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Revelations contained in the 2017 Financial Intelligence Centre report are alarming-Finnish Ambassador

Headlines Revelations contained in the 2017 Financial Intelligence Centre report are alarming-Finnish Ambassador

Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen with Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen with Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen has said that the revelations contained in the 2017 Financial Intelligence Centre report are alarming.

Mr. Olkkonen has since commended the FIC for bringing to light the misuse of public resources, tax evasion and corruption.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Olkkonen said that from a good governance point of view, it is less important to think about the communication structures in which the FIC revelations were made.

Mr. Olkkonen said that it is important that public discourse is centered on the facts and evidence that has been discovered and not communication channels the FIC should have used.

Mr. Olkkonen stated that that if there is evidence of misuse of public funds or tax evasion, these crimes need to be followed up regardless of the process of how they were made public.

Mr. Olkkonen Stated that law enforcement agencies have an obligation and responsibility to follow up the revelations contained in the FIC report.

His comments follows attacks on the FIC following the publication of the report of its investigations.

Meanwhile, on assessing the implications of the FIC report to foreign investments, Economist Chibamba Kanyama told QFM News said that foreign portfolio investors generally want to invest their money in countries where financial systems are secure and most of them have invested their money in Zambia because of their confidence in financial systems such as the Bank of Zambia Anti-money laundering monitoring system.

When information such as the FIC report is released,an investor’s first reaction is to assess whether their money could be caught up in some of the channels they have invested such as the commercial banks. As such, information released by FIC gets monitored by investors as well. Mr. Kanyama said investors have a right to know what is going on in a country in which they have invested, whether good or bad and make decisions based on the available information.

Mr. Kanyama has also advised the government that if they have issues with the center, it is important to engage FIC indoors and not publicly.

Editors Note: Mr.Kanyama’s comments to QFM were taken out of context and have been corrected.Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


  1. The most annoying thing about it; PF govt is concerned that they were published for public consumption than its contents …look at the minutes of that Cabinet meeting no mention of it. I hope more Ambassadors come out and talk about it; as these shameless thieves want this matter to quietly disappear.

    • PF and ths Government should demand this man is recalled NOW

      he is meddling in the affairs of our country

      We are a sovereign country

      he has to go



    • Alarming…he should be worried about the isssis pouring into his country every day and by the way we dont need his country’s handouts anymore and if he wants he can just pack and vamoose

    • Dora Siliya will be remembered as a distinguished government spokesperson who always opened the mouth to speak things that potray the image of PF as a party of corrupt thieves. Few weeks after defending eSwant saga and numerous gifts his boss has been receiving as a lawyer and president, now she goes to threaten and blame financial intelligence for the channels they used to communicate rampant corruption and misappropriation of public resoureses. Dora Siliya finished her ranting withoit condemning or cautioning fellow thieves in government involved in corruption. She cannot hold a press briefing to talk about the issues raised in the financial intelligence report because she is spokesperson for the most corrupt government in Southern Africa. Shame Dora, shame PF thieves.

    • It’s extremely difficult to hold people accountable for corruption in a country like Zambia. And this because the head of State virtually controls all the branches of government. There is no strong system of checks and balances. Government leaders are held accountable in developed countries, because there’s a clear balance of power among the three main branches of government, namely the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive. While Donald Trump and his buddies are under investigation in America, when was the last time you heard that any branch of government had launched an investigation into Lungu and his buddies’ dealings? Nope. It won’t happen. Our government institutions are weak, and easily manipulated by the presidency. They badly need strengthening. We need to start by…

    • (Continued)… trimming down the powers of the presidency. Equally, we need to strengthen the independence of the various branches of the government. With so many corruption scandals happening in the government, there is an urgent need to find a way to hold the lawbreakers accountable. The ACC is almost nonexistent. Most likely they get intimidated by the politicians in high offices. So let’s find a way to strengthen the ACC too, and make it a truly independent organ that cannot be dictated to by corrupt politicians, including the president. Otherwise, the country will continue to drown in corruption.

    • Why not Zambians act because foreigners can only talk we are the ones to act the problem is just zambain we are all good at talks no action I think we need to start during criminals as a people

  2. At this point in time..our country is like the wild wild west of lawless cowboys as the Sheriff is corrupt; who do you turn to FIC Director has no where to turn to..over the years FIC has submitted countless Reports and nothing has happened…the Reports were shelved as the Auditor General Reports.
    Every soon they will fire the FIC Director and place a stooge in there …

    • The above under5 has no clue about tge rules which governs fic. The ambassador also is even more clueless. Fic are not mandated to reveal to public their findings but to the law enforcers and prosecutors. Now that fic have done what they’re not mandated to do who is going to prosecute something which is already in public domain. Those people who are implecated in their rumor can findle with evidence or even sue them in return. Fir those who are clueless fic takes their findings to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors whi then take the matter to public.

    • Oval …. – when this information was released it was a public event … even the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka was present at the ceremony as this Report merely shows “Trends of 2017″…there are no names of your selfish corrupt politicians and individuals are in this report. ..even a student can access this information for an assignment.
      Why are you dingbats eager to protect thieves as if they send you money…this is taxpayers money they are abusing are you not ashamed Tanzania has surpassed us because of zero tolerance on corruption.

    • People like oval head are the reason why Africa is full of failed states. Corruption has been brought to light and you are busy raising qualms about how that corruption was brought to light? Why? Probably because you benefit from the rottenness.
      Some people here really need to take stock of their moral compass.

