Monday, March 4, 2024

LAZ dismiss online newspaper allegations against Supreme Court Judges and private lawyers


The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has dismissed online newspaper allegations against Supreme Court Judges and private lawyers.

Online media have been reporting allegations of corruption against three judges of the Supreme Court that dismissed the case of Savenda and Stanbic. A lower court had awarded $20 million to Savendah for being reported to the Credit Bureau. Savenda claimed this action denied him business opportunities.

However, the Supreme Court dismissed the case as Savendah were listed in the Creditors Burea for failure to pay their overdrafts, loans and other debt commitments.

And LAZ has stated that the judgement passed by a 3-man panel Court was a judgement of the entire Supreme Court Bench of 13 Judges.

The online reports claim that senior lawyer, Eric Silwamba SC, bribed the three panel judges to obtain a favourable judgement.

Below is LAZ’s full statement


    • “President Lungu’s Land Gift does not constitute a breach of the Anti Corruption Act-LAZ ”

      When we said this was a fake article or letter from LAZ, you called us names.

      Do you now see how a letter from LAZ looks like? Now compare it to the article about Lungu`s eSwatini Gate defence. Is LT helping in fabricating fake comments to please the master?

    • When Shishuwa wrote recently that LAZ has been captured by the PF, l hoped the man was wrong. How can LAZ now be in the forefront of issuing threats or possible sanctions against the public shuwa? How about defending FIC, a creation of the law, against those attacking its officials? Iyeee, bane, where are we going? What’s going on?

    • Nonsense as usual from from Sharon the nuisance. LAZ has in fact not dismissed newspaper allegations against the judges or Eric Silwamba. LAZ has said those who feel aggrieved and have evidence should resort to established legal channels as opposed to speaking out in the media as it is unhelpful. This is fair comment by LAZ as far as I am concerned. But it doesn’t remove the perception that justice is for sale in the highest court in the land.Only a properly-constituted and staffed tribunal will reassure critics if the judges are upright or not. We may even have a problem if Savenda refuses to obey the judgement.

    • God help us, even LAZ is now under PF State capture..they have managed to put puppet at the helm of the Catholic Church, Trade Unions, etc, and now its LAZ. Very unfortunate indeed, This is what happens when you have a coward for a president..

  1. LAZ this was too early to comment. You should have waited for a tribunal or any type of investigation then comment.

  2. ZWD already told us what you were going to do ….LAZ is truly compromised now; who do you turn to Judges are on the take, Legislative is useless, Executive is full of thieves…even in KK’s days cases like these you were given a fair trial…not today when the President is a lawyer who kicked out due due fraud.

  3. I would rather hire a plumber to represent me in court than these criminals in LAZ. LAZ seems to be more partisan. The best they can do is to study and investigate the accusations before commenting.

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