It’s too early for Miles Sampa and Mulenga Sata to seek elective post on PF ticket

Former Matero MP Miles Sampa
Former Matero MP Miles Sampa
Former Matero MP Miles Sampa
Former Matero MP Miles Sampa

IT is a disgraceful and immoral for Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa to seek election as mayor under the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket says, founder member Mubanga Chileshe.

Mr Chileshe has called upon the Patriotic Front party structures to adopt Lusaka City Market manager Mwenya Matafwali.

Mr Chileshe told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was too early for the duo to seek the position of mayor after they ditched the party and worked against it in the last general election.

“Even if their father was the founder of the PF it does not give the cousins the right to leave the party and come back at will, this is a political party which obviously has many loyal members who equally deserve the right to be in these positions,” he said.

Mr Chileshe urged Mr Sata and Mr Sampa not to be selfish adding that their return to the party was not in good faith.

He said there was nothing wrong with them returning to the PF but it was immoral to return to the party with only the intention to get positions of influence.

Mr Chileshe said the duo had held several top positions under the Patriotic Front and it was unacceptable for them to be given priority in adoption, at the expense of members who had always been loyal to the party.

He further said that if the PF was adopting on merit they should consider adopting Mr Matafwali as he had turned around the financial fortunes of Lusaka City Market even its current form.

Mr Chileshe said Mr Matafwali had managed to pay workers’ arrears which the market owed to the employees and had against all odds raised revenue for the market.

He added that Mr Matafwali had excellent management skills and should be considered for adoption.

Meanwhile Former PF Lusaka Province Chairpersn Longe Mulenga has also backed Mr Matafwali saying he was an excellent and vibrant administrator.

He in turn castigated Mr Sata for eyeing the mayoral position adding that it was premature for him to do so.

“We should learn lessons from the Chilanga by election, were we adopted a new comer and she won, it is not always that we have to adopt recycled politicians, let us give chance to people who have demonstrated that they can perform like Matafwali who has run city market so well,” Mr Mulenga said.


      Those sentiments sent CK wild. In a democracy let the bad eggs and the good ones roll together. Your double h mentality and kind’a politicking in PF will get you on your heels like “jail coward” CK and don’t earn votes. Repulsive statements bwana Chileshe. It is eggs like you the PF does not need. Give democracy a break too. LET THE numbers speak. What makes you think that you are speaking in good faith. Or are you scared of the duo. Don’t be naive.

    • Njala can’t wait. Hunger is the main motivator for tu poto in PF.

      If Lungu is disqualified to run in 2021 by Kang-Court, there’ll be at least 1-million PF00Ls applying to be the next Pama-Fee president.

      Yesterday I was reading an interesting article entitled “Zambia: The only country where F00Ls outnumber the wise”.

    • UPND will laugh at us the way we laughed at the “Charmaine” joke HH pulled on his members. OK that one was funny LOL!


    • You PF voted for Miles Sampa at convention as your president. But Edgar refused to handle over anything, he was Secretary General then.
      I feel sorry for Miles.

    • i sense that everybody condemning SATA’s intenetion is just being plain petty jealous. let him stand and just stand also.

    • Put is simply. MULENGA has NO brians to be a politician. He got all those PF positions because of the father’s name. He has nothing to offer on the Zambian Politics. This is a chap who went insulting Banda’s wife as if he once bedded her, after he migrated to UPND.

      MILES tested his popularity by forming his Political Party. He failed completely. He too got to power via Sata who was his Uncle.

      These two have an Entitlement Attitude. They think PF is theirs. PF is a collecting of people coming together for a common. UPND is just well as collective of people with a common agenda. Though HH runs it like own company.


  1. Do we really need someone with petit (small/little) market experience to manage the affairs of the city of Lusaka?

  2. The only time politicians like Sata and Sampa should be respected is when we once again make politics a battle of ideas and not what it’s been turned to ati “politics is about numbers”. If as Zambians we continue thinking like this then intolerance amongst political parties will continue, political violence will also continue, including all the shameful acts that we’ve continuously associated with current politics, such as political bitching, prostitution and opportunism.
    Let’s denounce ideals that are likely to promote hate. What Sata and Sampa are doing is not different from the tribalistic grouping of the UPND.

