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Zambia Army soldiers arrest 10 people found with the Mukula logs

Economy Zambia Army soldiers arrest 10 people found with the Mukula logs

Mukula Logs
Mukula Logs
The Zambia Army soldiers in Isoka District in Muchinga Province have arrested 10 people found branding the Mukula logs in in Milongo area in readiness for export.

Muchinga Police Commissioner Chola Katanga has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Isoka adding that Zambia Army has apprehended 10 people in of Isoka in connection with Mukula illegal trading.

Mr Katanga said the 10 suspects are in police custody awaiting to appear in court soon

He said that the 10 suspects have been charged with the offence of being in possession of biological resource contrary to Section 120 (b) of the Environmental Act of 2011.

Mr. Katanga said the 10 suspects were found in Milongo village rebranding the Mukula logs in readiness for illegal export.

Mr. Katanga named the suspects as Gift Nyirenda 42, of Location compound in Isoka ,Baldwin Gondwe 30 of Mpika ,Keppy Silweya 65 of Kawama Village , Osia Simwanza 25 , Wezzy simukonda 35.

Others are Haward Silungwe 26, Wisdom Sichande 34, Abraham Siwale 32, Sampa Chipili 19 and David Ngambi .

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    • They will be pardoned or saved by DPP…where would some nobodies know even how to prep for export? Zambia Army next time just shoot on sight…that way they will think twice about working for State House and Kaizer

    • The amount of logs should have been stated in this report.

      In any case, the real culprits are the politicians. They are exporting truck loads to China, and no one can do anything about it. This government is so selfish, once they have sold all national assets, they will start selling people as slaves.

    • Mukula issue should be demystified, this tree is harmless, it is just a commodity which should be traded freely. Mukula has been demonized for nothing. This is a God given resource, let people in various communities harvest and sell it, this thing has been turned into a big issue for nothing, this is just a tree for crying out loud. These are things that bring in foreign exchange, only caution is that only politicians must be barred from handling it.

  1. Check with Kaizer before you grab mukula. Special assistant for corruption deals in mukula all the time.

  2. “He said that the 10 suspects have been charged with the offence of being in possession of biological resource contrary to Section 120 (b) of the Environmental Act of 2011.”Basing on that I can win in court especially if the trees are in my farm.On illegal export , who processed the papers? Again the government is not serious on curbing this illegality.

    • There is nothing illegal about harvesting and selling Mukula, somebody needs to change this mindset. People should just be given licences and trade.

  3. Jean the Baptist Mukula Kapata, Chimpyongo, Kaizer, & one daughter of a very famous drunk who calls himself Pombe, know about this Mukula.
    State House was in the process of dispatching vehicles @ night to escort the branded Mukula out of Zambia.
    In fact bassop, law enforcement officials who foiled this scam. Chimpyongo will fall on you like a ton of bricks, & accuse you of aggravated robbery. This has already happened.

  4. They confiscate only for kaizer Zulu and lungu to loot , move and sell the confiscated mukula in the dead of night when Every one is asleep….

  5. This tree is being treated as sacred for nothing. Let people benefit from our God given resources. There is nothing special about this tree, if Zambians are being arrested for harvesting it, who should harvest it. So people should just be looking at this tree in their communities when it can surely improve their wellbeing. Can somebody take up responsibility and demystify this tree. It is of high value but that does not mean people should be restricted from trading it. What are you interested in perpetuating poverty in the midst of such resources.

  6. Villagers cannot pull off such feat of exporting material overseas. Do they even have bank accounts? It is Lungu and his impis of thieves. They will soon collect the logs and claim to export it on behalf of zaffico and end of story. Zambians have memory like a mustard seed.

  7. Let the law take its course.
    Congratulations to Zambia Army!
    Only Zaffico can harvest this tree, export or better process it to add value, then deposit the proceeds at the central bank. Crooks should know that there days are numbered and should stop illegally ripping off this country.
    PF government must help this country to manage this resource which really can help mother Zambia.
    Ba Hon Jean Kapata, please provide leadership. Let the people know the government policy on Mukula trees and the forestry in general. Transparently and accountably.

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