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Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba

America Finally Develops a Magical Laser Gun for Drones With Similar Potency And Accuracy to the Kaliloze Night Gun of the Barotseland

Three year ago, I did post on my Facebook Page this write-up. Surprising, it attracted very little attention.

One year on, Professor Nkandu Luo hinted on the need to undertake research into witchcraft. Public reaction was quite negative.

Now, a degree programme has been introduced at UNZA. Public reaction is even worse.

This story I posted, and I re-post, is about Barrie Reynolds, Keeper of Ethography of the Livingstone Museum, now called and the National Museum of Zambia. Sixty years ago, Barrie wrote a small three page article for NADA, the in-house journal of the Southern Rhodesia Native Affairs Department. The story was about a young British police officer investigating a murder and near beheading in the Barotseland Protectorate (present-day Western Province, Zambia). Two women had been murdered with a suspicion of witchcraft attached. The weapon used was a “Kaliloze Night Gun”.

Barrie Reynolds, who had been invited to interview the accused, and to examine the confiscated material used in evidence in the court cases, noted that “a change had recently taken place in the manner in which these weapons were being constructed. These kaliloze guns were fired at the sun, or through a hole in a wall. No physical wound was inflicted. However, death was caused. What caused the death remained a mystery.

In the ensuing government clamp down, an astounding number of people were formally charged and convicted of contravening the witchcraft legislation. No less than nine young men were arrested, sentenced to death, and executed.

Fast forward to 2014, a Laser Weapon System (LaWS) was launched by the U.S. It has similar potency, stunning accuracy, secrecy and the mystery of the “The Kaliloze Night Gun” of Barotseland. But because has been developed by the Americans, no one has been arrested, charged and executed .

The weapon is now mounted on the USS Ponce, an amphibious US transport ship, which has been deployed in the Persian Gulf.
According to news sources last year, the LaWS is “world’s first laser weapon” — one that can “kill” threatening, airborne drones — and is ready for action.

The question is: is LaWS really the world’s first laser weapon?

As indicated above, sixty years ago, the Baroste “laser scientists” had similar weapons, except for want of comprehension of photon and laser science at the time, and such “scientists” were labeled “witches and wizards” and executed.

The new laser weapon, may seem as though it were pulled straight from a James Bond movie, but it is entirely functional, and can shoot with stunning accuracy, according to the U.S. Navy.

“Operationally, it works just like a laser pointer,” Lt. Cale Hughes, a LaWS officer, told CNN. “There’s a chamber inside with special materials that release photons.”

The LaWS laser beam is completely silent and invisible. It’s also fast: The laser travels at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second, or about 300,000 kilometers per second), meaning it’s about 50,000 times the speed of an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile, such as the one North Korea was testing last year, the Navy told CNN.

The $40 million system requires a team of three to operate it and a small generator to power its electricity supply, according to the Navy.

However, each blast is relatively cheap. “It’s about a dollar a shot,” Hughes told CNN.

In addition to being able to take down threats in the air, the LaWS can hit and disable objects in water. The laser’s accurate blasts, heated to thousands of degrees, might even mean fewer casualties in combat, Inez Kelly, a U.S. Naval Forces Central Command science adviser, told CNN.

For instance, if the laser is aimed at an enemy boat, operatives can “take out exactly the engine, and not necessarily damage anything else,” Kelly said.

“That type of precision weapon work is something that you don’t really get with conventional weapons, because there tends to be more collateral damage.”
Under Geneva Convention rules, armed forces are not allowed to use laser weapons directly against people.

The U.S. has pledged to abide by that protocol, Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder, chief of naval research, said in 2014 at a news conference in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Navy is already developing second-generation systems that might be able to target threats other than drones and water vessels. These missions are classified, but when asked whether the LaWS could shoot and destroy missiles, USS Ponce Capt. Christopher Wells said “maybe” and smiled, according to CNN.

Back to Zambia, first reported in 1906, Kaliloze guns have been “classified” guns used to rid society in western Zambia of witches for much of the 20th Century, and probably for a lot longer before the 1900s. Not surprisingly these magical guns, which are preferably made out of the thigh bones of human beings, attracted the horrified attention of British colonial administrators, and continue to fascinate and frighten people in Zambia in the present.