    • Look at what the other PF is doing ;
      Anybody appointed by ED the Butcher of Matebeleland is suspect. Justice Chigumba was appointed by ED on the understanding that she would help ED and Zanu PF to rig the 2018 Election. Justices Chiweshe, Makarau and Chigumba same same. Mugabe and ED same same. To legitimise the November 2017 Coup they are trying to rig the 2018 Election smartly. The New BVR Voters Roll and the Ballot Paper are the Election Rigging “Smoking Guns”for 2018. The Voters Roll must be full of irregularities and illegalities thats why Chigumba is reluctant to release it and subject it to an External Audit and Verification. Chigumba is keeping the Ballot Paper Printing Road Map Secret becoz they want to print bloated, Pre-marked and Chromotographed Ballot Papers. All eyes on…

  3. I also agree on the two defectors. Mulenga is worse he has not even served the 3 yr waiting period like sampa did. So these two runarounds must first work for the party so we can see comittement before they can even be considered for positions

  4. I agree with the submission. Take the example of a company, where someone resigns then comes back for the interview and gets the job. The loyal employees with same qualifications will feel demoralized and demotivated to put in their level best.
    This is what Miles and Mulenga are doing. PF is no longer Sata family party. It’s grown beyond family and everybody should be treated equally.

  5. Miles or Mulenga Sata are worth only one vote each! They have no following otherwise they would have made UPND win.

    But if PF practices democracy unlike the stomping hooves, they will be worth the numbers if they win. Let everyone eligible stand and democracy prevail. PF is bigger than any individual as Kaseba learned.

  6. it was said do not attack one another. Here you are attacking others. What is your fear? Kaseba and Maureen returned to Pf and given portfolios. You might be close to Mr Matafwali and you might see that these are a threat to adoption of Mr Matafwali. Lusaka is bigger than City market. Lusaka is Zambia and Zambia is Lusaka. In this case ruling party cannot afford to give away this seat to opposition this seat in the name hatred. Let Mr Matafwali continue doing good job at City market as an administrator and he is not suppose to be involved in partisan politics.

  7. It is clear here that this Mubanga Chileshe is simply in Mr Matafwali’s camp.His advice is not neutral.Yes on Mulenga Sata,i agree with him as Mr Sata should wait a bit.As for Miles Sampa,he qualifies to stand as he rejoined PF just after 2016 elections!!PF should just adopt the best candidate and not campaigning for Matafwali here.Running City Market is not the same as managing Lusaka city.PF interviewed more than 32 applicants,so the best should be adopted!!AS FOR UPND,ONLY 4 PEOPLE APPLIED AND PORTIPHER TEMBO IS THE ONLY KNOWN PERSON.THE REST ARE LITTLE KNOWN OR NOT KNOWN AT ALL!!THIS IS HOW ROUGH IT IS FOR UPND NOW AFTER THOSE 13-3 AND 7-0 DEFEATS AT THE HANDS OF MIGHTY PF RECENTLY!!people do not want to waste their time and money standing on upnd a party which cant win them a lusaka…

  8. Mubanga is right but you can’t tell a gang of thieves to respect other people’s property. This dirty game called politics can’t have clean rules

  9. PF should learn a lesson from adopting deviants, Late Hon Gender minister was MMD and PF through RB comes to adopt MALILO thus unacceptable. BRIAN HAPUNDA is better placed to be lusaka mayor the boy has worked for PF even in times of difficulties he never lost direction

  10. Why should we have the same recycled politicians day in and day out. Please give others a chance. Mulenga sata, miles sampa, Daniel chisenga, fisho Mwale etc etc should be disqualified. They already had their time.

  11. Let the opportunity open up to Lusaka City constituents at large irrespective of party affiliation as Mayor theirs is a responsibility and accountability to every resident of Lusaka and its development in terms of order and delivery of needed services!! How cities develop should never be in the wider manifesto of any party but common sense interests of residents from whom the city management would raise the needed resources for city projects!

  12. politics teyabana iyo!!!
    Regardless of whoever is adopted on the mighty PF party will definitely win. There is no need for UPND to contest as they will be a$$ whipped again.
    I challenge HH to personally stand for the position of mayor so that he tests his popularity for 2021 elections. I pray that they quickly enact a law to bar anyone who has lost elections for more than three times not to stand.

  13. politics teyabana iyo!!!
    Regardless of whoever is adopted on the mighty PF party will definitely win. There is no need for UPND to contest as they will be a$$ whipped again.
    I challenge HH to personally stand for the position of mayor so that he tests his popularity for 2021 elections. I pray that they quickly enact a law to bar anyone who has lost elections for more than three times not to stand.

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