Contractor identified to work on damaged roads in Ndola

Parts of the damaged sections of the roads in Lusaka
Parts of the damaged sections of the roads in Lusaka

The Ndola City Council has contracted the Polytechnic Construction Company to carry out maintenance works on the damaged road on the Ndeke fly over bridge, which has been in a deplorable state for some time now.

The project which is under the 55 million United States dollar Poly-Technologies road project, will see a 43 kilometre stretch of roads being upgraded to bituminous standards.

The project is aimed at decongesting the Central Business district and also intends to link many townships within the vicinity while providing job opportunities for the youth.

Ndola Central Member of parliament Emmanuel Mulenga who was accompanied by the City Mayor Amon Chisenga and NCC Acting Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya revealed this information to ZANIS in an interview in Ndola when he inspected the damaged stretch.

Mr Mulenga explained that after consultative meetings, it was agreed that one kilometer of the road works under polytechnic be channeled to doing the damaged Ndeke fly over bridge in order to maintain a good road network in the city.

Mr Mulenga added that the road works will commence soon and has since called on road users to bear with the council as they will be inconvenienced, but assured members of the public that works that will be done will stand a taste of time.

He further appealed to traffic police officers not to mount road blocks on the affected road in order to avoid congestion.

And Mr Bwalya said members of the public are being notified that effective Wednesday the Ndeke fly over bridge road will be closed to allow for maintenance works to commence.


  1. You have not even started paying back the eurobonds used to build those roads and they are already falling apart……..zambia put on your seat belts for some tight times ahead, because by now after $17 billion spent we should have seen an marked increase in manufacturing jobs and exports…..

    • Do you know how old that road is ?

      You are too used of wearing cheap Chinese shoes that fall apart after 1 week to know about any quality assurance.

    • Also remember that PF released $450million before the elections to tar urban roads on CB…all that money disappeared with nothing to show yet they can manage to build a Provincial H/q…and this is what the trends report highlights movement funds from X contractor through Y law firm to pay Z polotician.

    Zambians are on a daily basis enjoying Rotten dilapidated developmental scams, while cash meant for quality roads is diverted to build Quality mansions for one drunken & corrupt individual in Eswatini
    This is indeed Jona Pombe’s visionless Dununa republic, worse than a Banana republic, truth be told!!

    • No one see anything wrong with patching up roads that were tarred 2 years ago…how do you “identify” a contractor and why not issue a public tender…its all long as we have a reckless leadership in State House who only talks when its at a PF rally or “meet the President” PF fundraising dinner we are in problems flying at autopilot.

  3. @ Jay Jay and Spaka like lilo
    Go and live somewhere else if you cant see the development taking place. Can I assume that you have never moved around Zambia? If so, then we can excuse you or your ignorance and hatred. My advise is that move around and you will know that Zambia is developing faster than what your brain can process. Konse konse ni development.

    • I doubt you even know what development is …go around the world and see how services are delivered; go and see what value for money they get from their taxes.
      You scandals everywhere and that lazy thing in State House chooses to be mute..where have seen?

    • The Bembas say “Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya”…..What development do you know.Look at how dirty your cities are compared to Kigali,Gaberone etc

    • These people are dingbats ..maybe he means the shopping malls stuffed with RSA goods …the point to infrastructure which was built using borrowed funds which they are likely to default because of corruption and poor planning.

  4. Malinso

    “….Go and live somewhere else if you cant see the development taking place….”

    Zambia owes $17 billion , you have built roads that wash away in 2 years….roads for the unemployed millions to walk on ati development ??

    You have no brains at all. You create selling talk time jobs ati development ?

    Those roads and bridges have no value if the masses remain unemployed.


    • They are utterly ignorant dingbats and foolish as their names …reminds of that @Zambian Citizen who was justifying the $288K price tag of corrupt Dr Chilufya’s Ambulances when he has never seen a proper Ambulance before that costs only £70K and is used by NHS in Uk.

    • They are utterly ignorant dingbats and foooolish as their names …reminds me of that @Zambian Citizen (thick as porridge he is ) who was justifying the $288K price tag of corrupt Dr Chilufya’s Ambulances when he has never seen a proper Ambulance before that costs only £70K and is used by NHS in the UK.

    • Guys, unfortunately one cannot cure Stupidity, so dont waste your time trying.
      These intellectually challenged P.F, cadres don’t see the wider picture, or evaluate issues rationally.
      As long as they see a shopping mall going up, dodgy substandard roads being constructed, a new Ambulance, Fire engine, they surely can see physical things before their eyes, & to them thats development konse konse FULL STOP!!
      Reminds me as a young boy when the Kwacha had value, & an uncle would visit, give me 2 ngwee, & my toddler young brother 10 ngwee for sweets. The 2 ngwee coin was a bigger size than the 10 ngwee coin.
      I would tell my young brother, “look this 2 ngwee is bigger than the 10 ngwee, lets swap”, & he would fall for it hook line & sinker, & agree coz he wrongly associated the bigger…

    • sized coin with more value.
      Unfortunately this is how the majority of intellectually challenged P.F Cadres think & reason, & cannot reason beyond their C.0’ck’s & Bellies.
      In Zambia we are well & truly Doomed!

  5. It appears most pipo comment on this platform are bitter and from the torn voice they have been jealous. Just imagin if Lungu is this bad why do Zambiams who claim love him so much.
    Your so called saviour is headed for a political extinction. Wait for 2021 when his political career will come to an end.

    Lungu is getting popular because pipo o Zambia are seeing the works

    • Lets wait and see when these debts become due if these people you claim love him or is it maniuplated will still love him. The country economically has no future. This is not about HH or anyone. Its about Lungu’s actions and his minons that will cause irreparable damage for the future. The country needs change not only politically.

  6. Awe most commenters so far have either not used that road or you are not familiar with what’s on the ground. If it’s that road that leads into city centre from Itawa under the tunnel then l will say job well done Mr MP.

    It’s about time, however, l will say if you are upgrading roads in Ndola please do all of them. Ndola is a beautiful well planned city, it just needs good roads to grow further.

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