Soccer legend Christopher Katongo celebrates the launch of the Castle 5s football league, with Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran.

Chipolopolo legend Christopher Katongo has advised young players to match their talent with passion and hard-work in order to excel in the sport.

Katongo noted that talent alone cannot make a footballer succeed.

The ex-Zambia captain said he was not a very talented player but his passion for the game made him shine.

“Talent alone is not enough in football. You need the inner thing to propel you and that is passion,” Katongo said at Kitwe Playing Field during the Shield/Chelsea talent search.

He is the ambassador for Unilever Shield/Chelsea talent search programme in which one Zambian footballer will be picked to be part of a team that will train and face the Chelsea legends side in London.

“Someone has to be passionate about football. Like myself I don’t think I was that talented but I used passion and hard-work,” he said.

Besides winning the Africa Cup with Zambia in 2012, Katongo starred for Danish side Brøndby, Armenia Bielefeld of German, Skoda Xanthi in Greece, Chinese club Henan Construction and South Africa’s Jomos Cosmos.

“You need to listen to what coaches want and follow instructions regarding tactics and discipline. We had talented players but they never reached the level Zambia wanted,” the Green Buffaloes assistant coach said.

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    • Talent is not enough… You also need some beers. Rugby is better by far. Soccer is overrated like intercourse with a virgin.


  1. Reason why I think he should be on the chipolopolo technical team. its just that simple. unfortunately there are people who earn a living bringing others down. his exit from the national team was premature. I’m not saying he should have been treated as a sacred cow. Let he who has an ear listen…


    • That’s the thinking we need! Integrate these guys, our challenge is finding their use after they’e kicked the last ball. He would be huge value on the bench and has decided to be home, it’s a no brainer.


  2. Katongo brought himself down by sleeping with his girlfriend in his room when they camped in Ndola (Mukuba Hotel). He was captain and should have led the Zambia squad by example.
    So what discipline is he talking about?
    Married and sleeping with girlfriend at camp?
    All he is talking in the name of a repentant & undisciplined sinner?
    Older players OLDER than him, like Victor Moses, are still playing for their nations and clubs because of humbleness and discipline. HE WAS STILL GOING TO BE A FORCE TO RECON WITH BY NOW.


  3. Good job Chris! You have made Zambia proud! Someone is gnashing his teeth at you right now! Don’t mind him!


  4. This is the greatest advice for Zambian soccer players. We have noticed players from countries who never used to play soccer surpass our players in getting world attention. Japanese, South Korean and Chinese players have quickly come the world ranks through hard work and passion. The Japanese women went on to win the World Cup jn 2011.
    I am sure there have been more talented Zambians over the years than Japanese or South Korean. But the Asian guys have focused on passion and hard work with no room for socializing with girls or boasting around and it has paid off.



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