In the course of the 20th Century the Kaliloze, as a magical weapon, has changed and spread eastwards within Zambia. From the 1970s on wards, the Kaliloze has to a large extent become synonymous with the AK 47 assault rifle when it is used as a Karavina. It appears the science is slowly but suely going into extinct.

One thing for sure, we needed to undertake a serious research to understand and harness the potency and accuracy of this “classified” science using modern science.

You like it or not, the Barotse people were light years ahead of the Americans in terms of laser and photon science. The British imperialists are largely to blame for executing the natives for practicing a science that was way beyond their comprehension.

Perhaps, it is high time we rethink our attitude towards African “classified” science, in particular the science of the Kaliloze Guns, the Magical Firearms used in Western Zambia in the 1950s. I totally support the decision to venture into this science from an academic perspective. This could turn out to be another money spinner for Zambia. Just come to think of Zambia exporting 10,000 “Kaliloze Laser Guns” more potent that the LaWS to the rest of the world each worth than $50 million.

We need to start thinking in that direction…..I mean “Think-Outside-the-Box”.


  1. I already applied as lecturer/professor in witchcraft specialist in “human-crocodile”. In Luapula men can turn into crocodile. We also grow bananas under water in lakes.

    • Peter Sinkamba, have you tried to imagine a country where smoking weed is legal, witchcraft is taught at the highest learning institution and homosexuality is legal? If these foreign organization were genuinely meant well for Zambia why doesn’t UNESCO invest such amount of money in verifying whether or not Sondashi formula which is being used in South Africa works? The foreigners are never interested in funding good things in Africa. They funds wars in Congo, bought us and used as slaves and yet people like Sinkamba still thinks they mean well for Africa. I hate people like Sinkamba, Fred Mmembe and HH who thinks whites mean well to Africa.

    • Witchcraft was a worldwide phenomena before the enlightenment. We are past that stage. The amount of knowledge that has been codified under the sciences and arts since that period is what has led to the explosive advancement in human progress that we are currently enjoying. The results are tangible; your smart phone, the internet, modern medical practices and medicines. If Africa and Zambia in particular continues to relish the thought of delighting itself on vomit , it will forever be relegated to the backside of human progress. The only thing that you Zambians will truly own is your ignorance. Everything from the mines, the big farms, the banks, the big businesses, the shopping malls and the best land will be owned by more progressive foreigners. This is a fact.

      The trouble with…

    • The trouble with Africans is that you can so easily suspend reasoning without experiencing cognitive dissonance brought about by so doing. I am baffled how Sinkamba despite having an advanced degree can be making comparisons between laser technology and an esoteric “kaliloze gun”. Sinkamba is sometimes capable of truly thinking out of the box but not on this issue. He is clearly thinking within a tiny box and sadly enough like many of you.

    • Peter Sinkamba is at another level. He is a great thinker of our time. He is in the class of Italian inventor and astronomer, Galileo Galilei the “Father of the Scientific Revolution” who challenged the traditional beliefs about mankind’s place and relationship with the universe held by religious orders. Galileo proved Christian beliefs had been wrong to suggest the Earth moves around the Sun…..He was nearly executed for that, but wasn’t he right!!!!! The moral of this story is that the majority view is not always rights….lonely voices may be right, so give them a hearing!!!!!! Viva Sinkamba and Nkandu Luo!

    • @Dr Chaos Theory: I presume you are a mathematician at PhD level. If that is the case, I presume you understand, as a matter of principle, that chaos theory looks at certain systems that are very sensitive. This could include witchcraft as a sensitive system. The theory posits that a very small change may make the system behave completely differently. in fact, very small changes in the starting position of a chaotic system make a big difference after a while. Put simply, chaos theory posits that no matter how well you know the initial conditions, determinism doesn’t rule the Universe. I am therefore baffled you hold the view that witchcraft was a worldwide phenomena before the enlightenment and that we are past that stage. That level of determinism has no space or chance in chaos theory…

    • @ Little knowledge is Dangerous, not every system in the universe is chaotic- agreed. Determinism does not rule the universe but neither does non-determinism! You would not use airplanes without fatal consequences if you could not predict the behavior of an airplane – determinism at work. Chaos theory is just one of the many theories in the arsenal of modern knowledge. I would not include witchcraft as a sensitive system in my systems world view. It does not fall within the realm of justified true beliefs.

