Congo DRC refugees family meal time at Kenani camp transit centre in the Nchelenge
Congo DRC refugees family meal time at Kenani camp transit centre in the Nchelenge

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila says the integrated approach which has been adopted in settling refugees at Matapala Settlement camp will promote co-existence between the host community and refugees.

Dr. Nsemukila points out that government is making sure that the host community is not disadvantaged in anyway even as it hosts refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Speaking when a team from the Zambia Human Rights Commission paid a courtesy call on him, The Permanent Secretary explained that facilities like clinics and schools which are been put up at the settlement camp will cater for both the local community and refugees.

He indicated that government wants to see to it that there is equality among the host community and the Asylum seekers by making sure that they both have access to social services and other human needs.

And Human Rights Commission Chairperson Mudford Mwandenga says the Commission is impressed with how government is handling the refugees at Matapala resettlement.

He explains that from the tour of Matapala resettlement which the commission had, it is clear that the process of resettling the refugees is progressing well.

Mr. Mwandenga has however appealed to government to ensure that the local people are not displaced even as it is settling the asylum seekers.

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  1. But why doesn’t the African Union do something about the cause of this plight…namely the totalitarian dictatorship of Kabila? Why don’t you put sanctions on him…pressure him to step down, so the DRC can begin to have peace in the region? Please help kick this dictator out of office. He has caused so much suffering to the Congolese people. Africa should not continue to entertain useless leaders who prey on their own people. Do something AU.



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