  3. What about the law? What does it state regarding leaking information by senior government officials? These questions are also important for Good Governance. First, institute legal reforms about leakages. Under the resent legislation, leaked information does not automatically lead to prosecution of alleged wrong doers. The national laws must be respected, even under extreme pressure.

    • To paraphrase:If the law constrains or otherwise expressly debars the Financial Intelligence Center from releasing contents of its financial intelligence to the public,then the FIC Director has broken the law.However,the information is already in public domain and has raised considerable interest.The report,though sensationalized(in its wording not substance) was not released by an anonymous whistle-blower, but by the Director of FIC. Whether the Director is fired or not,someone still has to explain or act on the content of the “leakage”.Failure to follow administrative procedure does not diminish the reports’importance.

    • Do you know why this agency was created? The report released to the public only shows trends…what’s wrong with you thick morons??

    • The Attoney General authorized the release of the report and went on to be the MC during the launch! If anyone has issues with the law, blame the AG but given the seriousness of the crimes committed, the AG was right to okay the release of the report! We don’t want to be governed by Mafias who want to do as they please while chocking us with high taxes!

    • The media (public relations) is not a substitute for accountability (job description). The Rule of Law is the foundation of Good Governance. Remember the case of Snowden? The US government under President Obama found Snowden’s conduct inconsistent with existing practices. Whether or not authorities in Zambia will prosecute officials at FIC for unlawful conduct is entirely at the discretion of the authorities. Administrative arrangements could be instituted, including stern warning, forced leave,demotions, or suspend.

  4. The culprits of tax evasion is HH and his foreign friends so Kainde must be punished by us voters.
    As for those corrupt Govnt officials,the law must visit them whether they are Directors,PSs,Ministers or whoever.Nobody is above the law.
    I agree with Chibamba Kanyama as much as the director of this centre did his or her job,the centre errored by making public confidential information and that director must be fired now!!!BY SAYING SO,WE ARE NOT SUPPORTING CORRUPT OFFICERS NO,BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO TARNISH THE IMAGE OF OUR BELOVED ZAMBIA DUE TO CARELESS STATEMENTS!!

    • Whats tax avoidance got to do with this…have you read the report? There are companies being awarded GRZ contracts when they are not tax compliant…you daft dingbats just support blindly.
      Wake up!!

    • You want to be stealing in silence ?

      Don’t steal and nothing published will worry you …..

  5. No difference between tax evasion and any form of white collar crime like corruption, fraud, money laundering etc. Lets not paint tax evasion as an angel’s crime and the otgers as a devil’s crime just because it is committed by one of our own. Otherwise we will never conquer crime as a country.

    • Tax avoidance is not a crime but tax evasion is ..you have all this knowledge at you fingers tips but dont use it.
      Wake up you fooools!!

  6. And I agree with Finnish Ambassador’s comment, it does not matter how the crime is reported whether by leaks or whistle blower, just investigate and prosecute!
    So shut up honourable Dora!!and get on with the prosecution!!

  7. “….Mr. Kanyama, who is also Bridges Limited Managing Consultant, told QTV News that the nation should be careful and not release information that may compromise the confidence of investors …”

    You are also a theif kanyama …..the moral of the story here is don’t steal and nothing in the public domain will worry you ?????

  8. Mr. Kanyama, who is also Bridges Limited Managing Consultant, …..

    This is shocking.

    Accepting stealing ……ati don’t reveal ? Are you for real Mr kanyama ?

  9. Sad how the Servant (PF government) has captured it’s Masters (The Zambian Citizens)!
    Corruption Has Killed More People than all the civil wars combined in Africa – Prof PLO

  10. Kanyama! What has become of you? Fighting corruption of this magnitude requires all means of exposing the rot! Even medical doctors are required by law to breach patient confidentiality if that patient is a danger to the public and even self! What channel was FIC supposed to follow when they got clearance from the Attoney General? Rather than getting bogged down by irrelevancies, let us focus on the issues raised – no sugar coating here. Even if the Investors go, there is too much cleaning we need to do! Corruption has killed more people than all the civil wars in Africa – Prof PLO!

  11. In as much as we appreciate Ambassadors reactions to such financial scandals how I wish they also express the same views on how multinationals and corporates from western countries loot our resources through tax avoudances and cheating on export prices.

    • Norway or Danmark offered to help Zambia many years ago account curb international tax related issues and you ignored them.

  12. What has become of us Zambians? Even clear theft of our own public money is being defended by our fellow citizens. Where has all this come from? We never used to be like this.

  13. I have been telling you people , lungu will be found to be the most corrupt presido ever.

    He is not acting tough on corruption and stealing only to try to dilute the public perception because he is in it up to his neck.

    If lungu could he would legalize corruption just to cover himself.

    I am an easterner from RBs camp. But I chose country over tribe on this one. Lungu is too much.

  14. The guilty are afraid. Year after year even reports from the Auditor General’s office show massive theft and misappropriation of funds. When are the culprits going to be punished with this government attitude of shutting everyone up who reveals the on-goings? The fact of the matter is also that we have a population that buries its heads in the sand, an opposition that does not address the real issues, an impotent Parliament and a toothless selfish civil society.

    The likes of the so-called @Nubian Princess and @Anonymous above, are a clear example of the ostriches – in this case, the unthinking selfish ones, perhaps feeding off the crumbs of Lungu’s banquet table.

  15. Whites should just be quiet and continue giving money for us to chew otherwise other whites will do it

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