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ACC investigating six ‘FIC Report cases’ as Civil Societies submits report to State House

Headlines ACC investigating six ‘FIC Report cases’ as Civil Societies submits report to...

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono
ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono

The Anti-Corruption Commission has said that it is investigating a total of six cases arising from the 2017 report of the Financial Intelligence Centre.

In a statement to obtained by Q-News, ACC Public Relations Manager, Timothy Moono said that the cases are as a result of four reports received by the Commission from the FIC and involve several individual and entities.

Mr.Moono said that the cases border on suspected corruption, abuse of office, possession of unexplained property, and irregularities in procurement of goods and services, money laundering and tax evasion.

Mr.Moono said that s investigations into these cases are ongoing.

Meanwhile Civil Society organizations among them Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), Alliance for Community Action, NGOCC, have presented the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) financing trends report to State House.

This follows President Edgar Lungu’s claim through his spokesperson Amos Chanda that he has not received the report.

ACA Executive Director Laura Miti tells Q-news that with the report submitted to State house, the head of state should now act upon it.

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  1. They actually did not have to announce this. Civil society organisations are not the channel through which ECL gets such reports. What they needed to do was send a letter to State House to express their displeasure.

    • The true scale of PF looting will never be known. However the effects will be felt by ordinary Zambians for generations to come, whether they voted for these F00Ls or not.

      Already the foreign reserves are almost depleted, treasury empty & EURO-Bond repayment around the corner.

      Meanwhile in Kenya, Zambia is a butt of jokes on social media after MPs traveled there “to learn” how to fight corruption from corrupt Kenyans. Even Lungu has also followed, even dismissing the FIC report as he jumped onto the plane.

    • “Civil Society organizations among them Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), Alliance for Community Action, NGOCC, have presented the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC): Financing Trends report to State House.”
      This where people fail to understand that a TREND REPORT released to the general public is simply that it shows Trends….the definition of a Trend is a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time, represented by a line or curve on a graph.

    • THe question you should be asking yourselves is how is it that a Dull Chap like Amos Chanda is a Press Assistant…last time he stated that the Swazi mansion CAD Spec. drawings were mock ups…

    • Of what business and consequence is this. Are gay yourself and you are looking for partners. Wechinangwa we!

    • analyser – This boy (******* **** ) is besotted by homosexuality that all that goes on in his empty head!!!

  2. Nothing will happen as the guy @ State House who’s been given the report is the the guy with the longest slippery fingers amongst all the criminal elements in this report. Fish rots from the head.

    • I’m on the roll , to borrow Junior’s words. I am working in the elderly people’s homes tonight. I SM MUSHOTA.

  3. Please Zambians how many times are we going to be deceived by these people? The president didn’t receive the report yet his Attorney general officiated the launch of the same report sure i now believe that we are in trouble in this Country even the so called States men who are supposed to defend this Country are all quiet. What will surely remain for the generation to come shame ok indeed i truly miss great people who used to defend the integrity of our Country shame

  4. Is it the NGO’S who are suppose to submit the report to state house or its fic?
    Make people understand on that part! Intelligence information is not for public consumption thats what i know, and this why in America its kept under lock and key.

    Unless if you tell me its a different issue here in Zambia. Corruption is bad and its dirty, i wish we can adk the president to remove bail on those cases relating to it.

    • Dingbats like Amos are confusing you simple minded chaps who are too lazy to think…Report released to the General public is the TREND REPORT, TREND REPORT…report forward to security wings is the Analysis Report it has names…get it right..I hope that sinks in your cast iron shells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ba mislovic sure u mean stealing of pubic money becomes intelligence information let’s be serious gentleman let’s not just focus on our belly consider the poor, vulnerable who are most affected by this stealing, be human please twapapata mwebantu mukaya kandwa kulilesa kabumba u think this is a joke.

    • Prof Lumumba has made plain for to understand “CORRUPTION HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE IN AFRICA”
      “The African leaders are not working in the interest of its people.” Africa needs an Arab spring, we lack vigilance in Africa.

  6. Kampyongo is quiet of late he knows his corruption is in public domain soon he will be ashamed and made to account to his corrupt involvement.

  7. Useless ACC; they were given the report 3 months ago and now is when they claim they’re investigating after the issue became public knowledge; while this corrupt boy Amos stands to deny that Lungu never got the report; hope ACC will not come and say that the report is false;

  8. The moment the FIC leadership decided to grandstand the process of disseminating information about their good works was the moment everything went up in smoke. Even in the corporate world, we’re always told to sensitise key stakeholders before we circulate something to the public. FIC is a good governance tool but those tasked with the responsibility to steer this are not strategic thinkers.

  9. Don’t be surprised if CK features prominently in this investigation for calling lungu a corrupt theif….

  10. To everything their is TIME, these selfish people will one day cry before our faces. TIME will catch up with them.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen on this discussion forum, I feel this new school of shamelessness that the government has introduced us to is not necessary. Lungu can not think that he can escape by simply saying”I have not received the report. ” The truth is he has the report and am sure he was not just interested in taking up action because he is a puppet to the powers that be. ” the world will be not destroyed by evil doers but by those who watch them do evil and choose to do nothing. ” open your eyes and reclaim your lost glory mother Zambia.

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