      Please tell me which civilization has not practiced witchcraft? Witchcraft was global in practice, and only died down once humanity awoke to power of science as the best system of explaining natural and social phenomena. In certain regions it was suppressed by organised religion…

    • @Dr Chaos Theory. The trouble I have with your line of argument is incoherence. That is dangerous or fatal mistake for a scientist or mathematician. For example, on one front you argue that you would not include witchcraft as a sensitive system in your systems of world view. on the other front you argue that witchcraft does not fall within the realm of justified true beliefs. The question is what is: what is a belief? Every scientist will tell you that a belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. That is what belief means. Word witchcraft would not have been coined and exist in dictionary if no one believed it exists. There is nothing in science as “justified true belief”. That is a contradiction in terms

    • @ Little knowledge is Dangerous, go and read up on epistemology then we can have a fruitful discussion.

    • @Dr Chaos System, even in epistemology, which typically is theory of knowledge, the distinction is between “justified belief” and “opinion”. There is nothing like “justified true belief”in epistemology too. That is a contradiction in terms, every which way you look at it!

    • @Dr Chaos System, if you are a social scientist, rather than the two of us engaging from the premise of epistemology, it actually makes more sense to argue from the premise of “Systems Thinking”, whereby focus is on examining problems more completely and accurately before acting. Such an approach allows us to ask better questions before jumping to conclusions….which I note appears to be your major handicap in this discourse

    • I was hoping you would leave me to do some work, but I was wrong. Anyway my work is multidisciplinary in nature and we can engage on a systems thinking perspective. Am surprised that you have not encountered JTF (Justified True Belief) which is one of the major debates in epistemology.

      Well, from a System point of view, before you even label whichcraft as such, you would need to identify the subsystems and how they interact. Once you have done this initial bit, if you can do that, you will sooner rather that later discover the difficult of treating witchcraft as system. Important questions that might crop up would be what are the system boundaries? What are the different interactions of the subsystems. Can you establish the feedback loops in the system? The failure of the exercise…

    • @ Little knowledge is Dangerous, we should meet for coffee one of these days and discuss the nature of knowledge, Systems theory, Quantum mechanics and Artificial Intelligence. You can add to the list.

    • @Dr Chaos Theory, I am glad you have conformed JFT is still at debate level. it is yet to admitted in the annuls of epistemology as a grounded theory. Until then, may be it would worthy moving on to systems thinking, as we have both suggested. From the Systems thinking point of view, witchcraft is a problem which requires to be examined completely and accurately. From the systems theory point of view, the starting point is study the abstract organization of phenomena, independent of the substance, type, or spatial or temporal scale of existence (sub-systems). I think, this our point of departure. Systems theory treats phenomena as either an open or closed system. A system is a set of distinct parts that form a complex whole. A closed system is not affected by its environment, while an…

    • @Dr Chaos System: A closed system is not affected by its environment, while an open system is…..a cup of coffee will definitely be ideal one of these fine day! Good day

  2. At Musokwe Health Center in Chief Simaamba’s area of Siavonga members of staff abandoned work due to witchcraft practices. Both male and female workers were experiencing sexual encounters with unknown persons in their sleep. When it became worse all of them ran away. It had to take the DC to appeal to the Chief to intervene and warn the culprits. Chemical Mukuni has a story to tell

  3. The American system is science based not wicked witchcraft. Look at Haiti, where there is so much witchcraft and vudoo, there are so many calamities. Let’s open our eyes, are we being lead by wicked men and women? Mr Sinkamba is off side on this one, Americans are not using human bones. In his own words, the American system uses electricity.

    • Secret societies such as the freemasons give conditions to politicians in power to first do or allow certain evil things to be done before recognizing them as members or giving the politicians evil power to cast spells on the people to be docile. Who in this case is the politician auctioning our country to witchcraft in exchange for something. We know already that someone was given a task to ensure homosexuality is legalized in Zambia as precondition to join the freemasons.

  4. We have been taught to hate our culture and every aspect of it, what do you expect if indigenous knowledge is never held in high regard? For Zambians Christianity is everything, even when it’s the source of their problem ( for it is for many), homegrown solutions are held in such low esteem that you’d think it’s the reason why most our women sought after Brazilian hair and other exotics. Anywho, it’s time we put African knowledge to the test.

