Kabompo District Water and Sanitation Health ( (DWASHE) Coordinator Bonaventure Haakoma has appealed to the office of the District Education Board (DEBS) to consider revamping the implementation of all sanitation related programmes in schools to help improve the sanitation status.

Mr. Haakoma said DWASHE committee needs to work in collaboration with DEBS to help revamp sanitation programmes in various schools such as the school lead total sanitation programmes (SLTS).

He said doing so will in the long run complement the Community Lead Total Sanitation programme (CLTS) currently being implemented in the district.

He said this during an exit meeting from Kabompo District by AKROS Research from providing technical support and capacity building of the Kabompo DWASHE committee in sanitation implementation in Kabompo yesterday.

Speaking at the same event acting Kabompo DWASHE Committee Chairperson Richard Kasoma who is also DEBS said the office is making strides in the area of sanitation.

He said the scchool curriculum has been revised to include hygiene and children are being used to disseminate information to the parents through letters on issues of sanitation and hygiene.

Rev. Kasoma however, appealed to the DWASHE members not to be reluctant in carrying out their role as the exiting of AKROS in providing support in sanitation programme simply means the district is now ready to handle the programme with the expertise and knowledge that has been received from the partner.

He said it is a common practice that officers will come up with powerful strategies and yet fail to apply and implement them in a real situation scenario.

Meanwhile, AKROS research officer, Frank Ndalama said the institution has concluded its mandate as agreed and the exit means the district is ready.

Mr. Ndalama appealed to the committee to continue with the same effort in implementing government programmes even those unrelated to CLTS to ensure that the district attains an ODF status soon.

He said collaborative strategies designed should always be enforced to produce the intended results in any area.

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