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Kiki releases “Catch me” music video



Zambian born & bred songstress Kiki released the long-awaited music video for her single “Catch Me”. The song is the title track from her debut EP which she released last year in November. All 5 songs on the EP were written by Kiki and produced by Mag44 at Radio Café. The EP features collaborations with fellow local artists James Sakala & Cactus Agony, and serves as an introduction to her sound while she continues to work on a full album.

The ‘Catch me’ music video, directed by Chloe George of Ufulu Films, features a contemporary dance routine choreographed by Namaala Liebenthal of ‘Zoca Dance’, starring dancers Frank Sinyangwe & Diana Caceres. The dancers appear as a figment of Kiki’s imagination, and are a reflection of the lyrics she is writing while sitting in a cafe.

“It’s every director’s dream to be delivered a project that tickles the heart strings and drums up instant ideas. This was ‘Catch Me’ for us. On listening to the song we instantly birthed the concept of a couple expressing a love story through contemporary dance, and fortunately we knew just the people to bring that vision to life. The ‘Catch Me’ video was rewarding to work on from start to finish. Namaala, Frank and Diana did an exceptional job of choreographing and performing the dance sequence, and Kiki’s scenes came together beautifully (despite two near-misses with the passing freight trains)!” – Chloe George, Ufulu Films.


  1. It’s a good song. She’s always had a powerful voice and I like her clean imagery.

    Just can’t shake that this is the type of song you’d hear at the end of a Sport Billy episode.

  2. This ballad style isn’t really for me, although it reminds me a little of 90s house anthems. It is nice to hear an actual song for a change though. I wish Kiki every success with it.

  3. Wonderful music and dance. Great voice hitting highs and lows in clear and silky fashion. Reminds me of Martina McBride. Young lady take it to the rest of the world. God bless you and your team.

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