Friday, February 23, 2024

President Lungu in Western Province for a 3 days working visit


President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Mongu for 3 day working visit in Western Province and proceeded to Limulunga for a courtesy call on the Litunga.

Later this afternoon, the President is scheduled to meet all Patriotic Front (PF) party officials including the Ward officials at the Mongu Trade Hall.

According to a statement made a available to the media, tomorrow, Sunday, the President is scheduled to attend the morning church service at the Lourdes Cathedral in the provincial capital, Mongu, before paying a visit to the Simulumbe Research Station. The Head of state will address a public rally at Mulambwa grounds at 15:00 hours in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, President Lungu is on Monday morning, June 11, expected in Lukulu district to inspect, among other projects, the Lukulu district hospital and a secondary boarding school.

The Head of State will conclude his visit to Lukulu district with a public rally at 12:00hrs. He will then depart for Mongu district where he is scheduled to conclude his tour of the province before leaving for Lusaka.


  1. There he goes again the lazy dingbat…any excuse to get on a plane to loaf about….what a president we have. Tayali was right when stated that he is an aircraft cleaner!!

    • Guy Scott has wrong race to be President of Zambia.
      Then Zambia decided to vote for beer soaked minister as their President.

    • Last weekend he was in NW ..campaigning for new members and fundraising for a new PF Provincial Office Block via the corrupt “meet the President” function…he has no clue whatsoever about leading or delegating.

    • You want to bring a national air line and yet you are not civilised. How do you allow people to gather around an aircraft which is still in motion. The runway is supposed to out of bound to pedestrians but in zambia airport tarmac is not different from intercity terminus. When are we going to civilise? Brian mushimba you’re beginning to disapppint me. You’ve seen how airports are run elsewhere honestly why allow such things. Ubututu bwekabweka . Am disgusted.

    • @Nostradamus
      Come on mate you can do better than this…there’s no wrong race my dear brother…clear that in your mind…Guy Scott has gone into obliviation because of dealing with the wrong chaps…HH is not a good person to work with and just watch how Kambwili is about to finish…Guy Scott is a good Politician but he is easily swayed…remember he is one of the founders of MMD…plus age is catching up with him now

    • Apologies mudala wandi Edgar, I was so so so fuuuking drunk where I wrote about a beer soaked minister.
      After that nap I can drink again mweee….

    • Bukala bobe you should have respect
      The head if state is more important than your own lost father so to say.

  2. I hope son of a lazy bum tribal polygamist father cum tribal activist of the tribal gathering and wing of hooligans and bullies dept of a tribal party is behaving – showing no insolence. Chanda Chimba III in making.

  3. All land in Western Province was in the hands of the Litunga which made it very hard to develop the area because as a member of the tribal gathering Western Province never wanted any person from a distant land to build anything there! Thank God the new generation is changing and thank God for the current Litunga who is very progressive! What we have seen in our Western Province is breathtaking! Thank God for the Vice President who is a nationalist as well. Zambia is unitary state and politics of division are retrogressive! I am glad this government is developing every region. Hopefully, Namwala will not cut itself off.

  4. Last time ECL went to Solwezi we were told it was “a two day working visit” but it turned out to be a politicking expedition at taxpayers expense.Taxpayers are being ripped off.

  5. Lungu is really abusing State resources. Who did he give the presidential challenger to use? Why did he use the ZAF plane alongside the Presidential plane. Why transport many of those people from other provinces to Mongu? Just to show that he has support there? This chap will end up abuzing the so called to be relaunched Zambia Airways.

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