speech was at one time stolen

  12. George Chella was a conduit for Mr Mmembe and is afraid of what he did and now is disrespecting the old man not knowing that late President Sata trusted the old man and the current President so he should not think is clever because the whole system knows what the boy did and can be jailed for that if the current Government wants so the best is just to keep quiet

    • The boy is a Judas Iscariot who is supposed to be behind bars. I think this position of special assistant to the President must be abolished. I am worried because his successor has also started receiving gifts like he were also the President

  13. I hear on the grapevine, Chikwanda needs monies and has crawled out from under his rock to make noise and make his way back in to PF rankings to steal|embezzle tenders to his Chinese business partners he cares so much about… The dinosaur should be banned from ever doing a interview again…. Jail is where he belongs.

  14. Chellah is behaving very well here. His respect for the elder is clearly visible and I hope young Zambians learn to respect the elderly like Chellah is doing.

  15. I am happy both Chellah and his other talking aides are no longer heard. This guy makes amos Chanda look like a rookie jerabo.

  16. Last time Chikwanda raised this issue of a ‘swapped’ speech, this was Chellah’s response:

    “it was decided at the time, by all concerned with the finalization of the speech that the presentation of a lengthy or bulky speech by president Sata would be inimical to his health and the president agreed accordingly. That was how all concerned settled for AN ABRIDGED VERSION of the document. Although, I cannot go into the intricate details for reasons of confidentiality and in keeping with my oath of secrecy I can confirm that the abridged version of the speech had full presidential approval and input too.”

    So in reading between these two understandings (Chikwanda’s and Chellah’s) what is deduce-able is that:

    1. There are two speeches [the original lengthy one and the shorter, or…

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