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Fred M’membe and Musumali seek court injunction to restrain Kabimba from issuing homosexual remarks against them


Socialist Party general secretary, Cosmas Musumali and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate and deputy general secretary, Fred M’membe,
Socialist Party general secretary, Cosmas Musumali and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate and deputy general secretary, Fred M’membe,

Fred M’membe and Socialist Party general secretary Cosmas Musumali have sued Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba in the Lusaka High Court for defamation of character and they are seeking an injunction to restrain him from issuing homosexual remarks against them.

Dr M’membe, the Socialist Party’s 2021 presidential candidate and Dr Musumali have also cited Daily Nation Newspaper Limited and Millennium Radio station manager Patricia Chibiliti.

According to a statement of claim filed in court, Dr M’membe and Dr Musumali are seeking damages for defamation of character following homosexual remarks the defendants issued and published against them.

The plaintiffs stated that on or about April 3 this year, the defendants jointly and severally published or caused to be published during a radio interview and live Facebook false and malicious words concerning the plaintiffs.

It was stated that Kabimba while laughing and giggling the false and malicious words of or concerning the plaintiffs, before the volume was cut off of the live feed stated that; “You want me to be a homosexual in order to run a political party? With so many women in Lusaka, Why?”

Kabimba had also alleged that the financiers of the Socialist Party had objectionable sexual orientation.

The defendants jointly and severally published an article headlined, “Kabimba Spills Beans”, where he said the Socialist Party leaders broke away from Rainbow Party because they disagreed with their views on sexual orientation and radical approach against prayers.

It is alleged that Kabimba repeated the defamatory contents with intent to damage the reputation of the plaintiffs as persons aspiring to form government in Zambia.

Dr M’membe and Dr Musumali said the words complained of in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean that the plaintiffs were dishonest and lacked integrity thus not fit to hold public office as leaders of a political party.

The plaintiffs further stated that the accusations also meant that the Socialist Party was founded on immoral principles and values and that they got funding from immoral people and thus did not meet the ethical and integrity standards of a political party.

Dr M’membe and Dr Musumali contended that on April 4, the defendants and each of them refused to correct, retract and or tender an apology notwithstanding the written demand to do so and also did not bother to verify the truth of the wild and false statements before publishing them.
“The first defendant published the words complained of with intent to damage the reputation of the defendants as persons aspiring to form government in Zambia,” the plaintiffs stated.

They added that unless restrained by the court, the defendants and each of them would continue to publish or cause to be published the said or similar words defamatory to the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs are therefore, claiming damages for defamation, exemplary damages and an injunction to restrain the defendants, their agents or servants from further publication of any defamatory articles about the plaintiffs.


    • Are they lovers? If Kabimba is telling lies, sue him for defamation. The very self-proclaimed champion of free speech is suing to gag other people! Hahaha. The shoe is now on the other foot.

  1. No smoke without fire Mr. M’membe. Besides, Why do you do something you really are not proud of, Doc? Just Be proud of your gay movement just like your Ganja counterpart is.

  2. Cosmas: Hey, are you gay?
    Fred: Yeah, why?
    Cosmas: Just wondering. Me too!
    Fred: Oh, cool.
    Cosmas: I saw you with Kabimba at some hotel last weekend
    Fred: Ooh, that chap is useless even just a kiss request he gets scared. He is a spoiler!
    Cosmos: I have something to tell you. If you make me a party general secretary for the socialist I will would mind getting rimmed by you d!ick and later jerk on my face.
    Fred: *high fives him* Congrats on coming out! Let’s get ice cream after at the Cuban embassy to celebrate and do anal gang bang.

  3. If court are going to be dishing out injunctions on all the allegations politicians throw at each other were will they start. Sata was the master at making up allegations, but he was quick to run to courts when the same were said about him. It changed nothing. Mmembe was quick to print similar about others, today that they have made him irrelevant by the same approach right before his political career could hatch, he wants to run to the courts. Anyway, Mmembe its too late for you. Homos in zambia is a none starter. Its over, no “forming government” for you.

  4. Let membe sue if he feels labaling him a homo has defamed him…….that is how it should be.

    If some one goes on radio or in print media and you feel you were defamed, sue them a?l.

    We hope the people also defaming Mr lungu as a corrupt theif are also sued ?

  5. So now you understand that we are against this stupid sex orientation whose revelation is hammering against your selfish interests. Summer, well done Joe!!!!!!!! How does it feel you enter any public place people start pointing at you ati ni ba ……………………….. Apofye naba mukolwe taba pepekena. Yangu bane! nangula lupiya mufwaya ku Chuba!!!! Awe bane if at that moment we are going to have to political parties UPND and yours, may be and just may be l may think of going for HH kaili ninshi nao chembela nakota! Mama mam give us a signal on how we are going to deal with these

  6. Fred prides himself as the master of the judicial system. He spends endless time in courts trying to fix his opponents. But in politics, it’s the groundwork that counts. Engaging the grassroots is what wins votes. The master politicians of yesterday, Sata, Mazoka or RB proved this by immediately getting the grassroots when they declared their political interests. Courts and media doesn’t win elections.

  7. Mmembe is bisexual no doubt about that. He set up the post using money from a white man who was his boyfriend. If you notice anytime the homosexual agenda was brought to the media attention the Post newspaper now the Mast has never ever condemned homosexual acts. Having said that there is nothing wrong in being gay because you are born Gay you dont wake up one morning and decide you want to be having sexual relations with fellow men in the smelly bum.

  8. There is everything wrong with anything that goes against the order of nature. Unnatural acts such as homosexuality need correction. So there is nothing wrong in seeking help.

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