  5. Witchcraft is also a science and Mr sssinkamba is merely suggesting the need for us to understand what types of science it is

    • You have to join Satanism to understand it. Your so-called science operates in the spirit realm and manifests in the physical. It’s like death. You have to die to know what death is when you are on the other side beyond this life, depending on where you will be.

  6. Paul was right when he said you foolish Galatians who has bewitched you . In this world two forces are always at play , light and darkness . Light exposes darkness . in the book of Acts we see how some magicians turned to Christ and got delivered from their dark ways of witchcraft. The wisdom of man is foolishness to God. God almighty himself says suffer no witch to live . today inspite of all this knowledge of the truth, we are so easily swayed by America to establish a school of witchcraft at our highest learning institution ? America has witchcraft too but has not set up an institution in its land to study witchcraft .We have dedicated our land to God .Zambia for Jesus .Why dont ‘we set up a school to study the oracles of God instead ? I am from barotseland and trust me , when…

    The places where there is a high incidence of witchcraft, happen to be the poorest societies on the planet, Haiti, Africa, parts of Asia.
    Surely if witchcraft works, magic would be used to generate standards of living, where our people would no longer clamber onto unsafe vessels, & perish in their thousands attempting to cross the Mediterranean in search of better life, in countries that use & practice science, not Stone age Hogwash like witchcraft.
    Wake up Africans!!
    It’s common place for the African to go to a sorcerer /witchdoctor, & ask for charms to get rich, forgetting the one that’s giving these charms lives in a shack, & has a hunger stricken family.
    Why don’t they use the same witchcraft to cure their own poverty??

  8. Mr sinkamba and professor nkanduluo,these people are very intelligent we are not at your level of thinking because scientists always think outside the box,their a lot of mathematical method that were discovered through dreams like witchraft

    • Young Man, there’s a distinct difference between thinking outside the box, & delusional thinking. Rest my case.

  9. Peter Sinkamba, have you tried to imagine a country where smoking weed is legal, witchcraft is taught at the highest learning institution and homosexuality is legal? If these foreign organization were genuinely meant well for Zambia why doesn’t UNESCO invest such amount of money in verifying whether or not Sondashi formula which is being used in South Africa works? The foreigners are never interested in funding good things in Africa. They funds wars in Congo, bought us and used as slaves and yet people like Sinkamba still thinks they mean well for Africa. I hate people like Sinkamba, and HH who thinks whites mean well to Africa.

  10. It’s very apparent that a lot of you here think ‘voodoo practice’ is what UNESCO is trying to bring. It’s not even by a mile. If you think you know what’s best for you how come the problems your family/friends faced during KKs time are the same problems you are still experiencing, I mean 17 century problems like lack of clean water, better education, etc. These problems that make this country look like it’s people are fools.

    • And so the study of witchcraft is the magical formula that will take this country out of the doldrums?

  11. You can’t see radiation rays,, if highly radio active rays are used as a weapon,, it’s just acceptable Science,,These Rays are generated through a combination of different elements,, you can’t see the flow of Electrons,, and yet we calculate,, because someone attached some rules to it,,White Academicians sat down some time back and came up with Standard measures,, Which our forefathers never did because they where told that the Science they practised was inferior,, Witchcraft sounds bad because that’s what you where told,,its just a science,, everything they use is a combination of different elements like any other form of science,,, And Asia is more developed than Europe,, China and Japan are bigger than the biggest Economy in Europe which is German

    • @Marion. I totally agree with you. Most Africans fear of change or changing things. We suffer from a phobia called Metathesiophobia. It is in our DNA. This explains our impoverished to the bone…. and even to our grey matter. America, Europe, Japan would never have developed if this DNA was inherent in their people. This phobia is a curse to we the Africans. Go the archives of the American Journal of Medicine, you will find write-ups on witchcraft. Go to museums and libraries all over Europe, you will find documentation of witchcraft including kaliloze dating from the 1800s. And their contemporary scientists have drawn significant lessons from such literature….

  12. Only backward savages believe in witchcraft which can be very destructive to societies with innocent people being evicted or killed after being accused of being witches……no modern society belives in this rubbish.

    And for the whites who banished it hundreds of years ago you were a centre of amusement while they expolited your minerals letting you get on with believing in trash…

    No wounder luo is so dull , she believes in witchcraft….

    • And yet you live in a dystopian you call a Christian nationa, that has early marriages, political violence, misogyny, ritual MURDERS, disease on the rise every single day. Tell us what your so called ‘progressive’ ideas have done to alleviate these things.

    • You waisting time and resources doing research ……should they also research if there are ghosts ?

      Better off using those resources to research ways of keeping our streets clean by field studying how people dispose of rubbish…….

    • Better to know how, why, if or what than keep on guessing and speculation. You always want to rely on rumors that’s your biggest problem. If a whiteman takes this research you’ll definitely support it….but a black man it’s a waste of resources.

  13. This is how far white people have brainwashed us,, SONDANSHI discovers the cure for (HIV Aids) using different elements,, But because He can not attach a Chemical equation to His findings,, He is called a Witch doctor,, You should think Gentlemen,, you live in someone’s civilisation,, someones hard work,, you can’t develop with someone’s concepts,, Make your own,, modernise your own culture,,who is Primitive or a Savage? And according to what scale? When Radiation was first known in western province by a different name,, white people are still learning about it,, If I can see the source of energy, then I can attach a formula and start learning,,, not everything is good but I can get rid of the bad and remain with productive things

  14. You mean the author and all the chaps posting don’t know that UNZA has denied that there is no such thing.

  15. And I hear fly by night whitch craft planes use human blood? Just wondering how this is going to work should UNZA Witch Craft Scientist invent one of this kind of planes. Kukaba ukubomfya umulopa wa bantu nangu ifinama? Just a thought. And which area of Science is this really going to be looked into; Medicine; Technology, Psychology?

  16. The whole idea of invention is to help human beings. But if it takes to kill humans to get components of a Kaliloze, then its not helpful.

    Its good technology but how many humans will we need to kill to make 1000 kaliloze’s for example?

    • @Chitapankwa: Science is dynamic. Centuries back, man relied on horse-power to drive or pull loads. Then came the industrial revolution when the spinning mills and gears came to the aid of horses. Then petrol and diesel. Now, man has moved on to solar and electric power. Who knows what comes next?

      In the case of the kaliloze, the source of fire power is not distinctively known. Whether the bones are a source of fire power or not is a matter of speculation. May be the bones are just barrels just like barrels for modern guns. Maybe some other alternative barrel can do, not necessarily the bones. These are scientific issues that need to be interrogated without prejudices

  17. Where are they going to get references to use in this degree course? Kwa Mununga, there are written records on how to put the witchcraft paraphernalia together. I may be wrong, besides it is witchcraft we are dealing with, anything is possible……, rubbish is my conclusion.

  18. The problem with Africans you are just good in complaining and copying others. What you are being advised here is to legalise and implement witchcraft and find out exactly the science behind its functionality. Africans were way intelligent years back than whites but were made to believe their way of life was not good for human hence follow western way of life. Learn to support your own inventions baluya amwe.For me am interested and I will gladly enrol as soon as they advertise.
    How long are you going to remain brain washed? If African science was legal we could have been making planes that could go to US AND BACK WITHIN MINUTES.I support the idea.

    • The science is called Satanism if you must know. Who wants to have anything to do with this. You have to a part of it to appreciate witchcraft to its fullest extent and not merely scratching the surface by inconclusive research, even though you may interview retired and practicing witches and wizards.

  19. African planes don’t fly above the clouds. Afican planes are uncovered. Madishi na malichelo.

    This means rains would finish the passengers before they arrive wherever they are going between continents.

  20. Before the white people could put a Plane in the Air successfully researchers died trying to make there dream come true,, and certain changes where made to make the Science of a frying Plane acceptable to the rest of the world,, Our Job is to simplify our African science,, make some changes where we think there is a better way,,,Simple,, A sacrifice is required in order to succeed anything,,, How long is Africa going to survive on western Civilisation?? Where is our Civilisation? Our culture

    • If God condemns witchcraft, then it is something that cannot be harnessed for any goodness. It is forever evil.

  21. people what sinkamba is saying is 2 CHRONICLES 33;6 the bible tells us that GOD was offended by such actions and I quote.2 Chronicles 33:6.Mannasseh made his own sons pass through the fire in the valley of Hinnom,he practiced magic,used divination,practiced sorcery,and appointed spirit mediums,and fortune tellers.He did on a grand scale what was BAD in GOD’S EYES,TO OFFEND GOD.

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